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  1. Can you still buy other Mackintosh products: Rolos, and another one which I can't rmember the name - it was a long skinny packet with about 20 small chocolate cubes - with runny toffee and crunchy biscuit.???!!! Sounds like you are thinking of Munchies, Helbco. Also, do you remember Mintola? Similar but with a mint centre?
  2. Sorry, I misled you Sheffielder, could have sworn I'd seen a picture on that site.
  3. For a picture of the Norfolk, google "Old Sheffield cinemas".
  4. Google "old sheffield cinemas". Good site there with pics.
  5. I will admit to still occasionally converting back to LSD as an exercise to see how prices have changed in my lifetime. Made even more interesting (?) by living in a Euro country, converting to £.p and back to £.s.d. Mmmmmm! Now I've written it down it does seem a bit daft though.
  6. I remember an occasion when I tried really hard to use decimal measurements and tried to order some timber. At the timber yard I asked for 800mills by 500mills, (or something similar) and was pleased when this was understood. However when I said I wanted 10 metres of it was told "sorry, we only do lengths in feet!" I'm still trying to figure that one out after 30years. "Born Imperial and still confused"
  7. At the time I used to but penny wafers for....1d One (old) pence each. After decimalisation they were one new pence, about two & a half old pence. The start of rip off Britain?
  8. I'm pretty sure that the part of the Bolehills in front of the playing fields was once a corporation tip. I can remember as a child in the late 1940s digging up bottles and other rubbish. It was around this time that a fair was held and the price of a ride was a jam jar! Don't know the exact date, does anyone else remember?
  9. No problem, glad to help. Hope it all works out for you.
  10. Sorry, can't find the manual for a complete spec. The sensor is on about 1 metre of cable. Ours are sending about 20 feet and through a metre of wall. Found it. Claimed range is 100 metres in clear line of sight. Walls and ceilings will cut this down a fair bit. 4 channels provided in case of interference. Stereo audio. Composite video in and out. Sizes: (inches) 5.5x4.3x1.1 Hope this helps.
  11. I use these to send pics to a set on our kitchen. As the walls of our cottage are 1 metre thick, wiring in was not an option! They are GigaAir 20R units ordered from Maplin. I paid £29.00 for them. It was supplied with a sensor so that you can change channels from the skybox from the kitchen. small units, good pics and not too pricey. Picture http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q311/lfowler_photo/sender2.jpg
  12. Seem to remember methylated spirits would remove biro ink for most surfaces. Try on a discrete place first though!
  13. Try this site. http://www.humbugsuk.co.uk
  14. You were on a hiding to nothing with that one then. Didn't think of the disk being the wrong type. Like you I assumed the -R had previously been used in the camera. Just shows, you can't win them all, no matter how hard you try!
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