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  1. Anne Downs a friend owns the building where P & B were and all the old wooden machines are still upstairs.
  2. Hibbsy,George Pollard is buried 100yrds from my house,i went to his funeral as did quite a few racers Chris Vincent being one of them.Ive known Tony Dawson for years and also knew Terry Windle,if I remember right i think Jack Woods had Handsworth Motorcycles.
  3. I believe that a former Lord Mayor of Sheffield is buried in their cemetery.
  4. you need to read your history books and not google try Hillboro library Reference section.
  5. MICK BADGER Yes they did that would be Ray Jowle I knew George well and his daughter she worked for Al Wright at Caravan Investments on Middlewood rd,she was a stunner.Ray if he is still with us lives in Cornwall now we took it in turns to drive the six wheel Foden breakdown truck.38MPH up hill and down unless you knocked it out of gear then it would go off the clock after shaking itself to bits.
  6. forgeman,I dont recall the scrapyard but yes Melluish's were there along with George Hobsons coaches and Hattersley and Day fences I think the jam factory was before the war it was possibly damaged with the parachute mines but there were plenty of tub lines behind the garage.
  7. MICK BADGER Yes i did from 1974-78.
  8. Has anyone any recollections of the Jam Factory behind the Eagle Garage on Bradfield Rd Hillsboro.its official name was the Hillsboro fruit and packaging Company.When i worked at the garage the fruit tub rail lines were still there and Jewel Razor Co used the wells for water to cool their grinding machines.
  9. It was opened by Mr Mottershaw who i believe founded the Sheffield Photo Company and was the first place to show a moving picture in Sheffield if my memory is correct.I read a long time ago that the island was called Constantinople and also had a skating rink on it.
  10. The last I heard of her she was teaching line dancing but thats a while ago.
  11. I believe that she lived on Penrith Rd at one time then near the top of Cookswood Rd.
  12. I would like to bet all the moaners and groaners will be doing their shopping there to save a few quid same when Comet opened they moaned and bought all their electrical stuff from there
  13. crobar 3839 Fredericks was the Tailor opposite Hillsboro park two brothers I believe.
  14. Alsancak did you know Sheila who worked for them Marston that is think she went to work for Autorads later and Serck.
  15. are they still charging £15 minimum spend? and are they in the same premises?
  16. Well Danny ime glad we caught up with each other after all these years both you and me heavily into motorbikes and our paths never crossing since we left school and we only lived a few hundred yards from each other, keep smiling,Mel.
  17. The house in Warringtons yard was pulled down in the late 80s after Warringtons went bust Ray and Christine lived there,i used to back trailers into that yard
  18. The house belonged to Warringtons one of their mechanics lived in it but i dont recall a bakery so it must be long gone
  19. I wonder if this was the Beardshaws who had the steel firm near Norfolk Bridge?
  20. Owl Would that be John Reaney who went on to own Kelvin Garage?
  21. I have the date stone that was high above the doorway dated 1860 it can be seen on the old pictures
  22. It was tragically reported that Bert Committed suicide by hanging himself above the shop.
  23. Anyone remember the Whitby Hotel on the corner of Addy St?
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