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  1. Bob Fletcher have you seen my post on page 3????
  2. Terry Clayton passed away a few years ago he had the resident band at the Fiesta The Terry Clayton 5
  3. i think it was around the middle on the right hand side going up Woodland St Daryl
  4. Daryl Slinn theres a few pics of Swanns on Fb and they show the place on Woodland St theres also a pic on your reception which i gave to mick mcginnley.
  5. Theres one on my drive that used to stand outside RAF Hemswell nr Gainsboro
  6. Hi Bob Fletcher I remember you well seeing as we spent six years together at Longley school in the same class.we were also in the cubs together.I remember all the teachers you mentioned.Me and Miss Chappell were on very good terms as i was a visitor to her office almost every day to show me her big stick ahaha We had a school reunion in 2007 where were you?Are you on Facebook Robert?Do you remember when we went camping with the cubs to Birley farm with Mr Wiggleworth who was Ahkela and David Steeples dad who was Balloo,David lives near me.i am at Wickersley and he at Bramley he married a Wickersley girl.I remember you had ginger hair and your friends were Geoffrey Bower,Michael Platts and David Swift.I was the rogue of the class ahaah nothing changes. I reckon we last spoke in 1953 time flies.I am in touch with Hilary Wiggleworth and she lives in Scarbro now.I hope you reply to this little note. Mel PS bet you havnt forgotten the phrase Shoe Shop ahaha
  7. Martin441 i could be wrong about her workplace but she did live in that area Page Hall so it wasnt far away if it is then yes i know where she is now can you remember the colour of her hair?
  8. Hillsboro thats the one i know.
  9. Riffraff it was Roy and if its the same one worked at Richards cutlery
  10. Specialist ahaha thats a laugh they were made for Farmers to fix you dont need to be the brains of Britain to fix these things.the new plug in ones then maybe but that doesnt fix mechanical things. The old saying <removed> baffles brain comes to mind and being recommended by an RAC or AA fella brings bribery to the fore in some cases.
  11. well it was his car i fixed i knew Doreen when she first started at Swanns she made the cake and her sister who lived up Dykes Hall Rd iced it her husband Doug had a tool business which his son Wayne took over and moved it down Taunton not sure but i think her name was Margery
  12. I saw June and her Husband a couple of years ago at a funeral of her friends mother here i Rotherham and she was looking really good we sat with them for a few hours chatting my wife knew her well from the modelling days,they were both very nice. Jo Earl remind her of Sandra Brown please she was a good friend of Junes and a contemporary on the beauty contests i went out with her for a couple of years.
  13. Her mother made our wedding cake in 1964 Doreens husband brought his car to me for servicing i think she married late in life.
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