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  1. Doris looses again...has he won anything yet? https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/19/world/europe/boris-johnson-brexit.html
  2. yeah, thanks for the links, but there was nothing in them that tells me the party is rife with antisemitism, just a few disgruntled people, if you were going to post some links, at least post some stuff that backs up your claim, even the last one doesnt mention any names, just things like "Two sources said the discussion was quickly “shut down" and "Some NEC members are worried" and " several NEC members ".....and on and on, some people, reports of people, our sources...and on and on ....its just lacking any facts.... so where are all the facts then? if the party is rife with antisemitism. then surely there must be pages of proof, i refer back to my post that only 0.08% have been ACCUSED of antisemitsm...hardly rife?
  3. EDIT.... i have had a look on the web about Ellman and her claims about anti semitism within the party, i can find a lot of hot air and bluster, but very little detail, even the BBC page doesnt show any detail, if the party was rife with antisemitism you would think there would be link after link of abusive comments, ithink she realised she was going to be out of a job and jumped before she was pushed, she was after all facing a triggor ballot. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-50077384
  4. as i stated, i dont think any money, donations or otherwise should come from foreign players, why should it? they will always want something in return, nothing is ever free. Without a doubt friends of Israel are funding people to certainly discredit the party, not sure about lies, but they are certainly over egging the pudding, making things appear worse than they actually are. I have not read what Ellman claims, and i have no idea if it has been verified? do you know if it has been verified? Serious question, Do you realise there is a power struggle withing the party? its a fight beteween the left and right, and the right are doing eerything to make the party unelectable, i strongly believe that they would rather have a tory government than a Corbyn led labour one. You only have to look at the farce over getting left MP,s kicked out of the party, the Ken Livingstone ambush by the friend of israel John Mann, which was perfectly stage managed for the cameras, he was ranting and swearing at livingstone calling him a ****ing anti semite, and did you follow the story? the charge was later dropped because they couldnt nail him with the title Antisemite, they had no evidence, it was all fake news..so he was charged with bringing the party into disrepute instead, they forced him out by another way, but John Mann was never charged with his rant and swearing though.. its the same with Chris Williamson at present, its all a set up. As i have said many times, you will get the odd person with hate and prejudices, but to say the party is rife with antisemitism is wrong, why have the tories not seen and hatred from the media about failing to hold an inquiry into islamaphobia? why have i never seen you yourself condemne the Tories over their failure to act?
  5. I dont know if Ellman is funded by the "friends of Israel" group, but a lot of the labour party members who accuse Corbyn of antisemitism are indeed funded by that group, Watson, Hodge etc, perhaps Ellman is one of them as well, but i have not seem her name mentioned. Do i think she is lying, i believe she is over egging the pudding, you will get the odd stupid comment from a fruit loop, you will get that in any party, but where is her evidence to say that antisemitism in rife in the party, the figures dont add up, where is the evidence?
  6. and just so that i am clear, Do you think i applaud or support the horrors of the holocaust because of my comments? And whats your views on Ellman leaving the party days before re selection is triggered?
  7. Of course i believe that, and indeed they are funding some labour party members, why is a foreign power funding labour MP's? no foreign power should fund any MP, and that goes for all the parties in parliament, and its obvious what the motives are, Corbyn is pro Palestinian, the last thing they need is a pro Palestinian UK government, do you fail to see that? isnt it a bit obvious? And whats your views on Ellman leaving the party days before re selection is triggered? if she was as popular as she thought she would face down her accusers, she would get re selected if people were happy with her performance, but she is running scared like a coward.. as for your innuendos, you are linking my comments to the horrors of world war 2, thats pretty low even by your standards, do you think i applaud or support the horrors of the holocaust? The problem is people like you that do a disservice to the antisemitism cause, claiming there is a party rife with antisemitism when there is no such thing, if you cant see that this is just power struggle within the labour party then i am lost for words, you have been duped by the blairites and their friends in the media Do you not understand how percentages work? its totally relevant, its obvious if a party has far higher numbers than a small party, then the chances are they will have far more fruit loops in the party than another party, its quite easy when you think about it... whilst you mention the Tory party, why have they not investigated the accusations of islamaphobia within the party?
  8. Perhaps it may be even the fact that she was facing reselection and decided to jump ship, the coward wasn't happy to face her accusers and put her credibility on the line, she couldn't have been very confident of her popularity, and before you start bleating on about her being bullied out, its democracy in action, unless you think people should have a job for life... Oh and what sentiments are those? Please don't hide behind inuendoes, nail your colours to the mast old chap..
  9. the numbers dont stack up, 0.0% ACCUSED..!!!! That not even 1%...and in a party that is supposed to be rife with antisemitism? Dont fall for all the hysteria is she another thats on the Friends of Israel payroll?
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