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  1. Bridgehouses,Corporation st.Westbar,Shalesmoor were all in the same area Kelham was hardly ever spoke of until the Museum moved into the old tram generator building.
  2. Lots of money made building yuppie rabbit hutches for bright young things and pretentious pubs with **** poor beer and changing the area name because Kelham sound better than Shalesmoor,Really?
  3. Cuttsie.they dont give a monkeys about the history or our heritage not when there are zillions of quids to be made plastic pubs for plastic people.
  4. The garage was Richardsons I believe and Charlie May down Backfields used to sell them,they had quite a bit of trouble clearing the casting sand out of the differential space in the back axles.
  5. A little pedantic arent we is that because you cant answer the question.
  6. Does anyone have any information of how water was supplied to Hillsbro Barracks when it was first built?
  7. Lee Jowle Job done! Look forward to hearing from him. Thanks for that ,very interesting.
  8. I used to own Anatol Automotive on Bowness Rd and was a friend of Petes ive not seen Steve for a while now but I knew him from his days working for jan at Meersbrook Garage ,he knows me well,i was in the trade for 50 yrs until i sold up and retired in 2004. Cuttsie I knew all them Frank would paint your car in any shade of Dulux you fancied,I remember Tony Wild from years back.
  9. Try Phillip Hodgson Joinery on Loxley New Rd.
  10. Sorry for the misunderstanding about your well being,didnt Pete Hukin buy your garage for MOTs and repairs,I last saw you in SIMF quite a few years ago.
  11. Peter Hayman is Ron Haymans son and Philip ( Pip) is the other still alive the last I heard Peter had the Pinegrove club along with Jack Timms and a jewellers shop on Pinstone St Philip had Pippys on Cambridge St.I knew Ron their dad well from 1960 when they lived near Bolsterstone. Fred Eric had two shops when he packed up opposite the park Jack Dyson sold ex army motorbikes from it
  12. Tom and Norma Dickins ran the Park Hotel in the 60s.
  13. Jon ffrench thanks for the information.I know Kunselsau very well Hillsboro sent me a book on German Pork Butchers in Britain and one of them was actually an ancestor of a friend who lives in Untermasholderbach and he called his cousin who was directly related to him and we had a get together and i passed the book to him he was overjoyed with it all. I also knew an Armitage family from Wadsley village which was near to Wisewood where Fanny came from I wonder if this is the same family they had a wool shop in the village around 1960.
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