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  1. There was a phrase, which I didn't use deliberately, because some people consider it to be a perjorative term and can cause "offence". The word I used, has never been, as far as I am aware, an "offensive" term. In fact there's a shop in Sheffield somewhere called "Pak foods" or something like that.
  2. TBH I get your point, but there was a great deal bad in those days. Pak bashing, gays being treated as subhuman, outright racialism, domestic violence was dismissed often. Even child abuse wasn't taken that seriously.
  3. I was thinking more from the point of view of the exchequer. Sort of along the lines of the thread. About tax avoidance/evasion. The two have the same net effect. My avoidance is legal. Evasion is not.
  4. Question. Is Penistone's activity buying illegal cigarettes worse than my tax avoidance? The effect to the treasury is the same. When I go to Europe I stock up on hundreds of cigarettes bring them home and rarely smoke UK fags. I go away on business (tax allowable) and whilst I'm at it, aggressively avoid revenue on fags.
  5. The real question,OP, is why do you take anything written in the Grauniad seriously? Or indeed anyone who reads it?
  6. I pass on the left regularly and safely. Being aware of the other driver and I even slow down to the legal speed limit rather than the unofficial one.
  7. This is a very good post. Sadly there are some who think sticking to the law makes them a good driver.
  8. Presumeably their shift was over, so they went home... Working time directive and all that nonsense.
  9. There are not even enough police to catch people driving 30 (count em, 30) miles the wrong way up the motorway FGS. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-37834668
  10. It has stopped people doing it though. Especially people in aging Ford Foci.
  11. How do the Dutch drive when they are driving German cars? Are they fine, right up until they buy a car from over the border?
  12. Come the revolution they'll be the first up against the wall when I'm dictator. Oh and those who can't be bothered to indicate but expect you to let them in.
  13. Do you think tax evasion is a new thing? ---------- Post added 31-10-2016 at 19:09 ---------- One of the least clever people in my social circle is a psychatric nurse. It doesnt take Einstein.
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