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  1. mickey finn

    New Ventures in Hillsborough

    On the plus side at least 90p of that will probably make its way to a good cause.
  2. mickey finn

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Any of the childrens Harry Potter films.
  3. mickey finn

    who would last longer.... North vs South

    Agreed, in fact just one large bomb on the capital would send this country back to the dark ages, it would take many years to recover from it.
  4. mickey finn

    Increase in knife crime.

    And your posts says a lot about you.
  5. mickey finn

    who would last longer.... North vs South

    There would be little left round these parts, I can think of at least six big targets that are so close to Sheffield the blast areas would be overlapping, in fact many cities, Sheffield included, would be hit by more than one warhead, but as said earlier the further up north you go the better your short term chances are, ultimately though you can expect a severely shortened lifespan.
  6. mickey finn

    Bloody Sunday. This Might Be A Lively Topic.

    It could happen, maybe they were meant to miss.
  7. mickey finn

    Boris Johnson. Just vile

    He is a total joke.
  8. mickey finn

    Shamima Begum

    I wouldn't expect anything less from the vile Abbott.
  9. mickey finn

    Shamima Begum

    There is something really odd about the lass, when she talks and the body language she uses its almost like she doesnt really have a clue whats happening, how dire her situation is, she appears emotionally stunted, numb almost.
  10. mickey finn

    R.I.P Jan Michael Vincent

    He should have asked Caitlin to press the turbos. He had some tough times in real life, although to be fair he kept the Columbian economy propped up for many years, RIP.
  11. mickey finn

    Development at ski village

    Are you calling me a fly tipper little un ?
  12. mickey finn

    Development at ski village

    I walked the dog over there on Monday and you should have seen the crap they left, it made me feel ashamed to be human, mountains of utter vile crap all over the place.
  13. Wow, the sheer ignorance of you, are you a fully paid up member of the grey squirrel and Dutch Elm disease appreciation society.
  14. mickey finn

    Football Fans Parking Herries Road

    Anyone who parks on Herries Road on the run up next to Scraithewood must be mad, the high banks on one side and the woods on the other give excellent cover for anyone robbing cars, even when I was a kid it was a prime spot for it, also the steps up the bank give you a perfect getaway on to Adkins Road, every match day there is glass on the paths.
  15. Unfortunately Parakeets are on the invasive species list and will have to be monitored, they have the potential to be incredibly destructive to other species and to crops, both Ring necked Parakeets and Monk Parakeets are on the general license and can be shot, in fact the aim is to eradicate both species completely.

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