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  1. ok, let me throw it back over to you. what qualities does Borris have that you would say "yeah the man will do what is right and not what other people want"?
  2. oh i wouldnt say that, it took them long enough to get rid of "weak and wobbly"
  3. His personality is of the type that he will do anything or say anything to gain favour, he has no moral compass, he will say one thing one day, then completely change his mind the next, then deny he even said it, the man is a liar a cheat and a serial adulterer, this all gives me reason to think if Trump says to Borris "you have to do this" then Borris being Borris will do anything to gain favour...
  4. Erm.....how can i give you evidence of something that hasnt actually happened yet?
  5. Thats very very strange, why would you abort a mission like that at the very last minute? i think it is a reflection of what a lunatic the americans have as their leader
  6. your having a laugh. if trump says jump, be pretty damn sure Borris will jump
  7. he is nothing but a weasel, he talks about morals and values but doesnt hold any
  8. well if it was too clear it may show you Navy Seals in action
  9. I cant understand how as a society people can sit back and let things like this happen, in my fathers day i dont think anyone would have not given it a second thought about intervening, now everyone is quite happy to turn away and ignore it, it just shows you what a mess our society has become, we have lost our moral compass i would probably think they will never feel the same again, like people who get burgled, they never feel safe in their house again
  10. Thanks Mr Fisk, i dont usually do buses, but if i did i wouldnt have had a clue about personal safety and where to sit...isn't it pretty bad when you have to think about where to sit on a bus?...the poor women should have been given some help from the community, someone should have stepped up to the plate...
  11. thats pretty much true, but i am old school, i would step in and take the consequences,
  12. sadly i am afraid, the society that we live, its everyone for themselves, i dont think you would get many people intervening in a circumstance such as this, we seem to have the "I'm all right jack" attitude, we need a more caring and back to basic attitude
  13. perhaps the voters thought all this antisemitism stuff is nonsense, or are they antisemitic as well voting for an antisemite (scratches head)
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