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  1. Whilst not wanting to drag this into a Corbyn thread, it does seem pretty obvious that the one person who tried to drag us away from the same old same old, the one that actually tried to change things for the better was vilified by everyone, including his own side. Great post Anna
  2. Whats really funny about it? Brilliant news..
  3. Tom, you cant cherry pic the best bits unfortunately,
  4. no not at all, where have i stated that? i have stated that the Blairites have never given Corbyn a chance, and if they wasnt prepared to give Corbyn a chance and continually undermine the party they should leave to form their own party (like a few of them tried) Talking about unity, it appears starmer has no intention of uniting the party, which was one of his pledges that he has now broken
  5. I think you will find that you are incorrect... This discrimination lawyer thinks the party may not have only broken the rules but may have actually broken the law, i think he may know a little more than you Tom... https://novaramedia.com/2020/11/26/im-a-discrimination-lawyer-the-labour-party-has-probably-broken-the-law-by-removing-the-whip-from-jeremy-corbyn/
  6. The Labour Party membership card states that it is a “Democratic Socialist Party” Which is very different to “a Socialist Party”. Please explain what the difference is.....? does Starmer not believe in Democracy? Corbyn was democratically elected, and Starmer was part of the coup, ?????..... yup, that is because Starmer went against the NEC and overruled them, which is against the parties own rules....he makes it up as he goes along
  7. i am still clinging to a better a fairer society for everyone, not just the 1%, call me old fashioned if you like....
  8. you asked what i would like him to do, i told you...
  9. Firstly i would like him to unite the party, you remember that was one of his pledges?? thats what got him elected, by promising to unite the party?? He turned out to be a liar....but hey, he wears a smart suit and it fools most people
  10. Capitalise? Starmer seems to back him up on everything, ok he whines every now and then, but doesnt seem to do a deal
  11. hmmmm, that's quite odd, i am sure that it used to say it was on my membership card
  12. to be honest, i wouldn't call myself a "Big Labour man", as you sarcastically labelled me, i wouldn't even call myself a Labour man.....i would call myself a socialist foremost, if the labour party go down the socialist route then that is great by me
  13. I dont trust him as far as i could throw him, to back up that claim was his commitment to unite the party, and he has clearly gone against that pledge, why should he be trusted on any other pledge, ?
  14. the man had the policies, there was no other reason that, i know he was flawed, but his policies were all that mattered, some people seem to be swayed by a flash suit and the gift of the gab....and dont really mind too much about the policies, i was half hoping that someone would take up the mantle after Corbyn, but sadly we now have starmer
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