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  1. well, thats putting a spin on it, you spun it more than a washing machine
  2. Jeremy Corbyn gets damages over fake photo, good for him... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-59391582
  3. Oh my Lord ....Starmer is a total embarrassment, hes squirming as he is confronted about a second job. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1518590/Keir-Starmer-squirming-confrontation-second-job-sleaze-row-Labour-party-Tory-Sky-news-vn Jeremy Corbyn advised Sir Keir Starmer not to take a lucrative second job while he was Brexit Secretary in Mr Corbyn's shadow cabinet. Claims that the current Labour leader has denied. someone is lying and my money would be on Starmer... https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/matt-frei/jeremy-corbyn-second-job-ban-made-clear-to-keir-starmer/?fbclid=IwAR38HCMX98-yGaBmsFgHUizGXYBhRb6mwZAU7in5ZkRL8338AzsuNrJzY2w
  4. what utter tosh, Corbyn gave the people who stabbed him in the back positions in the cabinet....where is your evidence to back up that absurd claim?
  5. Starmer backs down on another of his pledges... Keir Starmer has refused to commit to his leadership election pledge to abolish the House of Lords. Asked on Sunday whether he stood by the promise made in 2019, the Labour leader would only say the institution “needs change”. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/keir-starmer-house-of-lords-b1953101.html
  6. probably because they are not left leaning....
  7. Gaurdian and independant i very much doubt....mirror perhaps... but when we actually had a left leaning labour leader they all put the boot in, go figure Morning star is the only left paper i know that is left
  8. It's not a million miles off ...
  9. Why should I answer any questions when my own questions have gone unanswered? Sorry but it doesn't work like that
  10. Still not answered my question I see? 😒
  11. i think it means tweets in total, several from the same people i assume
  12. so would you say those 832 tweets by labour MP's who tweeted about Israel makes them antisemites? the post also claims that 674 labour MP's tweeted about Yemen, so by your logic then they cant be antisemites because they have not specifically targeted one specific group....so what is it, are they antisemites or not, but either way, they are not antisemites because criticism of Israel isnt being racist, as much as you wish it to be true..
  13. oh eck.....here we go again lol You talk about facts, what are the facts, on the link it says 832 labour MP's tweeted about Israel...and you think that makes them antsemitic, and i dismiss it as nonsense and that makes me an antisemite, get outta here with ya rubbish, when has criticism of Israel ever been antisemitc? thats what people like you want to do, stifle any criticism of Israel..its not gonna happen Tony, you can name call as much as you like, but free speech will always prevail..
  14. Hahahaha, My work here is done, have a good evening fella
  15. You seem to have gone all quiet now crookesey... Ok, i will give it a last throw of the dice....its a pretty simple question, do you fancy a go at it? .......here we go again.. Because they lost 6 million people in the Holocaust it does not automatically give them any right to commit acts of genocide and break international law, or do you think it does? to coin your phrase...... I suggest that you climb back into your box.
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