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  1. Was just going to ask the same?
  2. It's a horrible feeling as you dread when it rains Schemes like these are a good idea, but I wish the Council would do more to help individual homes. When our home was flooded, they said they could only investigate when 5 properties are affected. You should be able to get Home Insurance under the FloodRE scheme. We have managed to go with MoreThan.
  3. I've heard the 83a is stopping at Hunter's Bar.
  4. Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone have any recent recommendations for a solictor?
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3394180/The-remarkable-story-David-Bowie-s-iconic-feature.html Bowie had anisocoria - a condition where the pupils are different sized
  6. I think Bowie would have liked it but it's a shame it looks nothing like. It's still better than anything I could paint!
  7. Reading the papers, this could have been true? His father was from Doncaster and it did say he visited the area in 2014 to show his daughter
  8. Surely you would want to visit first as moving all those miles is a big commitment?
  9. Why is everyone being so negative. Yes it will be busy around that area on a Saturday afternoon, but there are so many positives! At the minute you need to travel to Leeds or Nottingham to visit IKEA, so surely it's better for the environment as people are driving less and better for Sheffield as people are spending money in the city. IKEA will also employ many local people who are likely to be using public transport. Large retail parks can work as Gateshead and the Metrocentre is a good example. Again, it's timing. Don't go on a Saturday afternoon!! I've been in and out on a week day evening in the Leeds IKEA and it's been fine. Sheffield City Council should have approved this years ago!! I can't see the problem with the Next shop... I have never seen that busy!
  10. I've shared this on Facebook. I hope you get it back!!
  11. Have you reported it to the council using Fix My Street?
  12. We had a leaflet that covered 'South East Sheffield' but made no mention to the buses that cover our area (Darnall). Seems a waste of money to me. I don't think there are any changes to the 52, but I'm not looking forward to the snow season as you will get loads of people who don't usually use a bus, totally confused!!
  13. Is it rented or Council, as you can ask them as Landlords? There could 1000s different reasons. Is something leaking? Are you drying clothes in the house? Have you got good enough ventilation?
  14. On the Sheffield Markets website it says the Sheffield Transport Sports Club car boot is on Monday. Anyone know if this is still going ahead? ---------- Post added 30-08-2015 at 10:42 ---------- Just had it confirmed it's cancelled due to low numbers
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