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  1. "Meet The Richardsons" is so funny and underrated
  2. Just heard on the news that Roy Hudd has died aged 83. He was probably the last of the music hall era of comedians who also wrote endless material for other comics. RIP Roy.
  3. This will divide opinions but I've been busting a gut watching Vic and Bob's Big Night out (back on BBC 2). My wife hates it but I love it cause it's just 2 ageing blokes just acting stupid for half an hour.
  4. There's one on the main street at Wentworth, now being used as a defib station.
  5. I've watched all 3 episodes this weekend on the iplayer. Ep 1& 2 great stuff but Ep 3 was total pants with a poor ending!!!
  6. I hate it when people are indicating to turn right but don't move over to the middle of the road and just stop in the middle of the lane or even to the left.
  7. It could be possible that if the Funeral Director is dealing with a lot of "customers" and it may not be possible to have all the deceased laid out to be observed at all times, it all depends on how many chapel of rests they have. They would therefore have viewings/paying respect at certain times.
  8. The helicopter cannot land until all the necessary staff are in place to receive it. They also have to have an critical incident crew in place in case the helicopter malfunctions and crash lands. It's not as simple as just approaching and landing.
  9. It's not only kids that do it, I've seen plenty of adults both male and female who can't leave their phone alone. On a similar theme I attend fitness classes at SIV (mainly Concord) and I see women checking their phones/updating facebook etc in between tracks. The class is only 45 Minutes long and they can't leave it alone.
  10. Like others have said, it started really good but seems to have lost its way a little bit. I love it when they say things like "I'm leaving for London on Monday, I should be there by Thursday afternoon". Makes you realise how slow life was in those days when you can now get to Australia in 24 hours. That would have really blown their minds!!
  11. I was followed on the bottom tier of the Tinsley Viaduct (the single lane southbound section) by a company van whos driver was constantly on his phone and hardly looking ahead. I've got front and rear cameras on my car so I downloaded the footage and emailed it to the company concerned. I got an email back saying that the driver had been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing for breaking company policy. At first I felt quite bad that this guy might lose his job, but then I thought "why worry" he shouldn't have been doing it.
  12. The BBC obviously didn't think that Jo Brands comment was offensive, the programme is prerecorded and edited to fit into the timeslot. The editors must have thought it was OK to leave in.
  13. We spent many happy hours down on Hartley Brook. Making dens, cardboard slide in the summer (nicking the cardboard boxes from Oldfields ice cream factory), damming up the brook to make a big pond to wade in. Then the council installed an adventure playground with access just off Hartley Brook Avenue with massive stainless steel slide from the top area to the bottom level. Good days indeed.
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