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  1. If you’re going to copy and paste can you please provide a link to the source.
  2. It’s closed at the moment according to their website.
  3. Host 7/10 I only watched this because it was short (57 mins) but I ended up really enjoying it. 6 friends on lockdown have a Zoom get together every week, taking it in turns to choose an activity... Unfriended: Dark Web 8/10 Same as Host, this is all played out on laptop screens etc. I thought it was great, it took a while to get going but by the end I was almost literally on the edge of my seat
  4. I believe MKM do free delivery over £50. Their bulk bags of gravel are £47.50 though but you could add something to it?
  5. It’s on the roof of the GP Collaborative. Close to A & E.
  6. It’s in New Era Square. It’s Pedestrianised so possibly not visible from the road.
  7. I do agree, but we wear masks at work to protect patients from us, more than the other way round.
  8. Is is on Boston Street? It’s off London Road. Behind the Aldi (I think)
  9. Face coverings need to cover the mouth and nose, with no gaps. Theyre supposed to protect people from the wearer as well as the other way round. Covid spreads through microscopic droplets that can easily get around the open sides of a visor. We wear them in certain circumstances at work, but always with a mask. Theyre probably better than nothing at all tho, as I said.
  10. Visors are pretty pointless without a mask. If you are exempt though I suppose a visor could be felt to be better than nothing.
  11. If spaces were made a lot cheaper or free, there’d be even less chance of getting one. A lot of people that work in the city centre and currently use public transport would then start driving in.
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