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  1. are they still charging £15 minimum spend? and are they in the same premises?
  2. Well Danny ime glad we caught up with each other after all these years both you and me heavily into motorbikes and our paths never crossing since we left school and we only lived a few hundred yards from each other, keep smiling,Mel.
  3. The house in Warringtons yard was pulled down in the late 80s after Warringtons went bust Ray and Christine lived there,i used to back trailers into that yard
  4. The house belonged to Warringtons one of their mechanics lived in it but i dont recall a bakery so it must be long gone
  5. I wonder if this was the Beardshaws who had the steel firm near Norfolk Bridge?
  6. Owl Would that be John Reaney who went on to own Kelvin Garage?
  7. I have the date stone that was high above the doorway dated 1860 it can be seen on the old pictures
  8. It was tragically reported that Bert Committed suicide by hanging himself above the shop.
  9. Anyone remember the Whitby Hotel on the corner of Addy St?
  10. I was a regular customer of Berts as a young lad i was bike mad always had to have the latest stuff on my bike Bert was always obliging and never seemed down but alas he must have hid his feelings very well.We would spend hours looking in his window at bikes and bits when he was closed.sad when it all ended
  11. Bazza63 that was Terry Windle who built racing outfits sadly gone now,He built racing sidecars for most of the world champions
  12. Bob Fletcher have you seen my post on page 3????
  13. Terry Clayton passed away a few years ago he had the resident band at the Fiesta The Terry Clayton 5
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