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  1. Grahamfff

    Motorcycle event today

    Found it - it’s stock cars (not bikes) at Owlerton.
  2. What is the motorbike event in S6 today please?
  3. Grahamfff

    Tiscali email address

    Thanks Mark
  4. Grahamfff

    Tiscali email address

    A colleague has a Tiscali email address. He normally receives and sends email on his iPad but finds that when I email him, he doesn't receive the email. The message doesn't bounce back to me, and it's not in his spam box. I've suggested he tries looking at his email on the web but I don't know the URL he needs to go to - www.tiscali.co.uk doesn't work. I assume it is possible to access Tiscali email via a web portal? What URL would he need? Thanks
  5. Is there some sort of bike event in Sheffield today?
  6. Is the pass one fully today? I believe it was closed due to an accident yesterday. Thanks
  7. A client of my charity has an email address that looks like this: 01142462396@talktalk.net (I've changed the numbers, but the email address is in this form). Possibly, the user had deliberately chosen that address, but is there any other reason it might be in that format? Does talktalk automatically give people email addresses like that? Thanks
  8. Grahamfff

    Question re Virgin Media V6 boxes

    Yes, I know it's in the contract, but I was thinking if I don't need the second box, I'd ask VM to remove it and so reduce the price of my package. But it appears that i do need 2 boxes after all.
  9. Grahamfff

    Question re Virgin Media V6 boxes

    So how do I set this up?
  10. In our house we have a V6 box in the living room downstairs and an additional box in the attic. The second box enables me to view cable TV but has no hard drive, so no recording, rewind etc. VM are offering to replae the second box with a V6 for free (though I understand some people are having difficulty getting VM to actually deliver on this offer!) My question is, do I really need a second box - can I run the downstairs and attic TVs off the same V6 box and do without the second one altogether. How woudl I do this? Thanks
  11. Grahamfff

    HD / DVD recorders

    I know Panasonic make a HDD / Blu-Ray recorder, but it is very expensive. So change of tack.... can something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Panasonic-Blu-Ray-Player-Recorder-Freeview-black/dp/B015341RTU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540671983&sr=8-1&keywords=Panasonic+DMR-PWT550EB ... record from my Virgin Media box, or only from its inbuilt Freeview tuner?
  12. Grahamfff

    Excel - remove duplicates

    OP here! Thanks for your help - I'll have a good look at this over the weekend!
  13. I have a spreadsheet which consists only of a column A with people's names in it. There are 18,355 rows. I have used Excel's remove 'duplicates' tool and get a message that 15,639 duplicates have been found and removed, and 2991 remain. But 15,639 + 2991 does not equal 18,355, the number I started with. Any idea why this could be? Thanks
  14. Grahamfff

    HD / DVD recorders

    Ha! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/technology/dvds-have-had-their-day-as-shoppers-go-skimpy-and-sustainable/ar-BBOL5Yn?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout
  15. Grahamfff

    HD / DVD recorders

    lots of TV's allow you to plug in a USB hard drive, and record directly to that now also... How do you do this? How do you control what is recorded?

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