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  1. Part of the reason for privatization of these was because the soviet union could have used their useful idiots to cause mass strikes and hold us all to ransom.
  2. The cold hard truth is that a lot of people just do not manage their finances properly and live beyond their means. I've learned this myself in the past the hard way.
  3. I've always thought that the high-end art market is some sort of money laundering racket. As for food banks and the "cost of living crisis" for the rest of us, learn to budget and live within your means.
  4. I'd genuinely love to know exactly what it is that voters in Sheffield imagine the Labour council will do for them. I suspect that many of them are so thick they don't compute a distinction between local and national elections. I'll bet many of them shuffled along to the polling station going "lets get Boris ahht, lets get Boris ahht!"
  5. Labour people living in the past?? surely not 🙄😆
  6. Yes, voting for the Greens will cause Neil Parish to un-watch that porn. 🙄 It's about time minimum IQ levels were introduced before people are allowed to vote.
  7. I heard that when David Blunkett became council leader in the eighties he had a picture of HMS Sheffield removed.
  8. WW3 my ass. Russia can't even overcome Ukraine.
  9. There is a lot of truth in this. Labour haven't been a credible "government in waiting" now for a very long time. The wrong Milliband got the job all that time ago.
  10. I'm quite interested in learning more about Sheffield's industrial past, particularly the Attercliffe area, but it seems a quite huge daunting topic and hard to know where to even start. Does anyone know of an introductory, Sheffield-industrial-history-for dummies resource, perhaps a website or a book? Thanks in advance.
  11. People who think workplace+women=harmony must have lead a sheltered life.
  12. A reason needs to be found to ruin and get rid of Caroline Nokes.
  13. The MP that dobbed Neil Parish in ought to be ashamed of themselves. Publicly shaming him in this way was unnecessary.
  14. It would be delicious if kier starmer and/or Angela Reynar were given fines after all their bluster. 😄
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