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  1. The guy is a tosser…end of. If he genuinely intended to give blood to help save someone’s life he would have just ticked the box ,yes. I guess he’s just enjoying the publicity he’s created. My late wife received a number of blood transfusions thanks to many blood donors. Me….I’m still alive and kicking thanks to the family who followed the wishes of a family member willing to donate their organs after death, I have a new kidney and my life moves on. To the unknown family I’m forever grateful. Please…talk to your family. We will all die one day. Let then know your wishes after death
  2. Many years ago I was a paperboy delivering newspapers for the Cheethams. The area has changed so much since then, but having just looked on Google maps I’m pretty sure the paper shop is now the red rose chip shop. Hope someone can confirm this for you. In answer to (post #17) ..I guess that would be Paul Cheetham…..He is a member on here but not sure how often he visits.
  3. And where would you be whilst watching her living in this lap of luxury? That would be all the places she couldn’t go then! Down the pub with friends? Game of snooker? Local café? Local supermarket? Just a normal walk in a normal street?….. She spent her life in a controlled environment. Meetinng folks…..heads of states she possibly dint give a f##k about. Dinner dates with (again) folks she was expected to… No , tha’s wrong. She promised a life of duty..and she’s given it. And yes …I’ll celebrate and give thanks for her commitment. Hoping she’s a few years yet.
  4. Apparently ( I read on Facebook) there’s a ten week delay on processing them once submitted. Then ..huge queues at airports. I’m staying put for a few months. Hope all works out for you.
  5. Your argument fails at your second sentence. ”is there another city in England” The survey was in the uk..that’s all the dissolved nations.. Just to clarify..I lived in Sheffield for 60 years…and yes loved the easy access to countryside. Consider Cardiff/ Newport in Wales…my new residence. A half hour drive to the Brecon Beacons. The countryside and views beats anything In Derbyshire. Oh…just to add…we do have a coast on the doorstep. I’m sure that those saying how good life in Sheffield is …..and I was guilty of the charge, haven’t experienced life elsewhere. Ten years now since I left Sheffield. Still enjoying life.
  6. Opening the curtain in the morning is a good indication too.
  7. Perhaps you should rephrase that? Did pensioners pay National Insurance? Yes…I paid for 50 years…and expect a decent payback.
  8. Enough is enough! It would take a “development team” as you call it just minutes to remove the bottom ad. IT’S INTRUSIVE. I’m gone! There’s other forums where the members views are listened to.
  9. Six days? Yes…six days..and no response from Admin. Stop the overexposure of adverts. It ain’t doings you any favours.
  10. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Sheffield forum. It lost it ways many years ago with over moderation. That was the owners fault….he lost interest and left it to moderators to run. Then came the the new owners with promises….new moderators. That’s gone well….. It’s just continuous adverts…distracting…and dam right intrusive.
  11. And your point is? The op has agreed the cafe in question was before ladybower. I have fond memories of cycling as a child with my father. We cycled every Sunday from Hillsborough up the rivelin valley, past ladybower, and on to Castleton and back. The cafe was a welcome break after the uphill climb from the junction of Rivelin valley road and Manchester road. I new it as “Swingley” (probably a name invented by Dad) when I needed encouragement to get up the hill.
  12. I’m also pleased to see the old posters again. Back in the day I could spend an hour or two browsing the site most evenings , and enjoying the banter. I’ve now left Sheffield but still look in. What used to be an hour or more visit sadly became five minutes at the most. Here’s to a better future.
  13. A very interesting video. Thank you. As a young lad some sixty years ago I remember visiting with my dad. We were looking for great grandmothers grave as I remember. I’m not sure if it was his great grandmother or my great great grandmother ...so the date of burial I’ve no dea. Please remember I was just a young lad, but have this memory of a creepy place. It was overgrown back then. Such a shame that’s it been left abandoned for so many years.
  14. I feel for your brother. It’s devastating to return home and find you have been burgled. It happened to me just after my wife died. We lived in the Firth Park area then. On the plus side (for me anyway) it gave me the incentive to upsticks after sixty years and leave the city to be nearer family. I hope your brother is ok and gets the support he needs.
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