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  1. Are other people having problems with VM email at the moment? Thanks
  2. Yes, I will do that. but last time I tried, my usual garage were not answering the phone. My qestion was really about what will happen if people are unable to get a test.
  3. My car is due its MOT very soon. If lots of garages are closing and it becomes hard to find anyone who can do the test, has anyone heard if the govt intends to extend existing certificates to prevent people driving illegally? Thanks
  4. Thanks - so with OneDrive I'd need to invite everyone to see the document - I can't just drop files there and everyone can see them? If so, then I think you're probably right that I need to look at Sharepoint instead.
  5. My emplyer use Office 365 wihc includes OneDrive. Can OneDrive be used to share docuements accross the whole organiation? At the moment, if I put a document n OneDrive, I can see it from any device, but other uses on our network can't see them. Thanks.
  6. Thanks - I think parts are available online - I just don't know which parts are needed!
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a Sony minidisc machine repaired? There is a fault in the mechanism that loads and ejects the discs and there is a disc stuck in it. Thanks
  8. I'm trying to help a friend set up her Lumix camera so she can upload pictures to her FB account. I think you are supposed to register with the Lumicx Club and should then be able to link that membership with your FB account. However, on the Lumix Club page I don't see a means to link to FB (there are links to Twitter, Flcikr and other social media sites, but not FB. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks
  9. I've got a large quantity of used audio cassettes I no longer need. Are theses conceivably of any use to anyone? I did give a large box to http://www.sheffieldtalkingnews.org.uk/ years ago, but i'm pretty sure they don't use them now. Most have been recroded on only once, and are a decent brand (mostly TDK) - any ideas?
  10. Thanks for this. I couldn’t restart the phone as it didn’t have enough power, but I did clean out the lightening port and after a while the phone did charge. Seems ok now.
  11. I have an iPhone 6S which isn;t; charging up. Wen it connected to the charger, it shows the charging icon (is not the icon that tells you to connect a charger) but it has been showing this for an hour. The battery was replaced at the Apple Store only a year ago and has been fine until today. Any ideas what is wrong?
  12. Hi I am trying to add my partner's gmail account to Outlook 2010 on her PC. I've gone though File > Email accounts > new and entered her gmail address and password. Outlook attempts to connect to the account via an encrypted and then an unencrypted connection, but fails with both. I'm certain I have got the email address and password correct (because I can login via the web) . I've also tried configuring server settings manually using : https://www.bing.com/search?q=gmail+pop3+settings&form=EDGHPT&qs=LS&cvid=160166e3212f48a6b6128bbdceb7d674&refig=db940077012942b5a6b3350269a42f0f&cc=GB&setlang=en-GB&plvar=0&PC=HCTS Still no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Thasnks for this. I realise my question was a bit too simplistic - there is a lot more to it than just the chip speed in GHz. But I'd be itneersted in hearing from anyone who has actuallygot an Air and can compare it with a much older Mac Pro.
  14. I am thinking of replacing my 10 or 11 year old Macbook Pro with a new Mac Air. The Air's processor is a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5; my old Macbook Pro has a 2.53 GHz Intel "Core 2 Duo" processor. In practice, what sort of performance improvement can I expect from a new machine?
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