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  1. wow, the VILE tory party really are the nasty party... Allegations have arisen on Twitter that senior Tories tried to persuade the alleged victim to drop her case against a Conservative MP, with promises of good jobs if she signs a non-disclosure agreement/accepts a small settlement. https://voxpoliticalonline.com/2020/08/04/is-it-true-that-senior-tories-tried-to-bully-alleged-rape-victim-into-dropping-her-case/
  2. I am not defending anti-Semitism in any way shape or form, do you fancy answering the question I posed you?
  3. Criticism of Israel does not make anyone antisemitic, as much as you would like to be true... So have you changed your mind on whether 300 to 400,000 socialist supporters are antisemitc, or do you still believe that?
  4. I'm sorry Tony, but you dont practice what you preach, as i pointed out a few posts back you stated...... " I hope we'll agree that the Corbyn acolytes are pretty high up on the antisemitism scale"..... Isnt that all against what you are preaching? you say that we should treat people as individuals, how is that treating people as individuals when you have lumped a group of say around 300, to 400, 000 socialists who you refer to as Corbyn Acolytes?? That is not treating people as individuals, you have classed the whole bunch as Antisemites... personally i dont give a monkeys about religion, i dont care in the least whether someone is C of E, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, or Jedism, i really dont, it matters not to me, and i have no hate to any of those groups of people, i take each person as i find them, but i am guessing that you lumping a group of people together like you did dont hold those views, I dont have a problem with religion but i do have a problem with a foreign state trying to influence our democracy, a foreign state not a religion...i really admire your passion Tony on what you are trying to do, i really do, but i feel you are quite misguided.
  5. I do think it's rather off to be told by a moderator to not make this political, and then as you say they allow a political post from the the very first opening post, moderator?
  6. OH the irony, you mention...... " I don't want this thread to become political but in passing I hope we'll agree that the Corbyn acolytes are pretty high up on the antisemitism scale" and then proceed to say....... "Just treat people as individuals instead of groups". you yourself Tony do treat people as groups , unfortunately you cant see it..?????
  7. People have been attacked on way to school for decades, it happened when I was a kid, i don't ever recall anyone being Jewish or any other specific religion
  8. This is a good read for the people without a closed mind.. https://labourheartlands.com/sir-keir-starmer-gives-a-grovelling-apology-and-a-bung-to-those-that-worked-hardest-to-harm-the-labour-party/ Sir Keir Starmer has made an ‘unreserved’ apology for suggesting that ‘whistleblowers’ involved in last year’s widely-criticised Panorama programme were not reliable, the apology comes after legal advice stated that the party had a strong defence. The former Director of Public Prosecutions ignored the legal advice and made a political (personal) decision to make the apology and fork out members money with over a six-figure payout to the so-called whistleblowers. “We unreservedly withdraw all allegations of bad faith, malice and lying. We would like to apologise unreservedly for the distress, embarrassment and hurt caused by their publication.” The apology comes after the Party’s lawyers said they were confident of winning the case brought against them, but Sir Keir Starmer was determined to issue the apology and agree a settlement said to be in six figures with the former staff. These are the same Labour staffers who actively worked to remove thousands of Left-wing Labour Party members by creating a program to trawl social media accounts looking for keywords to use in suspending and excluding members from the party. These are the same staffers that need to answer questions in their role and involvement relating to the inquiry being conducted by Martin Forde, an enquiry addressing the internal report that has uncovered of evidence racism, sexism, factionalism and obstruction of Labour’s 2017 General Election campaign. ................................ As i stated previously, when starmer has already issued an apology on the parties behalf, (ignoring the parties legal advice) it is near certain that Corbyn will lose at court, this has been deliberately planned to not just throw Corbyn under the bus, but to try and totally wipe out the left within the party, this is all part of starmers neoliberal plan be a safe pair of hands for the establishment... Incidentally, i threw it out there to all the people stating Corbyn was an antisemite, lets see some evidence? forgive me if i missed it, but i dont recall seeing any actual evidence from anyone.. So i ask again, if you think Corbyn is an antisemite, lets so what you got...? i'll throw this in as my proof against.. https://www.jewishvoiceforlabour.org.uk/article/fifty-times-jeremy-corbyn-stood-with-jewish-people/ A list of fifty occasions on which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn stood with Jewish people in the UK and other countries has been published by his supporters
  9. When starmer has already gone against the legal advice that he was given, and offered an appolgy to them, then I fail to see how Corbyn can win, as Corbyn has already stated, it was a political decision not a legal one, starmer is doing his best to crush the left and by his actions he is doing just that..
  10. Probably not, he doesn't really have the establishment on his side does he..
  11. What aboutry at its finest... But I didn't quote the mirror, I was responding to someone quoting the fail, I don't care for newspapers to be honest, they all have their own agenda,
  12. Where is your evidence that Corbyn is antisemitic? The fact that he shared one silly meme or something? and where is your evidence that all the crowd funders are also antisemites? Lots of generalisation there ..
  13. yeah the Daily Fail, the shining beacon of hope and faith................. that once supported fascism...
  14. A crowdfund to support the legal expense of Corbyn is already reportedly to have passed over £200,000 ....i dont think the BBC have mentioned it though... https://skwawkbox.org/2020/07/24/corbyn-fundraiser-passes-200000-within-48-hours-and-some-of-the-comments-and-donor-names-are-a-must-see/
  15. But didnt Doris promis us that the NHS was protected? i'm sure he said that when Corbyn waved the leaked documents about, i wonder if he could have been lying to us? where are the forums tory faithful to tell us it must have been a mistake?
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