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  1. They were giving away various fixtures and fittings on Gumtree last week.
  2. Back on topic now please. Discuss the subject, not each other. Please dont turn this into another thread solely about Brexit.
  3. For some reason there was a really big blank white space under your post, I removed it, thats all
  4. Ive no idea, but if you dont get any more replies you could ring and ask? Telephone/Fax 01142 630033 Mobile 07880 220160
  5. Lovely misleading article title It actually says hes 'challenged his players to dominate the Steel City for years to come.' Along with 'I want' and 'Hopefully'. Nowhere does it say we CAN dominate for years!
  6. The bickering, personal comments and insinuations can stop now. Discuss the topic, not each other or the thread will be closed.
  7. Bournemouth Vs Blades anyone? Back on topic please.
  8. If youd like to help the OP please contact them via PM. Thank you - Closing.
  9. Yes it was the Air Ambulance. A man sadly died after falling from a ladder... https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-man-dies-after-falling-from-ladder-489502?fbclid=IwAR13P6PKlj6smAurJdJNwuZTDkUxL0U_PPuwOzS9fBQb2MdnhIIIvAz4dXY
  10. Theyre quite often held somewhere in the Bernard Road area, so that would make sense.
  11. Theres been a rave somewhere. We could hear it in Shiregreen but only really faintly, not loud enough to disturb us. Im not sure it would be the same thing the OP heard tho, its quite a way to Hackenthorpe!
  12. Pihu. I know it defeats the object of the thread but I honestly dont know how to rate it. I dont know if I loved it or hated it. Without revealing too much a 2 year old girl is left alone in a high rise apartment, and the film is about all the dangers this poses. There are some moments where your hearts in your mouth and I understand why some people are saying its a parents worst nightmare, The only actual 'actor' in it is a 29 month old girl, shes adorable and obviously very intelligent for her age. My main issue with it is theres only so much acting a 2 year old can do, therefore most of it must be her genuine reactions. When shes crying, scared and distressed it must be real emotions and that made me quite uncomfortable. Apparently it was filmed in 2 hour shoots over a month or so. Away from the child it is quite well directed, you dont find out whats happening in one go, it becomes clear as the film goes on. The most disturbing thing is its based on a true story. So apologies for my lack of a rating, if anyone else does watch it Id be very interested in hearing your thoughts.
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