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  1. Charleys kebab and grill on infirmary road second to none
  2. Charleys takeaway infirmary road s6
  3. The shop has been sold and never closed. We will be back bigger and better
  4. yeah ive had 2 one i actually recived got a letter last week saying i owe £90 for one i never did recive
  5. Superfit autocentre on abbeydale road are cheap rougly 18. Per tyre
  6. Superfit autocentre on abbeydale road very very cheap
  7. Its now a tyre/service centre went yesterday excellent prices and staff are great
  8. saudies on upperthorpe road really tasty quality food, the chef really knows his stuff 01142491847 01142700300
  9. its a golf in matt black and white with nypd on it it isnt a fiesta
  10. i might cut op up in the skoda or rather not then next thread will be SKODA drivers !!
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