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  1. mandatory mandatory reselection has to be the way forward, let the members decide
  2. well there you have it Mell, you dont have a solution ....
  3. well, what alternative is there,? the members have decided which direction we should move in, thats the end of the matter, the members call the shots not the MP's... what is your answer to the problem then Mell?
  4. They should unite behind a socialist banner because thats what the party members want, the MP's are not the party, the members are the party, and they have chosen overwhelmingly to go down the socialist rout, they should fall into line like the left of the party did under Blair, not try and destroy the party from within..... I will repeat it once again because its what i strongly believe....they would rather have a Tory government than a labour one, thats all you need to know about them
  5. but this is the point i am trying to make, time and time again i bang on about it, time and time again i repeat it, the Blairite faction of the party would rather see labour get thrashed at the ballot box and have another tory government than a Corbyn led one, they have done everything they can do...and still do, to undermine corbyn, they literally are tory lite in the labour party, and they should have no place in the party, can you imagine if they had thought "oh well, we are not going to take the party back to the right, lets just go along with Corbyn the silly old fool and try and help him"...can you imagine how much better they had done with a united front
  6. nope, i am not saying that at all
  7. But what is actually the point in winning if you don't improve the lot of the working class, yeah minimum wage was a positive but I am struggling with much else..always thought it looked bad when he cosied up to Murdock
  8. Eliminating Blairites? If they are deselected then thats democracy in action im afraid..besides they are getting what they did to the left in years gone by, they actively targeted the socialists in the party to get them out
  9. He was forced out by the Blairites, he did the honourable thing and put the party before himself, it would have dragged on forever, what about the others that I mentioned that were charged with antisemitism and licked out for reasons other than antisemitism, of course its a witch hunt. Who has been proved a liar? You referring to me?
  10. If you want to call it that..
  11. Livingstone accused of antisemitism, but kicked out of the party on different reasons, Walker accused of antisemitism but kicked out of the party on different reasons, Williams accused of antisemitism but kicked out on different reasons...do you see a trend here?
  12. i know perfectly well what you are referring to about Corbyn, but it isnt bad news, you see you have only picked up on the headlines and not looked at the substance, but dont worry, the media were targeting the likes of you, if you can be bothered reading beyond the headlines it merely highlights the fact that Corbyn was indeed tackling antisemitism and raising his concerns that the blairite Iain Mackenzie McNicol was not doing his job....how can it be bad news for Corbyn?
  13. what bad news would that be, ?
  14. Labour takes poll lead as Tory support plummets by nine points amid Brexit chaos.... https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/conservative-party/theresa-may/news/103166/labour-takes-poll-lead-tory oh happy days...
  15. Ken Livingstone gets a written apology from The Mail On Sunday for quoting antisemitic lies about him. http://www.labouragainstthewitchhunt.org/campaigns/exposedoutrageous-attempt-by-mail-on-sunday-to-smear-ken-livingstone/

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