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  1. I've downloaded the Office 365 applciations onto my Mac and have a month's free trial after which I need to buy a subscrition. If I buy a Home subscription, will my partner be also able to use that even though she uses a Windows PC. (I'm talking us about us both using desktop applciations, not the online versions). Thanks
  2. I asked the question because very occasionally at my place of work, we need to make a 'work' phone number from a personal phone and it is quite legitimate to want to withhold the number in such a case.
  3. Hi - ive used QB for years - can anyone tell me how the online version compares? Any downside to moving to the online service? Thanks
  4. So using settings to withhold the number will usually work; but what about call-by-call withholding of the number?
  5. My phone is an iPhone, but I'd like to know for other phones too. Is it not a phone network issue rather than specific to particular handsets?
  6. Is it possible to make calls anonymously from a mobile on a call by call basis, rather than just turning off number display in settings? A webpage I found suggested dialing 141 before the pone number (as you would on a landline) but this doesn't work for me. Thanks
  7. I have come across a system which won't accept name@talktalk.net as a valid email address. Does anyone know if it is valid or should there be a co.uk or .com at the end? Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone, my VM service is now telling me the game will be broadcast, for free.
  9. Thanks for your help. DO you think I'll be able to record it on my V6 box in the normal way?
  10. My partner wants to watch the Champions League final next weekend. We get our TV through Virginmeda and don't subscribe to the sports package, nor do we want to as we would rarely use it. Is there any way to receive the match by pay per view or (better still!) free. The other complication is that she wants to record the match and watch it a few hours after broadcast! Thanks
  11. Found it - it’s stock cars (not bikes) at Owlerton.
  12. What is the motorbike event in S6 today please?
  13. A colleague has a Tiscali email address. He normally receives and sends email on his iPad but finds that when I email him, he doesn't receive the email. The message doesn't bounce back to me, and it's not in his spam box. I've suggested he tries looking at his email on the web but I don't know the URL he needs to go to - www.tiscali.co.uk doesn't work. I assume it is possible to access Tiscali email via a web portal? What URL would he need? Thanks
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