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  1. I'm laughing at your 'Although I didn't follow the case closely...' nonsense. But my post was to remind Wallace that it's never a good look to wish death on other forum users, or indeed to want to hammer nails into women, eeergh.
  2. Careful, the forum's own Thomas Mair like figure (Wallace) will be along to issue death wishes to anyone with a level-headed take on the matter. He want's to hammer nails into her of course, jeez.
  3. What am I going to clean my false teeth with now? He had a good innings for a man of his corpulence. R.I.P. I saw him in Hobson's choice too.
  4. Ditch the ridiculous farming subsidies that prop up the animal farming industry, such that each cow in the EU gets more in subsidies than half the people on earth get in wages.
  5. So concepts like ‘Liberty’, ‘Vote’s For Women’, ‘Manufacturing Cloth’, ‘Women’s Football’, and ‘Curing Disease’, are woke left wing ideas, LOL. Why not get a petition going and get them changed to: Authoritarian line Nepotism line Offshore investment line Douglas ‘race you down the corridor’ Barder line I Don’t Like Darkies line Sausage Fingered Wingnut line
  6. Everything in the 1960's much better than today so that can't be right.
  7. Tell 'em they'll get three years sharing a cell with with a Gammon with an IQ of 85, a black and white TV, and just two meals a day. That should deter budding crims.
  8. How many meals a day were prisoners in the 1960's given?
  9. Disgusting unnecessary comment, and far, far too soon.
  10. You come on here and admit you're setting up a stall selling hard drugs at the weekend! The utter cheek of it! I hope your 'African' competitors put you out of business.
  11. Oh no, just found out that prog rock touchstone Damo Suzuki, singer in the classic 70-73 Can line-up has died. Only Irmin Schmidt left of that line-up now. I bought Damo a pint of Guinness once and he shared a spliff with some friends in the car park outside one of his gigs. A nice guy.
  12. It's been good to see the Snowdrops come out, they're at their peak now. I always look forward to the ramsons (wild garlic) coming up, and celebrate with a ramson and peanut butter sandwich.
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