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  1. Here... https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/193320-garden-pond-megathread-all-garden-pond-threads-here/
  2. I thought my ears were burning! Not sure about Dame tho? Makes me sound like I’m either 103 or a pantomime man in drag 😂
  3. Unless you know your NHS number you have to enter details that are registered with your GP.
  4. 2773 Hope you’re all well.
  5. Them. Wow, just wow. I literally couldn’t stop watching this, I think I felt every emotion possible. It would’ve still been captivating without the supernatural side of the story, in fact the scenes of racism were far more disturbing and unsettling, really difficult to watch at times. Theres one scene in particular that I almost couldn’t bear, and I watch some messed up stuff! Great soundtrack too.
  6. Oh Padders I’m so so sorry. Hope you’re ok.
  7. Aww thank you, I actually did! Saw my brother for the first time since August 😊
  8. Happy birthday Mel, all the best people are born in April 😜
  9. 30 year old Solicitor, with 2 children. Just awful. RIP.
  10. I’ve just driven past. Police and white tent are still there, plus a lot of onlookers, looked like Charlotte Roads taped off.
  11. I get it’s massive, really sad news, but the TV coverage has been a bit over the top. Ive just finished watching the finale of The Circle. I don’t usually watch reality TV but this has been really interesting. Reminded me of back when Big Brother was actually a social experiment.
  12. In all fairness that figure actually includes 1000s and 1000s of spammers and spam bots (there’s been at least 2 every day lately) plus the trolls that have opened account after account etc, its not just individual posters.
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