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  1. StevenB.Monty Napiers wife was a customer of mine and they lived up by Psalter Lane they have a daughter named Coral,Monty and his wife died some years ago.
  2. Runningman,I first met Ray when he demonstrated Crypton tuners in the 60s then worked with him for a few years at Brakesafe on West St I liked Ray we had a lot of fun when we went on courses together,he lived up Bradway on those days Top man.
  3. my friends had the PoW in the late 60s until it was demolished Roger and Sylvia Shaw
  4. My sister in law was the receptionist at the Dentists on that picture,I used to know Charlie May quite well a nice guy but his son was dodgy.Charley lived on Hollowmoor rd Wisewood and was very proud of his lawn and garden.Gilders had a turntable for the cars in the shop so they could turn them round easily.
  5. Dial Motors and Barkley Fantozzi brings back memories as does Motormyles which was owned by Peter kendrick whose Father owned Smiths motorcycles at the bottom of Henry St.I remember the workshop where your Dad worked on Dunfields as well.
  6. Do you remember when that tip was on fire Tup it looks like Mars at dusk time,Me and my mother picked Cokes of there in 1947-8 on Saturday mornings in a terrible winter she used to cry with the cold but we had to do it and push a pram full of coke up to Shirecliffe,she worked as a buffer the other days of the week 10 hr shifts they dont make them like her any more.
  7. Old Tup we had the land opposite the railway lines to you with all the muckhills and the cable tubs dumping ash from the power station we lived on the top off the hill breathing all sorts of crap from those tall chimneys,not the cooling towers the tall thin ones and the wind was always blowing our way.We had some great times on there and made many memories kids today dont know what they are missing.
  8. If i remember right there were volunteer groups who were the busy bees and money was put in by the Council and Contractors to make it a green park but its amazing anything grows at all with whats under there over 70yrs.
  9. Sorry to burst your bubble but it has had a lot of help ans not just from nature
  10. Apparently Roma was very pretty and wore sprayed on gold lamee trousers she had some connection with Terry Steeples who owned the Black Swan in Sheffield they came to have their poodles clipped at my wifes fathers Jack Wright on School Street.
  11. name was Arthur Haynes. He had the Arthur Haynes Show on tv in the early 60's, his suffering wife was played by comedy actress Patricia Hayes and the stooge providing the comments which Arthur (comedy sketch name Oscar) would respond to being sometimes Julian Orchard and sometimes Nicholas Parsons You can find the sketches on You Tube if you just search for Arthur Haynes When he dressed as a middle aged guy in his raincoat and cap he always reminded me of your Uncle Stan Re your mother Freda, I did think it was a butchers shop she delivered for and that is probably how my mother would know her from. Not sure who Fred the Butcher was though - I only remember Harrisons Butchers run by Mrs Harrison and a guy by the name of Hoyle - their son Norman was older than myself. Strange lad then and time has proved that - he married Cynthia Hartley whose mother rode around Swallownest delivering mail for the Post Office located then near the crossroads. Cynthia committed suicide in, II think the late 60's, - used the car exhaust fumes via a tube into the car - did it on a country lane off the road which runs from Todwick Crossroads to Dinnington. Don't know if you are aware that Norman bred the Old English Sheep Dogs used in the original Dulux paint adverts There was a smaller butchers shop further down High Street but I never went in there - was that Freds Bucthers ? Didn't know Roy and June moved to South Africa, wonder why they chose there unless it was due to family connections. Often wondered where the name DOMOV originated from . Somewhere on this web site there is a mention of the name and its origins. Looks like the "Grim Reaper" has collected a few of the people, I am somewhat surprised that John Farrington is no longer with us , he was only a little bit older than myself - quite a nice guy I remember. Michelle would be the older one I seem to remember Nice to hear from you and Lyndsey and to know what its like on Park Drive, long time since I lived there - has the road been laid yet, or is it still just as it was when I lived there What about Memories - has the company now gone, I know Stan and his wife moved to a new home about 1966 when they sold their house to Eric and Juliette Dobson and also that they had no children. Unless Stan's brother had children to leave the business to But of course "Life Goes On and On …" Best Wishes - Victor - Malaysia Victor.my wife Janice Wright has a scar on her lip from Normans dog Digby,she was at crufts showing their poodles and bent down to get some biscuits and Digby went for her.Cynthia used to wear a different wig every week and she committed suicide on Brampton Straight mile.
  12. My wife knew Margaret Towel very well and they did their school homework together she says Margaret had a brother Dave who was really handsome he will be around 77 now.
  13. Victor.my wife Janice Wright has a scar on her lip from Normans dog Digby,she was at crufts showing their poodles and bent down to get some biscuits and Digby went for her.Cynthia used to wear a different wig every week and she committed suicide on Brampton Straight mile.
  14. I used to go out with Sandra Brown/French who was miss Rotherham and came second to June Cooper in the Miss GB title June was wearing Sandra's costume so they had a fall out,I was sat with her at a funeral wake a couple of years ago and she lives down London now.Pam Wood used to work in Debenhams down the Moor,ive not seen Delyse for years but she had the model agency down Heeley,Victoria De Quincy was another one i used to see a few of them when Sandra did the catwalks she now lives down Cornwall.Johnny Fanthoms wife was Carol Ardron before he married her I used to fix cars he used to buy in the 70s. June Cooper lived in the Railway cottages at Kiveton Park my wife knew her well. Sandra won the prestigious Miss She competition at Butlins in 1971 Delyese in 1963 and Christine Owen in 1978.
  15. The garden centre on Park Drive was called Towells the daughter was margaret she also had a brother.
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