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  1. I assume you live in a predominately student area to predict that this is gonna be an issue.........again?
  2. Its not Berlins is the old Europa which is upstairs? Its opening this Saturday as 'CODE' https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004476495730&fref=ts
  3. I guess that fun can only be between 8am-8pm thats been approved by the council & the Health & Safety police. that would only leave country fairs, boot sales & morris dancing festivals......oh now i get it!! Next time Antiques Roadshiow comes to the city i'm ringing 101 to complain about all the traffic caused by old peoples slow incompetent driving.
  4. I think that most young people work all day on a saturday and disco lights wont work during the day!
  5. People complaining about young people listening to loud music and enjoying themselves has been going on for over 100 years. The weather is getting milder now so im sure that'll be it for another summer. What gets me is that certain people associate raves with drugs use. Just remember that drugs and music was pioneered by some of the greatest living artists of all time... Rolling Stones, Beatles, Ray Charles, Bob Dillon, Jimmy Hendricks, Elvis.....etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc
  6. Check out the Big Boiler Shop. All the prices are inclusive of installation... http://www.bigboilershop.co.uk
  7. Sometimes i think that Sheffield would love a communist city council. At least it will be like the old days where everyone can work down a mine or in a tractor factory. Only organised fun is legal after permission is granted.
  8. im picking up my new motorbike on Sunday so i try to avoid thinking about what 'could' happen. I watched the video and its a shame but he was doing 97mph and was still exhilarating till he saw the car turning. Everyone would have a different attitude to the video if he had hit a child crossing the road.
  9. They should just combine betting shops & pawn brokers. Pawn your kids PS4 & walk a few feet to put it on a horse called 'Broken Mirror'
  10. Theres is a toilet in London called 'Attendant' thats been turned into a Snack bar from an public toilet. Looks really good. The men's toilet at the town hall would be perfect but something like that would never work in Sheffield. http://www.odditycentral.com/architecture/bon-appetit-london-public-toilet-gets-converted-into-a-gourmet-snack-bar.html
  11. Your right....you need peace & quiet for that inevitable march towards death!
  12. Football Matches, kids playing out, dogs barking, couples arguing, rush hour traffic, lawn mowers, house alarms, car alarms.....all noises that are annoying and everyday but socially acceptable all year round. A few parties in the summer and the world is in turnmoil. Maybe if it was a morris dancing festival or 24 hr antiques roadshow then it would be ok. Ive been all round the world and parties go on every week all year round and locals embrace them. I wonder how many people on this forum go to the TT race? id find that annoying but it looks like a good weekend for all involved so fair play.
  13. Not at all. Why is one form of noise ok but not another? Its just people enjoying themselves in the precious few weeks that the weather is good enough to do so.
  14. I went out partying all night and got in a about 6am. I was woken by my neighbours hedge trimmers at 8am. I know how you all feel. Its annoying isnt it.
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