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  1. And the Israelis have also stated they want the Palestinians wiped off the map... please keep an open mind, this is far from one sided,
  2. Are you serious? Your knowledge is very limited.. Israel has hundreds of Palestinian hostages, some have never been tried or charged with crimes, but they prefer to call them prisoners...but they are little more than hostages.
  3. It's not a case of bigging up anymore, it's merely giving you the facts.. Israel is also nothing more than a rogue terrorist state..
  4. wrong.... Iran is no longer the push over it used to be, levelling Israel is well within its capabilities..
  5. and as such, Iran will be fully justified in levelling Israel... there will be no winners from this conflict, only losers..
  6. If we were serious about stopping Israel going to war with Iran, and were also serious about stopping them committing genocide, We could just simply stop supplying them with weapons ..
  7. This is an excellent explanation of how Iran targeted Israel but deliberately avoided any deaths.
  8. So...the USA are supplying the terrorist IDF with weapons and training to commit genocide, and now they are fooling you by saying they are going to give aid to the people that are on the receiving end of the weapons and training that they supply.... for gods sake give your heads a wobble folks.... Ive got a radical idea, lets just stop giving them weapons in the first place 😡
  9. So the vile barbarous Israeli animals have done it again... murdering poor women and children while seeking aid again...and yet again the world will watch and do nothing while genocide is being committed... and you people who defend these animals should hang your heads in shame.. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/liveblog/2024/3/3/israels-war-on-gaza-live-every-minute-counts-as-hunger-kills-in-gaza
  10. This might seem like a radical idea to some...... But why doesn't the US just stop giving them weapons and training to blow the innocents to bits? the US are trying to pretend that they really care, whereas they really just dont give a monkeys
  11. Because the US are not bothered, they are making a fortune selling them the weapons...lets be honest here, if the US really wanted this to stop, then it would over within days
  12. Just when you thought the terrorist IDF couldnt stoop any lower, they have reached a new low.. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/2/29/dozens-killed-injured-by-israeli-fire-in-gaza-while-collecting-food-aid
  13. that wasnt the question, the question was do you believe genocide is being committed?
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