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  1. Don't forget the PFA have backed his return to professional football: Regards Doom
  2. I was at the ice hockey a couple of years ago when Lee Hughes was one of the guests of honour for the Nottingham Panthers and did the pre game puck drop.....I don't think anybody there had done their research. Whilst I think Evans should be allowed to play football again, I do think he should take as low a profile as possible, wherever he ends up. Regards Doom
  3. I consider them both to be criminal offences. I consider Gary Glitter to be worse than any of them, but his name keeps getting dragged up in this thread. Regards Doom
  4. Peter Swan to deal with match day betting. Nile Ranger and Gary Madine to deal with match day health and safety issues. There are an awful lot of footballers with tainted pasts, some are repeat offenders like Ranger and Madine. I was more disappointed with United signing King than I would be with Evans, because I don't see Evans as any sort of future threat, whereas King is a nasty piece of works. Regards Doom
  5. Professional footballer isn't one of the 'certain professions'. Regards Doom
  6. I'd be quite happy for him to sign elsewhere and take the pressure off United. What I don't like is the fact that the media and others are trying to punish him a 2nd time, even though he's served his sentence, especially as I'm also dubious with regards to the safety of the initial conviction. Regards Doom
  7. It's 157,000 clicks of a mouse, it could well be the same person 157,000 times or somebody who knows absolutely nothing about the case, but clicks on it because rape is wrong. I once signed one of their petitions and now I keep getting links to sign other petitions, although I personally don't bother unless I know what I'm signing, but I bet plenty of other people click on regardless of their in depth knowledge of the petition in question. Regards Doom
  8. I've already said I don't believe it was rape.....I believe Ched genuinely thought he had been given consent. Violence would suggest it was forced and therefore no consent is given. I would imagine being raped against your will with physical force is incredibly frightening. Regards Doom
  9. Nope, but there were a number of different victims over a long period of time. Maybe I'm being unfair on Rolf, because I've certainly taken far less interest in his case than I did in Evans. Regards Doom
  10. Not at all, because I believe Rolf to be guilty of abusing young girls, whereas I consider Ched was involved in a rather seedy incident between two consenting, if rather drunk, adults. If there was any evidence that Ched had used violence or a weapon to get his wicked way, then I'd have a completely different opinion. Regards Doom
  11. I'm not sure that's the case. I was talking to my Barnsley supporting mate and he reckons Barnsley are involved in a joint development with the Council to develop land around Oakwell. He thinks it would probably put that development in jeopardy if Evans was to join Barnsley. I'm personally happy to see him back training at the Lane: 1. Having read the details of the case, I think there's certainly a lot of doubt in my mind with regards to the safety of the verdict. What he did was morally reprehensible, but I remain to be convinced it was rape. 2. He's served his time and should be allowed to get on with his life. I would have taken a different view if violence had been involved, but it wasn't. Regards Doom
  12. Whilst I can understand the £3 extra per journey, is there enough business for taxi drivers to warrant them turning down the longer/more expensive fares? When I first started going down town 25 years ago it would often be a problem trying to catch a taxi, but since the Council increased the number of licences these days there seem to be far more taxis than fares. I suppose shorter trips are better earners for taxi drivers if they can keep picking up their fares relatively quickly, but if they're waiting for 20 minutes between fares then I would have thought a high earning long distance fare would be better for them. It would be interesting to hear from a taxi driver. Regards Doom
  13. If there are any taxi drivers on here I'm sure they must have some idea as to the reasons why.....Perhaps they could explain. I've just done a quick check and High Green is a similar distance to Halfway from town, although Killamarsh is a bit further and over the boundary into Derbyshire. These days I tend to get taxis around 11pm, so it's not particularly late on. Regards Doom
  14. I find that surprising, because I think High Green is probably further out than any of those areas and I've never had a driver refuse to take me. I caught one on Saturday night from Sheffield Station to High Green and whilst the driver was a miserable object, there was never any question of him not taking me. Maybe it's because I usually jump in the cab before telling them my destination. Regards Doom
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