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  1. No point for us expatriates either. Why offer a prize that can only be spent in Sheffield? Lots of members like myself still look in regularly to keep in touch with our home city news. I ain’t spending 50 quid in diesel driving 200 miles from Wales to spend a voucher worth...£50.
  2. I'm so excited, I'm so excited... The Christmas logo competition is going to revive the forum to what it was in the good old days. Brilliant mews.
  3. Tuesday night...Sheffield and District Billiards League. I played for Hillsborough WMC. I still have a few trophies in a box somewhere up in the loft. I remember Eric Ball from ( was it Pitsmoor Cons ). A real gentleman. What was the name of the brilliant player...from, if I remember correctly, Dial House Club. He was highly handicapped and often made large breaks. He was a joy to watch. Teams in the league I remember.... Hillsborough WMC Firth Park Darnall Cons Lane Top St. Stephens Handsworth Stocksbridge What others?
  4. There used to be a separate thread about Firth Park Grammar School but sadly I can't find it. Have the moderators combined the two..despite it being two different schools?
  5. "So if a Londoner only spoke to them they would get the wrong impression of Sheffielders as a whole. In my experience I have found visiting Southerners at bus stops won't smile or pass the time of day with you because they think you are going to knife them, or are anutter. (Because of the experience they have of the atmosphere in London and the South) They just don't get that Yorkshire people think it rude not to talk in that situation" What a load of tosh. I often read folks on here saying what a friendly place Sheffield is, and how folks talk to each other at bus stops, etc. In my experience ( 60 years of living there) it doesn't happen. I'd go as far as to say making eye contact rarely happened Unless you Knew that person.
  6. Aberfan . Seeing the reconstruction recently on "The Crown" on Netflix brought back the memories. I remember my mum sobbing and hugging me as a youngster.
  7. I just clicked the link and read it. surprised the page even opened. The star website used to just refuse to open properly. Maybe the star have finally got their act together regarding on line reading. Re. Page Hall...it seems nothing has changed since I abandoned the city for a better life.
  8. Slipping on ice can happen anywhere. Your main problem will be the buses not running after you got down the hill.
  9. I did the same thing on my test. Immediately thought I'd failed.....but passed.
  10. I'm no expert but that is my belief also. Family is always asked for permission. I can only assume that if family can't be traced then transplantation wouldn't be an option.
  11. This week is national organ transplant awareness week. The aim being to encourage discussion about organ transplantation.The law in England is due to change next year to "Assumed Consent". Wales already has this in law.To clarify, this means you are deemed to have given consent unless you opt out.However it does NOT give automatic permission for your organs to be taken for transplant after your death. It simply means the carrying of a donor card is redundant.Your family will ALWAYS have the final say. Hence the need for promotion weeks like this.Please, if you wish to donate your organs after death, have the discussion with your family. Make them aware of your wishes.I was lucky enough to receive a much needed kidney last year because a complete stranger had the discussion with family.Many others are still waiting.
  12. Janus, As I understand things the family always have the last say in any decision both now and in the future. Being on the donation register is not comparable to a will. A will is a legal document, whereas being on the donation register is purely a statement of your wishes. That is why it is so important to have a discussion with family so as they are aware of your wishes.
  13. Let's be clear about this.. The new law does NOT transfer ownership of your body parts to the state. The intention is to alleviate the need for people to register and carry a donar card. The family of the deceased always has the final say. In your scenario (family can't be contacted) then transplant would not happen.
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