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  1. i am really sorry Ash that it was taken out of context ..., it was a tongue in cheek comment, that i BEGRUDGINGLY wished him well......but not too quickly, i am sorry if you missed my humour, (of which i am not very good) but no malice was intended, my apologies if i offended you
  2. Good post Anna, yeah there are many factories up and down the country bullying their employees to work in unsafe conditions, i work in a factory myself implementing the two meter rule, it doesnt work and is a complete farce, incidentally, i got an email from Stenna Line the ferry company, telling me that if i had booked with them then the ferry was operating as normal, and they were implementing A ONE METER safe space...what the hell? so we are still filling ferries cramped with people and ask people to keep one meter apart, but we cant allow people to walk on the hills in the peak District miles from anywhere with a dog???
  3. thanks Tinfoil, i very much appreciate your input, non of us at work have a clue what the situation is, also our employment is non essential, and we cant understand why the company has not been shut down, companies up and down the country have people coming and going spreading the virus around
  4. Right, sorry guys for jumping in on this thread, and throwing it off track, my sincere apologies, but can anyone explain what the current situation is with regards to Boris and the comment about getting 80% of your wages compensated, is that only applicable when your site of employment has been ordered to close by the government, or is it still applicable if your employer chooses to close down the place of employment due to safety worries? ....where i work we are still working as normal for a week, then after that the company are closing down the site for two weeks and forcing everyone to use their holidays for that period. after that we have no idea what the plans are.. By the way, as much as i hate Doris, i wish him a full recovery............. a slow one though
  5. They are not supposed to be shut, it isn't a lock down
  6. I didn't actually mean those you mentioned, I was referring to factories etc, take my own place of work which is engineering, fully expecting to be sent home today, only to be told that it's production as normal, when pointing out that we are not essential workers it was met with bluster, and this is a factory with over 70 staff, and they prefer to put profits before people's health,
  7. I think the mistake that we have made is not having a TOTAL lockdown, that is the only way to stop it, how can it be right that people still go to work and mix with other people?
  8. As much as you want it to be true, it didn't cause the financial crash.
  9. I was told by someone today who works in the NHS, that they are only allowed to use protective equipment when dealing with people who have been confirmed with covid19, when dealing with people who have not been diagnosed with covid19 then they are not allowed to use it.
  10. one thing that does make me wonder, when labour were in power and there was a worldwide financial crash, then it was all blamed on labours management of the economy, when the next financial crash comes which is just around the corner, i wonder if it will be blamed on the tories or Covid 19?
  11. but i think we could see from what was happening in Italy a few weeks ago to know that the option of letting it run its course was not the right way to deal with it, we knew that weeks ago
  12. wasn't he advocating to just let it run its course about a week ago?
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