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  1. Already on this thread youve been asked to... 1 - Stay on topic 2 - Not turn it into another TV licence thread 3 - Stop bickering. Youve ignored all 3. Its quite clearly only going to descend further so Im now closing it.
  2. The Huntsman entrance is C floor, as already stated the Vickers corridor is on the floor above.
  3. What a tragic, awful story. The media will no doubt be paying tribute to her now after ripping her to shreds for the last few months. Heartbreaking that she felt this was the only way out. RIP
  4. Requiem for a Dream 9/10 Incredible film. Its a brutal, honest and mesmerising story of drug addiction. The acting is great by all the lead characters, but Ellyn Burnstyn is just fantastic.
  5. Go to the thread youre getting the notifications about, click 'Following' then update your preferences.
  6. If you want to discuss the TV licence theres a thread here...
  7. Back on topic please, this isnt a Brexit thread.
  8. Please don't give out anyone's private or personal information without their prior knowledge and consent.
  9. Rage by Richard Bachman (Stephen King) I actually bought and read this years ago but after reading an article about the controversy surrounding it I thought I’d dig it out again. Its out of print now at Kings request due to the subject matter, and the fact that 5 high school shooters were found to own or had recently read it. Hard to believe it was written half a century ago, it feels as relevant as if it was written yesterday. It made me feel really sad more than anything.
  10. The personal comments can stop now. Discuss the topic, not each other.
  11. Can you confirm your asking price please?
  12. Huntsman entrance The Vickers link corridor is up one floor on D floor. Its signposted.
  13. If youd like to join in the OPs challenge please go to their website. Thank you, closing.
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