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  1. This, a real gentleman by all accounts.
  2. What a sad "go to" comment, is that the best that you can do .
  3. Fantastic actor, loved him in 3 Days of the Condor with Robert Redford, Cliff Robertson and Faye Dunaway.
  4. 🤣🤣 Summat Mulhern I think.
  5. He is no more irritating than the rest of the crop, Willoughby, Schofield and that kid who does tricks, they have the tv by the balls, like some mafia that are wheeled out on just about every crappy show.
  6. The mechanical parts can be very complicated, I hope you can sort it out, I loved my Sony portables and separate mini discs components, they were great quality.
  7. Called into Asda earlier and all the hand washes were gone, some proper numpties about.
  8. Minidisc was and still is my favourite media but it died horrible death, good luck finding someone to sort it out, if parts need replacing you could be in trouble.
  9. Load of rubbish, I'd rather catch coronavirus
  10. The Professionals The Sweeney Starsky & Hutch Minder Miami Vice Rockford Files Van der Valk
  11. There will be a few twitchy ringpieces in the boxing world now they have seen Fury can punch, he was never known as a big hitter but something has definitely changed.
  12. Cracking win by Fury, thats what happens when a one trick pony gets in the ring with a well prepared, well sorted fighter.
  13. Still say Wilder is one of the worst fighters out there, a true one trick pony, unfortunately that one trick is a pretty good un.
  14. Not really a footie fan but there is no doubting this fellas character, a true life hero.
  15. Maybe you can't see the woods for the trees.
  16. Are you just trying to wind people up on this thread ?
  17. Very sad indeed, 40, still a young un.
  18. Its odd how the ammunition of choice to use against the not so well off is the mobile phone, is that really the only straw they can clutch at.
  19. Don't buy out of date food.
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