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  1. Thanks ttparsons, i will have a look at that, hopefully the seller should be able to tell me most of this before any purchase gets to the solicitor
  2. Hiya everyone, i am thinking about buying a flat just for the purpose of renting out, but i notice they are all nearly leasehold, would it deter people when i eventually sell it on in a few years time? i am probably going to keep it for two or three years
  3. But when we look at the depressing state of the current government, one has to ask oneself if they were not fooled by the media driven anti Corbyn hate campaign and what are their thoughts on the current shoddy state of affairs, Corbyn would have done a far better job...but anyway, this is the Tory thread, pleas keep it on track..if you want to spout your anti Corbyn message do it on the labour party thread.. As above
  4. sorry i forgot the link... this was the link https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/jeremy-corbyn-state-drug-company-labour-medicine-cheap-conference-a9118851.html
  5. So why did you just ask me a question if you dont want to talk about labour? in this article it says "The use of compulsory licensing would allow the NHS to gain access to generic versions of expensive drugs soon after a Labour government came to power, but the establishment of a state-funded generic drug manufacturer would not come until the end of the party's first five-year term in office." It also goes on to say "Aides later said that the policy would deliver savings to the NHS by reducing the bill for drugs like Orkambi, which a Labour source said was priced at £104,000 a year per patient."......it would mean huge savings for the NHS, whats not to like?? ok, i will refrain from any more posts about Labour, lets concentrate on this shambles of a government
  6. A people's Bank? He wanted to produce our own medicines instead of paying big pharma companies huge mark ups, I'm pretty sure he would have made multi national companies start to pay the tax they owe
  7. in the video...he said the left offered the same old same old...that is quite untrue, Corbyn offered real change, thats why he scared the establishment, they didnt want real change, they wanted the same old same old.....thats why there was a campaign to remove him, and now he has gone we have Starmer....the same old same old....also in the video he talks about not communicating with people, that is exactly what Corbyn and the movement did, they spread the word, not talked down and ridiculed people, but communicated...
  8. nope, i cant agree with you, you are putting the blame onto the shoulders of the wrong people, everyone is accountable for their own actions, by that logic only intelligent people above a certain IQ should be allowed to vote,
  9. i cant agree with that....the clowns that vote for a clown are the ones to blame, if a thief robs a bank do you blame the police or the thief?
  10. why what is the lesson? and who needs it?
  11. its a shame but it seems to be fuelling fascism, and i dont find it funny
  12. There is only one rightful owner, the one that won the election fair and square, but much to the shame of this country, this corrupt Tory government and their cohorts in America want to install their own puppet government,
  13. I thought they had already given the gold to the UK and the USA puppet, it seems like it is still being held for some reason.
  14. It doesn't matter whether we recognise their democratically elected leader or not, the majority of the world does incidentally, it was not our gold to distribute to whomever we liked..
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