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  1. As the spokesperson for our generation (and People's Poet), I thank you.
  2. religiously inspired raving right-wing running dogs.
  3. It's just a smell, one of hundreds you might come across daily, if you examined your own psyche you'd probably find you're so viscerally against it because it's the the smell of illegality, the smell of people not conforming, the smell of people having a good time, the smell of demonised poor people, the smell of young folk. Perhaps when it's legal it will smell more acceptable.
  4. Since the dawn of history sad oldies have sat around complaining that things ain't what they used to be. While all around them wiser folk get on with community, family, and the abundance of joy-giving activities that modern life affords. This thread is like the letters section of the Mail, or Viz without the irony.
  5. Open the pits, then we can power the country from Thatcher spinning in her grave.
  6. Reverse IP and geolocation are good search tools. The list is lengthening, Gor..., Con..., Ran..., Bas..., She... Lets discuss over wine and cheese.
  7. The young documentary maker came over and made it off his own back I think. There was a showing at the Showroom a few years ago organised by the Goethe Society in London. They invited the original director, who is quite highly regarded. Many great moments in the film, the 'turns' on at Dial House, the kids playing in the streets and schools, the factories using old technology. The Germans must have wondered once again how they lost the war.
  8. It's that we're talking about the future of the whole world, and your more interested having a go at those that 'come here', your lack of empathy for the starving, and your continued use of emancipated which I originally thought must be a typo. I think you mean 'There's enough material here for an entire conference' But yes I know where you're coming from
  9. This reply makes me think the world is not worth saving. While this reply gives me renewed hope
  10. Seeing as the cpu is worth about £40. I reckon the lot might be worth £100-£120.
  11. The unsayable needs saying and promoting by the leaders: Reduce breeding Reduce consuming Put responsible citizenship with respect and self respect at the heart of everything. I have the resources to drive, have children, eat an animal based diet, buy loads of tat, but I choose not to. I wish everyone would seriously think about what they're doing with their lives and our future.
  12. Hannah Fry Becky Smethurst Alice Roberts Smart people, who just happen to be easy on the eye.
  13. Sausages and burgers don't come straight from animals, they are conveniently shaped for putting in bread products, Duh.
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