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  1. If you go to the following website, http://www.sheffieldbikers.co.uk/, you can put details of the bike on there, hope you get the bike back.
  2. The film is called 'The Leather Boys', here is a short clip of it:
  3. It's been quite a while since I started this post, but I still come back and go through it and really enjoy reading all the comments that people have left. I have found a video on 'YouTube' from the late 80's/early 90's of a programme that was shown on BBC called 'Perpetual Motion' In the video it tells the story of the Royal Enfield Bullet that was manufactured in Redditch and then in later years manufactured in India and imported back to the U.K. In the video you will see Wilf Green who was the importer of the Indian produced Bullets. Hope you like it. Link:
  4. Try the link below bassett one, it may be of some help. http://www.sheffieldbikers.co.uk/
  5. Yes I do remember him! When he left school he started work with a company that made musical instruments such as Ukeleles, later on in life he sold theses on Ebay as full sized guitars, I know that a few people got ripped of by him, last time I saw him he had got rid of the C50 and was driving a sports car, I think it was a small MG convertible. With regards to the KH, I think that plug fouling was something all KH's did on a daily basis, along with the centre pot seizing due to lack of cooling.
  6. The one on Domine Lane was Ernest Cross, he was the Yamaha agent, I remember Pete Creswell too as he repaired my AP50 after I ran it into the back of car. If you can remember bike places in the Swinton/Mexboro area, do you remember the bloke on Midland Road at Swinton who had a big yard and garages that were full of bikes?
  7. R.I.P John, My condolences to his family and friends
  8. Have a look at the link below Ken, I asked a question like yours a while since. Make sure you've got a few minutes to read it! http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=174312&highlight=motorcycle+shops
  9. Thanks for that bullerboy, I must have got the Imperial buildings mixed up with other buildings further down towards what is now the Minster. The ones I was thinking of had the 'Ring 'O' Bells cafe, Grafton's bakers and I think another was Danny Williams.
  10. You could also try the 'Sheffield and Yorkshire' bikers forum Zara. http://www.sheffieldbikers.co.uk/
  11. I'm not sure, but you might find something on here: http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/
  12. There used to be a small pickle factory on the Thurcroft industrial estate where I used to work, that was about thirty years ago, don't know if it's still there, the name Hoskin's seems to ring a bell though. I will try and find out over the weekend and let you know masbrolass. Chris.
  13. You could give this company a try if you can't find the part you need locally. http://www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk/index.php
  14. If it's the offer for £200 of plants, send me a private message and I will send you the form from the Mail.
  15. Two scooter club links below hulk, Sheffield:http://www.steelcityscooterclub.co.uk/ Rotherham:http://www.rotherhamsaintsscooterclub.piczo.com/?cr=6&rfm=y
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