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  1. The environment is the most important agenda at the moment and policy on this is set at the UN and WEF level. We are plugged into this weather we like it or not so what this means is policy in country on housing, food and energy has to tie in and be compatible with this internationalist climate agenda.
  2. No I didn't, I searched "American inventors" and that's what comes up.
  3. Google is a woke joke. Look at what you get when you type "American inventors" into it's image search. https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=682fb458cb082d73&sxsrf=ACQVn0-8vbrOgC09F7WnTN45D4hYjWUoGQ:1708680621531&q=american+inventors&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwijgOyrk8GEAxX4-AIHHUrpCOwQ0pQJegQIDBAB&biw=1366&bih=641&dpr=1
  4. Remember that strange "grim reaper" in the background during the coronation that went viral and caused a bit of a stir? just saying.
  5. To all you virtue signallers (you know who you are) that decried as racist anyone that had reservations about the proliferation of alien cultures into our country, I ask what degree of culpability do you have for the situation we currently face in this country now of teachers and MP's living in fear of Muslim mobs and also the industrial scale of abuse of vulnerable white girls.
  6. Incorporate the Sheffield Wednesday football ground into the festival.
  7. Bill Gates and Al Gore are busted flushes now surely??
  8. A good sideways look needs to had with that Hacky Lad, he seems to have a weird agenda on this topic. hmmm.
  9. Ok, to be clear, he died in his cell while awaiting trial for sex-trafficking charges.
  10. You forget one small detail...the man at the centre of it all was convicted for human sex trafficking. Ghislaine Maxwell too. You know what...👎
  11. You're revealing something quite unsavoury about yourself with this attitude and take on this situation. What is your agenda? 🤔 Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted sex offender/trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell is also behind bars but as of yet none of their clients have been arrested/charged!! Do really think that there is "nothing to see here" regarding this list? come on! In all seriousness I don't really think you're a dodgy character I just think that you are so blinded by your opposition to what you perceive as alt-right MAGA types (who are the main ones calling for the release of this list) that you are willing to suspend all logic and common sense just to oppose them for the sake of it.
  12. When will people get it into their heads, NOTHING is free.
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