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  1. Hallamshire RUFC are hosting a fundraising race night at the Fox and Duck in Broomhill on 28th February from 7pm onwards. Join us for some fun and games, and don't miss the chance to win some money along the way. There'll also be an auction race and the opportunity to win prizes along the way. Sponsorships opportunities are available to any businesses/individuals who'd like to get involved.
  2. Actually the University of Sheffield did very well in REF with a number of top 5 departments, SHU also did well, but they were much lower down in the first place. I went to SHU and enjoyed my time (Business course with sandwich year), and it really did help me in my career but I honestly believe they're a revolving door for degrees and the support/teaching is second rate compared to the University of Sheffield. I'd never heard of the Russell Group, and I didn't understand what it meant...I do now.
  3. Does anyone know who the female singer is who plays on Fargate? She's got a bit of a 1920s look about her.
  4. I sometimes get a taxi home with friends but I've never seen that happen before. If so, it's pretty scandalous...it's a quick way off adding £3 on to the journey! You're probably right about the reasons for wanting short journeys though.
  5. Maybe it's got something to do with the time? I usually get a taxi at about 1.30am-2am. I leave before the club/bar closes but maybe they want to be back in town for closing time. It's still beside the point though...friends/family are Police officers and they tell me that it's a regular occurence and taxi drivers are becoming a big nuisance for them.
  6. I think the point is they shouldn't be doing that as it's against the rules of their licence. As a few have mentioned, I could say a different destination but they're still funny about that due to it being further than they'd like. I can only imagine it's down to the time it takes and the potential to get another fare. If that's the case though they should become a private hire vehicle and just select the work they want. Hackney carriages are legally obliged to take you but are still refusing.
  7. Killamarsh is a strange one...some say it is and some say it isn't. If it was just Killamarsh I wouldn't be asking...the same happens to friends/family/acquaintances going to Birley, Mosborough, Beighton etc...
  8. On a number of occasions after a night out with friends I've struggled to get a taxi. Hackney carriages will turn up and either refuse to take me due to the distance or they'll refuse to put the meter on and demand extra money. Now I'm sure that being a taxi driver is hard work and you have to deal with some less than desirable characters, but surely drivers rejecting to take people home is a concern for Sheffield City Council? I'm always happy to pay the fare up front (I live in Killamarsh so it's a bit further out), but only on the condition that the driver puts the meter on. The moment I mention this they refuse to take me, and I know a lot of other people who suffer the same treatment. Hackney carriages licences state that drivers cannot refuse to accept a fare unless it is out of their licensing jurisdication...unless they have reason to believe that you cannot pay the fare. Surely handing the money over at the start of the journey shows you have the means to pay, so how can they refuse? I don't think the council are putting enough time into enforcing the rules...and it makes Sheffield a more dangerous place to go. Imagine if a young girl was refused a taxi home and then got attacked? There'd be uproar. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  9. OK, over the past few years my garden has improved vastly, lots of bedding plants etc...all looking very nice. Unfortunately due to time, I'm unable to maintain it to a decent standard and it's beginning to look like a bit of a mess. I want to get some of that membrane put down in the beds, and then gravel over the top of it...with the hope that it'll help to control the weeds. I might also consider edging the beds with some bricks or something so that it becomes easier to mow. My question is...are there any alternatives to what I'm suggesting? If not, how much is it likely to cost me?
  10. Thanks for the advice, I really had no idea where to start. I do like the Georgian look, and maybe there are some alternatives that I haven't considered. I suppose I didn't want to waste anyone's time by asking for a quote and then not taking it up because it was far more than I expected, but in reality that's what I'll have to do.
  11. I'm considering getting brand new windows in my house and a front door. I've currently got uPVC but I think that of getting something a bit better looking (and better fitted). Similarly, I'm after a new front door as uPVC just doesn't look great in my opinion. How much do you think I should be budgeting for 5 large windows, 2 small windows and a front door...fitted of course? I'm rubbish with this sort of thing.
  12. The property is a c1900s semi-detached, solid brick house. I honestly don't know if it has a DPC installed, but there's no sign of air-bricks or anything similar. When I first bought the house the surveyor detected damp (using a meter) and the previous owner paid for someone to come and tank the property - although I think they only did certain areas. I haven't seen evidence of where they did it. The kitchen isn't offshot, and the property hasn't been extended as far as I'm aware.
  13. I've had the gutters done so I know there are no problems in that sense. They were previously causing part of the problem. As far as I'm aware there are no central heating or domestic water leaks, and I'm not losing an pressure in my system. More importantly, there aren't any water pipes in the immediate vicinity of the damp patches. There is potentially that it could be the pointing, but the bricks seem fine. I have considered that it could be penetrating damp, but due to the tidemarks stopping about 1m up I guessed it'd be rising damp.
  14. The ground floor of my house seems to have a problem with rising damp, especially in a few select areas. What solutions are there and what sort of cost should I be looking at to fix it? I'm getting crystals forming in some areas, and plenty of wet plaster. TIA
  15. Any teams looking for players? Preferable based South of Sheffield, but I can travel within reason. Can play anywhere centrally, and played to a good standard.
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