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  1. I used to go out with Sandra Brown/French who was miss Rotherham and came second to June Cooper in the Miss GB title June was wearing Sandra's costume so they had a fall out,I was sat with her at a funeral wake a couple of years ago and she lives down London now.Pam Wood used to work in Debenhams down the Moor,ive not seen Delyse for years but she had the model agency down Heeley,Victoria De Quincy was another one i used to see a few of them when Sandra did the catwalks she now lives down Cornwall.Johnny Fanthoms wife was Carol Ardron before he married her I used to fix cars he used to buy in the 70s. June Cooper lived in the Railway cottages at Kiveton Park my wife knew her well. Sandra won the prestigious Miss She competition at Butlins in 1971 Delyese in 1963 and Christine Owen in 1978.
  2. The garden centre on Park Drive was called Towells the daughter was margaret she also had a brother.
  3. Ray Lister who lived on School St at number 5 and he had two daughters Pat and Mary my wife Janice Wright lived at number 7 with her parents Jack and Phyllis Wright Jack was a bus driver but also did work for Pritchards for years my wife says Barry is younger than 75 now.
  4. that was Barry's dad Barry is in his early sixties now My late father in law Jack Wright used to work for them.
  5. VictorMH that was Barry's dad Barry is in his early sixties now My late father in law Jack Wright used to work for them.
  6. Pritchards son was Barry he still runs the funeral business.
  7. Peter Lunns wife received an MBE in the Queens Birthday Hours today
  8. Jack Arden used to have a white Mercedes car in 1968-9 it broke the camshaft and i fixed it when i was working for a garage at Middlewood,we used to do most of their work and yes the office was a doorway just down from Kieth Laycocks shop.
  9. Terry Walton was in my class at school for 4 yrs
  10. Lilyelvin,I knew Pete gray maybe its the same one,did he and his brother have Norton Motorbikes?I went to Shirecliffe school from 1953-7
  11. They dismantled the German fleet from ww1 at Scapa Flow.
  12. Ian Headford worked with me at Waldot Service Station on Middlewood rd i sold him a Peel Mountain mile fairing for his Norton Bike,I was driving Stan Haywood sons brand new Mini Cooper round the daft island at the top of Hoyle st when some soft bugger ran into it he was none too pleased.I remember Ziggy having Continental Cars at the front of Kennings Penistone rd.
  13. Hi Runningman Sorry to hear about Ray we had some good laughs together he was a great guy to know.
  14. I knew Ray Stevenson he went to work for Crypton Tuning as a salesman then worked as a rep for Brakesafe on West St he lived up Bradway in the 70s.
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