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  1. It would have given another route so would have eased the congestion slightly .
  2. Garlic ...it’s a natural antibiotic and expectorant . Drink with homemade lemon and honey .
  3. Watch out for the satellite speed cameras . They are very strict in both Germany and Switzerland . Stick rigidly ,as you should in any country ,to the speed limit or a speeding fine will be popping through your letter box .
  4. Does anyone know if this is a long term thing or just for today ?
  5. Thank you better not go out in the car then .
  6. Is the home match still going ahead today ? I can’t find anything on the website .
  7. You can book tuition appointments at the Apple store .
  8. Looks like some people will be staying at Meadowhall ,police have said it’s not safe to leave .
  9. Shalesmoor total nightmare ,Penistone road flooded in normal places near the park . Too many drivers blocking junctions causing more problems than there need be
  10. Well maybe if public transport ran better more people would use it . The debacle that was the repairs to the tram tracks in the summer is a prime example .
  11. Then carry on having a city who’s pollution levels are way way above acceptable levels . Every single new road plan that has been implemented over the past few years has been absurd . Im trying to keep my cool here because it’s a subject that infuriates me .
  12. Not far off distance wise . I’m old so you’ll have to allow me a couple of metres .😊
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