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  1. The watch repair shop in the new Moor Market say they do not repair watches even though the sign out side clearly states that they are watch repairers .
  2. A game keeper at Cresswell ,Whitwell area threatened to shoot or poison my old dog even though we were walking on a public path ,the dog would never leave my side. His boss who owned the land also threatened us ,The buzzards that had been nesting in the area mysteriously disappeared one spring ,when asked what had happened is reply was "don't know and don't care". They even approached theCountry path way inspectors and asked them what they were doing on their land even though the inspectors were on the same paths as I have mentioned .
  3. The whole lot of em are a joke ,they have turned democracy on its head.
  4. Any idea where the pitch was? top maybe or bottom near the gas tanks would be my guess .
  5. Sheffield is the no one for shifty MP's just take a look at the socialist republic mob and how they feathered their nests then we have the present mob ignoring our vote on Brexit . The whole lot em Nation wide have sold the voters down the river , We need an alternative system maybe proportionate representation .
  6. The two who comment on virtually every thing are as you say missing ,but Halibut who always stands up to be counted has replied and as usual he posts a fair and impartial view.
  7. After this fiasco democracy is dead in this Country , The voters are being ignored by the very people we put in power to carry our wishes through . A new political system needs to be talked about as we can no longer have faith in the way those in Government treat the voting public.
  8. That is the problem int it . If the traditional Labour voter now feels that the party no longer represents them could they turn towards the hard right , will this pave the way for more UKIP type parties springing up or could voters just decide that they are wasting their time by voting at all in which case we will have a Tory Government for ever.
  9. It looks as though the working class has been stabbed in the back by the Labour Party over Brexit ,It seems as though Our own M.Ps in Sheffield are remainers and do not give a monkeys about the voters who have kept them in a job all these years . So what is the future for Labour voters not only in our own City but nation wide ,who can we turn to ? now that we have so badly been let down .
  10. There are some teams in the play off position that have failed to beat the Owls on more than one attempt this season so it seems that far better is a load off codswallop.
  11. I need my 1960's Automatic wind watch repairing ,any ideas on a proper watch repairer in South Yorks .
  12. Keep at it lass , Belgium now in the equation them Benelux countries have a very funny way of doing things .'
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