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  1. i wouldnt be happy seeing a white man paraded like that either, surely it must go against the police forces own code of conduct, surely it must say something about treating prisoners with respect? and that treatment falls far short of that
  2. And it didn't look good because it mimicked slavery.. which proves my point perfectly
  3. You draw the line when it mimics slavery, you can throw in as much whataboutery as you like, but you still cant alter the fact that the police acknowledged it was wrong and apologised
  4. Because it is totally irrelevant to what we are talking about.. Can you explain how you find a black man being led by a horse with a rope funny?
  5. Because we are not talking about the holocaust or the Indians are we, Chuckle? Then you have seriously something wrong..
  6. To be honest, even if it was a white man it doesn't look good, what a derogatory way to arrest someone, don't you look at it and feel it isn't right? And this from the county that sees itself as the worlds policemen
  7. I agree, equal treatment for everyone that does not mimic slavery, when it mimics slavery it has to be stopped, as in this case they acknowledged that and apologised for it
  8. When people stop getting racially abused then I will agree with you.
  9. Probably yes, but it has more serious connotations with it being a black man..
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