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  1. Please don’t give out anyone’s private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent. Thank you.
  2. Hospital visiting has been suspended from today too.
  3. It’s a beautiful part of the world, no matter what time of year it is 😊.
  4. The Trial of the Chicago 7 9/10 This is a great depiction of a not very well known story. It’s well written and very well acted, with a few humorous moments to lighten what is actually a really serious story. Really enjoyed it.
  5. Right now absolutely anywhere would do! Id love to go to Seahouses again tho, or take my Mum to Niagara Falls because she’s always wanted to go.
  6. Please don’t give out anyone’s private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent. Thank you.
  7. In the top right of the PM there’ll be a little flag symbol, if you click that you can then report the message, it’ll send a copy of it to us.
  8. If you get any unwanted messages there’s always the option to report them to us.
  9. Can we please stay on topic, and not try to turn this thread into something it’s not? Cheers.
  10. My son was tested at 6:30pm Thursday night, his result was back 3pm Saturday. They did tell him 1-3 working days tho. Theyd let you know if the test was inconclusive.
  11. Doesn’t that work both ways tho? I’m sure my Mums far from being the only one too. You not being reassured isn’t more important than my Mum being the opposite. And you being sure you’re not the only one not reassured doesn’t mean everyone, or even the majority either.
  12. Why do you think they ‘wrongly assume’? My Mum would be the first one to say she feels massively reassured and much more confident being out and about if everyone is wearing masks.
  13. No, but I’m the opposite. We have to wear masks for our entire shift, I have a slightly blocked up nose all week, that clears over the weekend then comes back on a Monday.
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