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  1. Boris is doing a fantastic job, we now have the highest death toll in Europe...but don't worry, everything is getting ramped up..
  2. it seems lime the BOD are the actual ones in control of the party now, a bizare set up it has to be said
  3. It's a shame he didn't follow medical advice in the first place, you know the one where he was stupidly bragging about shaking hands with infected people..
  4. I think Oneson is correct, he is keeping his head down and letting others take the flak, the man has proved himself to be a coward before,
  5. The UK’s failure to participate in the EU’s procurement scheme for medical kit and ventilators was a “political decision”, according to the most senior civil servant at the Foreign Office. Downing Street had originally blamed a “communication problem” in March for the failure to sign up to the emergency scheme to help procure vital medical kit to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Appearing at the foreign affairs select committee, however, Sir Simon McDonald, the permanent under secretary at the Foreign Office, said ministers had been briefed by the UK’s mission to the EU. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coronavirus-uk-eu-medical-equipment-ventilators-boris-johnson-brexit-latest-a9476811.html?fbclid=IwAR0SrYTxXEKptDA--kFzGr9JxklvESq8-a_ISZOxRh-kmznd77u7nys48EY
  6. I bet it's going to be a beautiful conversation, one of the greatest beautiful conversations in history
  7. does anyone know if Boris has made an appearance yet?
  8. So...why does starmer not say "lets publish this report and lets see the evidence".....why has the report been stopped from being made public, what have they got to hide if there isnt any actual evidence?
  9. so you dont think these alleged quotes are backed up with evidence then? you think they have all been plucked out of thin air? why would someone do that if they knew they would be asked for the evidence?
  10. the allegations of which you refer are backed up with evidence of emails and whatsapp group chats by the perpetrators, if anyone wants a copy of the report i will kindly try and send one by email if i am privately messaged
  11. I very much doubt that, i think history will be kind to him, he has been proven to have been right on many many things which went against public opinion, He was against apartheid when most other countries and leaders were cool with it, ....he was right wasnt he?.....he was against wars in the middle East and stated that it would lead to the deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent people, he was right wasnt he? He was seeking peace with the IRA even though people called him a traitor, ...he will be proved right in the end given time, He will also be proved to have been one of the best MP's to have never become a PM, i believe the history books will be kind to him..
  12. You couldnt make it up. Piers Morgan has now become the leader of the opposition... Piers Morgan rages as care minister ‘laughs’ throughout interview on 4000 coronavirus care home deaths https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/15/piers-morgan-rages-care-minister-laughs-chat-coronavirus-care-home-crisis-4000-dead-12558475/
  13. Probably yes... what genuine alternative is there for some kind of change? Not that I honestly believe starmer will offer that.
  14. sorry i didnt realise i was asked that question..... here, this is just a small cip of the report... https://www.counterfire.org/articles/analysis/21098-labour-s-explosive-report-shows-how-right-wing-officials-sabotaged-the-party Abusive language, sexism and paranoia Many people have reacted to the report by observing that they already knew how vicious and hostile some elements of the party apparatus had been, but it is still shocking to discover exactly what they said among themselves. There are literally scores of references to ‘Trots’ among the quoted evidence in the report. It is evidently an obsession to the point of paranoia: anyone even slightly to the left of Ed Miliband is characterised this way. At one point there is even the audacious characterisation of ‘most of the PLP’ as ‘Trots’. It is revealing, too, that even such moderate figures as Miliband, Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan are on the receiving end of derogatory comments, so fanatical is their centrism. Seumas Milne, director of communications, is referred to as a “nutter” (not the only time that word is used) and a “total mentalist”. Emily Oldknow is among those who mock black MP Dawn Butler for raising the issue of racism in the party. There is discussion of ‘hanging and burning’ Corbyn, while those MPs who nominated him should be ‘taken out and shot’. And, apparently, ‘death by fire is too kind for LOTO’. In February 2017 there is an exchange about Diane Abbott, Labour’s best-known black female politician. One claims that Abbott has ‘been found crying in the loos’ and another suggests they tip off Michael Crick, the Channel 4 journalist, about Abbott’s whereabouts. On another occasion Abbott is described as ‘a very angry woman’ with another official adding that she is ‘truly repulsive’. Left-wing women are particularly likely to have deeply unpleasant language used about them. A discussion about Katy Clark, Corbyn’s political secretary, includes Oldknow writing ‘**** off pube head’. On another occasion, Oldknow calls Clark a ‘smelly cow’ and seems aggrieved that she had ‘the exact same clothes on yesterday’. Oldknow’s preoccupation with judging women negatively on their appearance is a recurring theme. Of Laura Murray, a young party worker, she wrote: ‘You’d think with all that money she could afford to buy a jacket and a bra’. She also castigates Karie Murphy from LOTO as ‘fat’. Murphy is the subject of another exchange, involving several people, during which she is referred to as ‘a ****wit’, ‘Crazy woman’, ‘crazy snake head lady’, ‘Bitch face cow’, ‘a good dartboard’ and ‘Medusa Monster’. I have the full report and i am working my way through it...
  15. Corbyn is a loser? He is far from perfect , and not a natural leader, but is heart is in the right place, and he has done more good and helped more people in his lifetime than you probably could ever have hoped to achieve, prey tell us what great achievement you have done to make the world a better place?
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