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  1. The personal comments can stop now. If you cant have a civil discussion then please dont post.
  2. I can confirm that no posts have been deleted from this thread.
  3. I don’t remember him, but I just found a question someone asked about him on Yahoo Answers 10 years ago, so he was obviously featured before 2016... Edit to add.... Just found a post on DigitalSpy from 2009 saying he was one of their favourite characters. (And yes, I really have nothing better to do 😂)
  4. Unless you know the car thieves were also from Foxhill then the first part of your post is completely unnecessary.
  5. The A Word I love this show. It has just the right mix of humour, drama, romance, while still helping to raise awareness. Brilliantly written with great acting from everyone involved.
  6. Please don't give out anyones private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent. Thank you.
  7. Posties arent even delivering letters on Saturdays at the moment, only parcels, in an attempt to get on top of a massive backlog.
  8. Please don't give out anyone's private information without their prior knowledge and consent. Thank you.
  9. Back on topic please.
  10. If you’d like to help the OP please use the contact details provided. Thank you - Closing.
  11. So today (up to now) Ive watched... The Lodge 7.5/10 This was a really good film. 2 kids get snowed in with their future Step-Mum and strange things start happening. It didn't go the way I expected at all, its clever, original, and well acted. Pans Labyrinth 9/10 One of my favourites. Its an extraordinary film. Just stunning. Love it. M.O.M Mothers of Monsters 7/10 Despite the awful title its actually a good film. A single Mum convinced that her teenage son is a psychopath and is heading for something terrible takes matters into her own hands. Gripping with great performances from the main characters.
  12. Id sit in my Mums garden, with our family and a couple of bottles of wine.
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