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  1. As this is clearly just an excuse to start yet another thread moaning (inaccurately) about the BBC Im closing it.
  2. London and Birmingham both have more than Sheffield?
  3. Its obviously not the same incident as the OP states it was yesterday morning (26th)
  4. Only symptomatic NHS staff are being tested, in a bid to get them back to work ASAP if the tests are negative. Testing everyone would be pointless, the results can take over 24 hours. You could catch the virus straight after your swabs were sent off, then get a negative result.
  5. https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHSvolunteerresponders?fbclid=IwAR2O7NjjiVY1xXR81HLvOtG44wZ_fGGBoFGPMfnWSoP-BNqhj5hk71xSEr4
  6. You have to register here, from tomorrow ... https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable
  7. Someone I know has just been to Morrisons at Ecclesfield and says it's pretty well stocked (with a few exceptions) and no one bulk buying. Hopefully things are calming down a bit now.
  8. The Platform 8/10 I really enjoyed this, its intelligent, brutal and thought provoking. Its not perfect. Theres quite a few plot holes and the ending could be better, but I really liked it.
  9. If you want to help the OP please follow the link provided. Thank you - Closing .
  10. The personal comments end now. If you cant have a civil discussion then please dont post.
  11. There are photos all over facebook.
  12. It’s true tho, Sainsburys have already issued a statement yesterday.
  13. Im sure this has already been explained, but unless youre going to change your gloves every time you touch something/someone theyre pointless, you'd be just as likely to carry the virus on the gloves as you would be on your hands. Of course you could keep washing your gloved hands, but you may as well just keep washing your actual hands.
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