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  1. mickey finn

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    I think many of the complainers would notice the difference, and that on its own would shut most of them up.
  2. mickey finn

    "Mother" is no longer a gender specific term??

    I think Samuel L Jackson is going to have problems with this.
  3. mickey finn

    Too Old To Drive

    You didnt miss much, knocking nails into elderly drivers and using a dead womans wedding photos as the hammer, made a serious subject look cheap and nasty.
  4. mickey finn

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I would never let her back.
  5. mickey finn

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    He visited my sons school last week, charming and very engaging young fella, the kids also loved him.
  6. mickey finn

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    I really want to watch this but getting the time is almost impossible, Alita looks incredible, there is a video on Youtube that shows a split screen with the finished article on one side and the actual scene with the actress complete with black suit covered in dots and face covered with dots and a strange twin camera setup that points at her face, very interesting indeed.
  7. mickey finn

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    I lost faith in Bruce's films a while back watched his remake of Deathwish and liked it.
  8. mickey finn

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    I, Daniel Blake, total rubbish.
  9. mickey finn

    Bulls Eye

    My cousin and his mate were on Bullseye and said Jim Bowen told them when they lost that he would see them for a drink after the show, they did indeed see him after the show but said he was one of the most arrogant individuals they had ever met and talked to them like they were crap afterwards.
  10. Some of the comments people have posted on various facebook pages including the SY Police page have been incredibly cruel regarding her ethnicity, this is a young lass for crying out loud, hope she is found soon safe and well.
  11. mickey finn

    Jeremy Hardy dies at 57

    He was a very politically involved individual so on reflection I think you are correct, even though I didnt agree with a most of is politics I did find him very funny and very intelligent and only 57, I hate cancer.
  12. mickey finn

    Jeremy Hardy dies at 57

    Stop politicising someone's death please, anyhow RIP Mr Hardy
  13. Saw some just before Christmas day flying over Barnsley Road from the hospital grounds, about ten of them.
  14. mickey finn

    Deer ?

    I have seen Deer on Shirecliffe tip and Parkwood Springs, seen them crossing over the Five Arches bridge once, that was many years ago though, the only place I have seen them recently is on Mortimer Road at Bradfield but it is a bit hit and miss catching them.

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