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  1. Been to three garden centres today. Two of them were already like Santas grottos and the third was in the process of becoming one. Fair enough, but playing 'The First Noel' etc was a step too far in my opinion!
  2. Course it is chuck, we just dont need another thread thats only about Brexit. as long as posts are relevant to the opening post thats fine
  3. If you want to solely discuss Brexit please do so on the dedicated thread. Thank you.
  4. Posts have been removed. If you have any questions regarding Moderation please raise them at the Helpdesk. The Mod team cant be expected to read every single post, so if you do see one that you believe breaks our rules then please report it instead of criticising us.
  5. If you know the people in question please dont share any personal information about them without their prior knowledge and consent.
  6. Posts have been removed, if you want to solely discuss Brexit please do so in the dedicated thread.
  7. It was 27 Sep 2019 – 5 Oct 2019
  8. Its a Christian Life Centre now I believe.
  9. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/sheffield-cafe-and-flats-engulfed-fire-after-car-smashes-them-810237 Basically what you said... Theres a GoFundMe page for the occupants of the flat too, who've lost everything.
  10. Helloooo hope youre all well (even Padders)
  11. As in the mixed public toilets discussion theres no issue because there will still be cubicles. Maybe we should ban mixed swimming sessions too, as everyone in the pool is basically swimming about in their underwear!
  12. As we have a big, currently active thread here Ill close this one.
  13. If they were going to play the 'mental ill card' wouldn't they have had to do so at the plea hearing or would that come later? They plead guilty, no mention of diminished responsibility etc.
  14. Its Monday in a few hours. Knocks my duck off every week!
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