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  1. Yes ,some corridors are a bit bare and there may not be any receptionists there depending what you are going for and the time .
  2. Did all that no joy ..He put in a formal complaint and he had 3 phone calls within the day .They actually owed him money . They need to get their act together. If this letter had been sent to an elderly person without family or knowledge of the internet it would have been very worrying for them . How could they have got it so wrong ,he’d never missed a payment yet letter stated he’d lost his right to monthly payment and had to pay in full by the Friday or court action would be taken. As I said he’d actually over paid and they owed him money .
  3. He’s already done that while still paying the full amount . As I said they are claiming he owes them money . He has proof he has carried on paying . They are demanding money by Friday or they will take court action. How the devil can anyone sort problems out if they don’t answer the phone or emails .Working full time while doing so .Hes spent a total of 14 hrs on hold 😤
  4. My son has been trying to contact the council for weeks as he split with his girlfriend and now lives alone . He’s wanting to get the payment reduced to person living alone . He has carried on paying the full amount . Today he’s received a demand for £700 threatening court action. He’s tried every number possible even contacting the complains department and they have said they don’t gave any other number . Does anyone know where you can go in person to sort it out . Is it Howden house ? If he goes in person will they be able to sort it there and then ? Emails haven’t worked either . Thanks in advance .
  5. It would have given another route so would have eased the congestion slightly .
  6. Garlic ...it’s a natural antibiotic and expectorant . Drink with homemade lemon and honey .
  7. Watch out for the satellite speed cameras . They are very strict in both Germany and Switzerland . Stick rigidly ,as you should in any country ,to the speed limit or a speeding fine will be popping through your letter box .
  8. Does anyone know if this is a long term thing or just for today ?
  9. Thank you better not go out in the car then .
  10. Is the home match still going ahead today ? I can’t find anything on the website .
  11. You can book tuition appointments at the Apple store .
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