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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-51505547 Labour leadership: Emily Thornberry eliminated from race...not as if she was actually in it though
  2. Thats fair enough Tom...... but i havent answered a question with a question, you DIDNT ask me a question, if you are struggling to answer, then just admit you dont have an answer, dont make excuses. at least fight your corner you said in post 10041..... "Maybe it shows that they have principles. And that if those principles are betrayed by their party, they will look elsewhere. Nothing to do with democracy, everything to do with morality"....... nope, i dont see a question there, do you? so then i replied.... "what principles would they be? and what principles would be betrayed?"..... i didnt answer a question with a question, you made a statement which i found quiet bizarre, i just wondered how you came to that conclusion, but never mind...
  3. i see you dodged all the questions i threw at you Tom....?? kier will get my full support, if he turns out to be a socialist as a lot of his supporters says, then that will be great, but i have my doubts.....
  4. what principles would they be? and what principles would be betrayed? the blairite labour mp's really are quite laughable, they say vote for starmer, he will unite the party, but then they say if RLB wins then we will leave, and you are on here defending that... I think they really should realise that the membership are the party, not the themselves, they are only there representing the membership, thats why i support mandatory reselection, putting the power back into the hands of the membership, not the hands of the MP's, in any other job if they were not supported by the people they work for they would be out on their arse
  5. It just shows you how bad some of the labour MP's are, I suppose they don't believe in democracy unless their boy wins
  6. okay Tom, we are going nowhere here, i have asked you several times now to explain what you are talking about, i am not going to waste anymore time here,, i shall bid you goodnight, have a nice weekend
  7. hahahaha.....nothing to offer then Tom,? i'll ask you again, please explain to me what i am getting wrong, please explain in detail why you should not be classed as an entryist as i believe you have classed momentum members as entryists?
  8. please explain it to me Tom, i am finding it hard to understand what you are talking about regarding the definition of entryism? lets put some meat on the bone, why should you not actually be classes as an entryist as you classed people from the left as entryists? come on, explain it to me? what am i getting wrong?
  9. but we only have your word on that dont we? you have admitted that you want to join the party just to change the direction of where its members have decided it should be, so in my opinion you should be labelled an entryist, of course PROGRESS have infiltrated the party, in the same way that you are claiming momentum to have infiltrated the party, i guess the irony is lost on you eh? In 2012, Progress was at the centre of the debate over the direction of the Labour Party under Ed Miliband, after a widely circulated anonymous report called for Labour's national executive to "determine the organisational nature of Progress, and whether or not this form of organisation is acceptable inside the Labour Party. Just one last point i would like to make is, you claim you are not a member of progress, so you should not be labelled an entryist, thats a fair enough point, but the labour party has increased its membership from 250, 000 to over 500,000, and all the extra members have been labelled entryists, even the momentum have only 40,000 members, you see the point that i am trying to make? you say you dont have to be a member of an organisation to be an entryist, but by your standards they do???? i guess the irony is lost on you eh?
  10. But you are indeed..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progress_(organisation) Progress is a political organisation associated with the British Labour Party, founded in 1996 to support the New Labour leadership of Tony Blair. and it also states........... Progress was founded in 1996[7] by Paul Richards, Liam Byrne and Derek Draper, the former aide to Peter Mandelson, as an organisation to maintain a dialogue with Labour's new leadership under Tony Blair. It has organised many events and conferences, and hosted several important speeches by senior party figures. Its annual conference has become a staple of the political calendar with many cabinet ministers and other leading politicians attending. your move sir....... it also goes on to say.....Criticism of Progress had concentrated on the generous funding that Progress had secured from external donors,
  11. yeah yeah yeah....we know all that, the labour party is now a socialist party. it is no longer a centrist party, it is now a left leaning party (whether you like that or not) as i said people like you who have now joined the labour party, could rightly be labelled as entryists as you are trying to infiltrate the party and take it in the direction opposite to which it currently is.....jeeez, its not that hard
  12. Entryism (or entrism[2]) is a tactic in which the members of an organised group conspire to secretly join a larger organisation en masse, with the intention of changing the targeted organisation's policies or actions.[3] https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Entryism its not solely limited to persuasions of the left leaning....just saying
  13. Go to the top of the class Col... thanks for that pearl of wisdom
  14. erm, where have i made any inclination that i have a problem with that? i certainly have no problem at all with that, one man one vote, thats democracy at its finest, he is not my cup of tea, but if the members decide to choose him then thats up to the members,i would think it a crazy decision, but hey.. but were you not calling people entryist when they were from the left?????
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