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  1. Our staff have to wear visors for patients that are splash risks, or for aerosol generating procedures. Patients on CPAP etc.
  2. I honestly can’t answer that. If that is genuinely what you experienced I’m really surprised. I know we’d never get away with that in the areas I attend at the NGH. We have people from Infection Control doing audits on a regular basis, you can fail just for a staff member having their mask under their nose.
  3. That’s spot on. Our patients are allowed one visitor per day for two hours, either in one go or split into two visits. It has to be the same visitor throughout the patients admission. We make allowances in extreme circumstances, such as end of life etc. Most of the outpatient clinics are pretty much back to normal, but you have to attend on your own.
  4. I can’t speak for Rotherham, but STHs policy is you have to wear masks everywhere on hospital premises. I’m not going to lie tho I do see a few people (including staff) on the corridors etc without one. On the wards it’s different, you HAVE to wear a mask even if you’re not patient facing. In fact up until a couple of months ago it was visors too. As for the hospital appearing to be quiet, that means nothing. Covid patients are either on the dedicated wards (that had closed but have now had to reopen) or being barrier nursed in side rooms. They’re hardly going to be on trolleys outside Boots. During the peaks there weren’t many wards at all in the NGH that didn’t have Covid on them to some extent. It’s nowhere near that bad at the moment but the cases are definitely rising.
  5. Great film. I love Paddy Considine, he’s a fantastic actor. Saw his band at the Leadmill a few years ago too.
  6. Hellooooooo!!! Ive just been erm, resting my eyes and now the place is in darkness! Oh well, sweet dreams everyone.
  7. Hi everyone! Up early in the morning but can’t sleep so I’ll join you for a glass of red please 😘
  8. Happy Birthday Padders, hope you have a fab day! x
  9. Finally finished painting Sons stairs 🙄
  10. Hi Jane! All good here. Was supposed to be at Tramlines but I’ve been painting my sons stairs instead. If you can’t have fun be productive instead! Hope all’s well with you x
  11. I always like the idea of pork scratchings, but then the reality is massively disappointing.
  12. Evening all! Huge glass of red and a packet of pork scratchings please 😂
  13. Fantasy Island (Skegness 😂) - Tight Fit
  14. As far as I’m aware the RSPCA can’t seize animals. Only the Police can.
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