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  1. At the risk of repeating myself, if you can’t have a discussion/disagreement in a civil manner then please don’t post.
  2. The personal comments and bickering ends here. Discuss the topic, not each other, and if you can’t post in a civil manner please don’t bother at all.
  3. If anyone knows the people in question please make them aware of this post. Please don’t give out anyone’s private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent. Thank you.
  4. I bought mine in August. The discount counts as your deposit.
  5. Back on topic now please. If you want to discuss Trump do so on the dedicated thread.
  6. Or is it down to testing being more widely available so more people actually know they’ve got it now? In the early days asymptomatic would never have known they had it.
  7. For a story to make the papers, the editor etc has to deem it newsworthy. Celebrities can’t just decide to tell a story. If you’ve got issues with these kind of stories blame the newspapers, not the celebrities.
  8. Mine wasn’t a home test, I had it through work at the NGH.
  9. Unless there’s been drastic changes I don’t think the antibody test is very reliable. This is the ‘result’ I got after mine in the summer, and my friend got the same text just before Christmas...
  10. Morning everyone, cheer up Rudd’s! 👍🏻
  11. Hi guys, hope you’re all ok.
  12. Can we try to keep this on topic please? If you just want to discuss Trump please do so in the dedicated thread. Cheers.
  13. I’m so, so sorry for your (and our) loss Medusa. I still can’t quite believe it. RIP Mort, the world will be a poorer place without you in it x
  14. If you want to solely discuss the pandemic and restrictions on movement because of it please do so in the dedicated thread. Thank you.
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