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  1. We are the second largest financial contributor , they need our money but the British people have had enough . The money spent weekly on crazy projects in EU countries should be used more wisely here in the UK . Maybe there wouldn't be any need for council tax increases if we kept more of our own money . The EU are beginning to show their true , nasty colours .
  2. Going Postal.net is well worth a look , like walking into a decent pub in the 1980s , swearing is compulsory !
  3. The site is going the same way as the Guardian for quite obvious reasons .
  4. As I understand , the Chatsworth Estate was in receipt of around £200,000 of EU CAP subsidies a couple of years ago .Does anyone know how "Brexit" will impact upon this beautiful part of our countryside?
  5. We cannot provide any reference to BB ( Breitbart) because this is a far right hate speech site . What a load of utter ******** , just lefties running scared of the truth ...
  6. Thought all mention of "BB" was verboten on this site ?
  7. Guido and Zero hedge have some good links regarding this story .
  8. Just thick as **** . losing the plot big style .
  9. For goodness sake, the only thing that's missing is the oversized school cap ! ---------- Post added 29-11-2016 at 23:08 ---------- For goodness sake, the only thing missing is this joker's oversized school cap .
  10. At least they have voted in a guy who is prepared to debate with the Russians rather than demonize them . If stability in Syria could be achieved by the extermination of ISIS ( easily done if there is a will to do so) then that would resolve the migrant problem...Except for those brutalised Albanians seeking asylum here.. War ...what war? Croyden deserves all it gets ?
  11. Well, they get about £970 a month after tax for doing as little or as much as they can be arsed to do. Not a bad little earner. Best gig is to get into the House of Lords ( like Playschool's Floella Benjamin) £300 quid a day just for plonking your area down on a red seat for a few hours..x ---------- Post added 04-11-2016 at 22:37 ---------- Arse I meant
  12. To be fair , I read the on-line Guardian with a peg on my nose and feel the need to go and have a shower after reading some of the articles . Know the enemy and all that!
  13. The Guardian does not approve of cultural appropriation. People can only write literature if they have direct experience . So someone who is not a whale should not have written Mobey Dick... and Lionel Shriver should not have written the book We Need To Talk About Kevin because she's never mothered a mass highschool shooter? Where does this nonsense end? A Muslim woman on channel 4 last night was speaking in favour of the Sharia court system here in the UK. She was not only wearing a big loud poppy headscarf but was also wearing a poppy . What part of cultural appropriation does she not understand?
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