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  1. Nominate someone for an honour or award… https://www.gov.uk/honours/nominate-someone-in-the-uk
  2. It is. It was semi converted when I bought it, so I’m just doing cosmetic stuff really. It’ll be off to the garage soon for the stuff that people who actually know what they’re doing need to do.
  3. I’ve been working on the van I’m converting 👍🏻 Happy Thursday everyone.
  4. That’s good then, it’s having the Priority that helps the most 👍🏻. Obviously you get to choose areas, I meant that if you have no Priority and no waiting time your choices would be really limited. Good luck!
  5. Out of curiosity I’ve just had a look on the Property Shop website. Ive had my name down since 2001, but I’d still be between 10th and 15th in the ‘queue’ for a 2 bed in Southey/Longley 😳.
  6. @FizzyPotts Have you registered with SCC? Unless the system has changed drastically, without being awarded Priority or having a decent amount of waiting time I doubt you’d be able to pick and choose between areas.
  7. Aww thank you 😊 it’s just nice to switch the alarm off for a few days! Hope all’s well with you x
  8. Hi Padders! Hope you’re ok. I’m up later than usual because I’ve got a couple of days annual leave. Yay!
  9. From South Yorks Police Facebook page.
  10. We love Meraki. It’s a really cute, authentic feeling place. The food is lovely and the staff can’t do enough for you.
  11. Her job description is to run the ward, whatever that involves. All the Ward Managers I know have come up from being Nurses.
  12. No. She doesn’t have a set of patients to look after, she just helps out if needed.
  13. Our Ward Manager was a Nurse, then a Sister, then a Senior Sister, now a Ward Manager. She is still an active Nurse on our ward, doing whatever needs doing, whether it’s sorting meds and IVs or stripping and making beds etc.
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