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  1. Specialist ahaha thats a laugh they were made for Farmers to fix you dont need to be the brains of Britain to fix these things.the new plug in ones then maybe but that doesnt fix mechanical things. The old saying <removed> baffles brain comes to mind and being recommended by an RAC or AA fella brings bribery to the fore in some cases.
  2. well it was his car i fixed i knew Doreen when she first started at Swanns she made the cake and her sister who lived up Dykes Hall Rd iced it her husband Doug had a tool business which his son Wayne took over and moved it down Taunton not sure but i think her name was Margery
  3. I saw June and her Husband a couple of years ago at a funeral of her friends mother here i Rotherham and she was looking really good we sat with them for a few hours chatting my wife knew her well from the modelling days,they were both very nice. Jo Earl remind her of Sandra Brown please she was a good friend of Junes and a contemporary on the beauty contests i went out with her for a couple of years.
  4. Her mother made our wedding cake in 1964 Doreens husband brought his car to me for servicing i think she married late in life.
  5. TWits didnt she live on Carnaby Rd if its the same Doreen she went to live up Whitby when she retired,She worked in the office with my late wife.
  6. My late friend Alwyne Varah worked at various branches of Darwins in Design he was chief Draughtsman i believe and he invented a valve for the furnaces which is still in use today it saved Darwins a fortune.
  7. I heard the other day that Dave Rawson isnt in a good place at the moment but it is hear say
  8. StevenB.Monty Napiers wife was a customer of mine and they lived up by Psalter Lane they have a daughter named Coral,Monty and his wife died some years ago.
  9. Runningman,I first met Ray when he demonstrated Crypton tuners in the 60s then worked with him for a few years at Brakesafe on West St I liked Ray we had a lot of fun when we went on courses together,he lived up Bradway on those days Top man.
  10. my friends had the PoW in the late 60s until it was demolished Roger and Sylvia Shaw
  11. My sister in law was the receptionist at the Dentists on that picture,I used to know Charlie May quite well a nice guy but his son was dodgy.Charley lived on Hollowmoor rd Wisewood and was very proud of his lawn and garden.Gilders had a turntable for the cars in the shop so they could turn them round easily.
  12. Dial Motors and Barkley Fantozzi brings back memories as does Motormyles which was owned by Peter kendrick whose Father owned Smiths motorcycles at the bottom of Henry St.I remember the workshop where your Dad worked on Dunfields as well.
  13. Do you remember when that tip was on fire Tup it looks like Mars at dusk time,Me and my mother picked Cokes of there in 1947-8 on Saturday mornings in a terrible winter she used to cry with the cold but we had to do it and push a pram full of coke up to Shirecliffe,she worked as a buffer the other days of the week 10 hr shifts they dont make them like her any more.
  14. Old Tup we had the land opposite the railway lines to you with all the muckhills and the cable tubs dumping ash from the power station we lived on the top off the hill breathing all sorts of crap from those tall chimneys,not the cooling towers the tall thin ones and the wind was always blowing our way.We had some great times on there and made many memories kids today dont know what they are missing.
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