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  1. No...thats thanks to the people who voted Tory...Don't blame Corbyn
  2. he doesnt have to lie, his policies are sound, but he is far too polite to stick the boot into Doris, he could have made it personal and scored some real goals, but he doesnt have that nature in him, he is far too polite to make it personal, which makes him appear weak
  3. do you think it would have been different if the Tories were in power at the time?
  4. are you forgetting there was a world recession, or are you blaming that on labour as well?
  5. I think you are right, but someone at a food bank voting tory..Wow, just wow
  6. Yeah, i believe its a massive miscalculation on Corbyns part, this is the one issue i dont agree with, we have had a vote, we dont need another one, he should go along with the vote and damn the consequences, but unfortunately we will end up with another five years of Doris, and who knows what damage he will do, the country will be in a right old mess, the NHS will be gone, there will be more people dying on the streets, the rich will get richer and the poor will be poorer. and what about workers rights?
  7. But they are giving the facts, its not an opinion, its irrelevant from what source where the facts come from
  8. it tells you they were never in the right party
  9. Nick Robinson accuses the BBC of anti-Corbyn bias https://www.thecanary.co/uk/2015/11/20/nick-robinson-accuses-bbc-anti-corbyn-bias/
  10. We were bankrupt after the second world war and still built the NHS on borrowed money,
  11. Well, I beg to disagree, I talk to people who vehemently dislike Corbyn, and when asked why dont have a clue, but pressed they usually say something like he's racist against jews or is a traitor...people are easily fooled,we have had nine years of tory government, and they have all but destroyed the county, and the working class are going to vote for more of the same? Yeah, more nonsense from the media, looks like they suckered you in tho..
  12. Which is not surprising having been constantly fed anti Corbyn propaganda
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