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  1. I certainly agree with every thing you say. The sooner the better.
  2. I think it all depends of which side the police and the army decide to support. now that would be interesting to know who they would support. It they support government I think it will only be a short sharp shock. Meadowhall will only be closed for a few days until they clean up any mess.
  3. yes I agree it is not in our nature to be revolutionaries. Unlike the French they are used to revolutions. perhaps we can ask them how its done if the coalition try to hold on to power at the next general election. Vote UKIP
  4. I certainly agree with what you are saying. I fully expect Cameron to do something in 2015 to keep his party in power. Also with the support of the Lib Dems. I just hope I am wrong vote UKIP
  5. This country has always given generously to charities. Therefore I believe foreign aid should not be funded by the tax payer. It should be funded voluntary.
  6. Wburqa Riots if the burqa was banned. What would happen if government tried to ban the burqa. Would there be protests from the Muslim Council?
  7. Government seems to find plenty of money when it comes to foreign aid. This should be give voluntary not funded by the tax payers.
  8. You could get people to write to their member of parliament.
  9. If David Cameron wins the next election will there be more cut backs to the welfare state?
  10. I certainly agree that there is too may people in this country. I think China has the right idea by trying to put a cap on how many children families are allowed. Although I do not agree with what is happening in china and their human rights. I tend to wonder if there was no diseases in the third world which kills a lot of the people would there be a population explosion? Then how would we cope. Also how self efficient is great Britain?
  11. I remember Max Factor Sheer Genius. I used it for years. I was really upset when it was discontinued.
  12. I am worried about immigration. Can the country really cope with more people coming to live here.
  13. Why should we get involved. What about all the other Arab states? Let them do something.
  14. Does any one remember Violet's tea stall in Castle Market. I thought violet was a lovely women. She use to give me discount when I use to buy sandwiches to take out. That was in the 60's. I wonder what happened to her? Does any one know if there are any photos of castle market in the 60's.
  15. If you feel an injustice has been done, could your Member of Parliament help you? When my mum had two falls on Hadfield 4 my MP helped me. I certainly did not want any money. I just wanted to try and change things with regards to nurses training, and to let government know what is happening. I have also wrote to another MP, Ann Clewd who has campaigned for better nursing. It's just an idea. Perhaps someone out their may tell you if I am right or wrong.
  16. Does anyone know if buses run from Sheffield City Centre to Whitbys at Catcliff?
  17. Has any one tried the fish and chip shop. I am sure someone said it is expensive but very nice.
  18. I am trying to find out if The Big W at Catcliffe, I think that was it's name, has been turned into a clothes shop. I know there is a Morrison's Supermarket there. Also there may be a Fish and Chip restaurant to. Does anyone know.
  19. I thought prisoners took their case to The Court of Human Rights to get the vote. Not sure if they managed to get the vote. If they did the law was on their side.
  20. I do not understand how David Cameron voted himself in power for five years. Is this legal in politics. I am not really up on this sort of thing.
  21. Can't this poor women take her case to The Court Of Human Rights? Are is it only for prisoners and terrorists. After all the law seems to be on their side.
  22. does anyone know if Newcastle upon Tyne was on the list?
  23. Let our thoughts be with Lee Rigbys family today.
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