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  1. Has anyone been able to find out how long Leppings Lane is likely to be closed?
  2. Yes, it was almost as big as last night!
  3. There seemed to be a repeat of last night's display in the Niagara area tonight. Does anyone know what the event was?
  4. I’ll only charge them £50 for its return. Win-win!
  5. Thanks. I think the form tells you to cut off the corner which I presume invalidates it. The owner will then need to apply for a replacement which will take time and cost £75.50. So if I can get it back to the owner, this will be better - especially if he intends to use it imminently.
  6. We have tonight found a passport belonging to a 20-old male. in the street, If it belongs to you, or someone you know, please PM me. If the owner isn't found in the next couple of days, we'll return it to the Passport Office.
  7. Someone damaged my car bumper in a car park and didn't leave their details. Can anyone recommend a god car body shop in Sheffield 6? Thanks
  8. Can you use the cafe without paying to go into the farm?
  9. I need to group the date in an access report. The underlying data is from a query, rather than a table. When in design mode, I click to group the data and select the field to group by but Access gives me the error sign ( a little green arrow) which, if I click it, tells me there's a grouping error. However, when I click to view the report, it appears to be correct. What could the error message mean?
  10. We are looking for a new car. If we get one with sat nav, do we need to pay an annual fee to update the software? What sort of cost is this? Thanks
  11. I'm afraid this gives me me error message - missing opertaor/ (Also, you referred to Excel whereas I'm using Access - maybe it makes no diference though!)
  12. I have an Access database report in which there is a field with the control set to ="Total time spent: " & Sum([time spent]/60) & " hours" So if the value in the total time spent total is 90, then this field will return: Time time spent: 1.5 hours But if the total time spent is 80, then it returns: Time time spent: 1.3333333333 hours How can I limit the number of decimal places showing? (Also, I'm not too bothered by it showing decimal fractions of an hour, but it anyone can show me how to make it show hours and minutes instead, that would be even better!) Thanks
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