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  1. Can't tear yourself away from Homes Under The Hammer eh? It will corrode your soul. 😉
  2. Switch off your television right now. You'll be amazed at what an instantaneous calming effect it has and clarity of mind it brings, and after a while you will feel like being more productive.
  3. The private healthcare sector is as efficient as it is because relatively few people (in comparison to how many millions of people pass through the NHS) use it.
  4. This is being done very deliberately to frustrate you into buying private health insurance.
  5. This thread has gone way off course. Come back Nikki Red, all is forgiven 😆
  6. I think that you may have got the wrong end of the stick too. It's not a love and relationships video/thread... well it could be I suppose, if that's what you want, but the video/thread isn't specifically about that; it's about using the power of your mind and the energy frequencies within you to attract the things you want into your life.
  7. I don't know what you mean by "relationship expert." I think you've got the wrong end of the stick.
  8. Absolutely it needs clarity and action as well. Ask the universe what you want, so to speak... think about and focus on it - a lot, and eventually it will present you with potential opportunities to get what you want, but it requires action from you to make it happen. You have to play the hand you are dealt. There have been times in my life where I have put this in to action and it worked; I didn't realise at the time that that is what I was doing but looking back, what I wanted came about as a result of my visualisation of a specific thing, and playing my cards right with the opportunities that presented themselves to me as, what I believe, was a direct result of the visualisation.
  9. How ignorant can you get?! His story is well documented, he went from making 4000 a year in dead end jobs to 10000 a year by starting his own floor cleaning business. As for being a Youtuber, that's just a contemporary platform to use, for decades he did, and still does, seminars in front of audiences.
  10. LOL. Just the other day I freely admitted on here that I've used this forum on and off under different usernames since 2005.
  11. ......................................... In our house Andy Murray is Scottish when he loses and British when he wins.
  12. He simply got away with things that others didn't. He was looked after on here.
  13. I remember Halibut himself claiming that he got banned a few times, and I'm sure he did, in his early days on the forum, but I sparred with Halibut for a good 6 or so years, and not once did I ever notice his avatar picture missing, which was a sign that you were on a ban. The guy became untouchable under last regime.
  14. I absolutely believe that your life and experiences are a direct reflection of your inner state of being, which is essentially what he is saying.
  15. I've noticed that Halibut has cleared off now that the forum is under new ownership and the protection he enjoyed has gone.
  16. This explains an awful lot and is a worrying development. American powers-that-be (not most regular Americans) treat healthcare as a privilege rather than a right.
  17. Isn't Britain PAYING France 50 million quid towards getting a grip on the migrant crisis?!
  18. I've been using this forum on and off since about 2005. I've been banned a few times, never "legitimately" though, I never posted anything that broke forum rules it's just that the forum was so cliquey that all you had to do was upset the wrong person and you were gone. I can't remember the disposable emails I set up to create my previous accounts, nor the passwords, so I created a new username and account. I don't mind telling you this and I don't particularly care what happens because you see, there is more to life than this.
  19. You must have known a s you were typing that out that those things are not only illegal but immoral.
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