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  1. Can you direct me to one link where Galloway shows any hatred to the Jewish people? or Hatton for that matter.. Of course you will find them stating their outrage on Israel breaking international law, but that is not the same is it? Its pretty much like me stating i hate the fact that American governments try to crush smaller nations that are of the socialist persuasion, but i dont hold any hatred of the American people
  2. Damn right, they are being re hashed, re packaged as something new, something refreshing and different, whilst most of the idiots i hear on the TV and radio dont even know that they stand for the same old same old, they are even registered in Panama or somewhere, if that doesnt tell you all you need to know then nothing will, that speaks volumes about how they are the same old same old, wait until we find out who is funding them? at least Corbyn has given us something different, for the life of my i can never get my head round a labour MP joining forces with a Tory MP, they are poles apart, well, they would be if they were true Labour, a true socialist labour, not a wishy washy tory/labour..
  3. That is all true TCH, that is when you know that the media in this country is 100% bias, as you say, its all there, all on film, but they dont want to talk about it...and if it was Corbyn it would be played on a loop for the rest of Corbyn's life
  4. George Galloway wades into the antisemitism argument on Sky TV, and in typical Galloway fashion gives it to them straight, he was saying he had not been invited onto Sky for years, i guess they will not be having him back for a while more...
  5. but that is probably down to them flying under a labour banner, not probably because of who they are... in response i would say i am more happy that they have left than if they had stayed, so that somewhat disputes what you are saying.. and as i said, i would prefer one or two more to go as well..then we will have a team that is fighting the tories not themselves
  6. Yeah, apparently its over this tweet... “Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel!” which seems fair enough to me, but i suppose it is now deemed as antisemitic, along with any other criticism of Israel, This is what all the antisemitism nonsense in the labour party is all about, stifling any criticism of Israel..
  7. Labour shuts down campaign tools after Independent Group MP accesses data https://labourlist.org/2019/02/labour-shuts-down-campaign-tools-after-independent-group-mp-accesses-data/?fbclid=IwAR0rBP-EGvT01_K4oKaVvLQCPeVAFUsTfFzcWT1q56nCGHxN2pDTKx9LHFI
  8. you vote for the best option available to you...a tory lite is still better than a tory..............................just
  9. I am not sure if I get your point, but If you think I was happy having people like her in the party that just sowed division, then not at all, we need a few more to go as well, then we can all continue as a united force to fight the tories..no enemy within
  10. Yeah, sorry about that, I did try to find another link but couldn't find one,
  11. Anna Soubry announces she has left the Conservatives - and criticises the "infiltration" of right-wing activists into the party. https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/
  12. no i vote labour because of socialist principles, as far as i am aware socialist principles dont apply in the tory party...perhaps labour/dems, or tory/dems....not labour/tory it proves to me that they were never in the right party.... i cant wait to find out who is funding them, its a shame they have a tax fiddle Panama account,
  13. this tells you all you need to know about the ex labour MP's if they are able to align themselves with ex Tories, us socialists always said they were in the wrong party
  14. Me too, but the jury is still out even amongst the professionals.. Even lip readers can't agree on whether Jeremy Corbyn called Theresa May a 'stupid woman' https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/even-lip-readers-cant-agree-13755026 why should he cough for something he didnt do? I hope its Jess Philips
  15. I suppose it just depends how you want to interpret his lip movements, it can be viewed either way...in my opinion it looked like people, innocent till proven guilty as they say

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