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  1. In this case it is warranted, overpriced crap dressed up as Downton Abbey style British heritage.
  2. McCalls are one of the biggest targets for robbery.
  3. And ? You'll get little positivity on here, on here the mode is of the "stick in the mud" variety, its famous for it.
  4. I thought it was just me, it was very strange audio, still it was worth watching just for the Marlin 1895SBL lever action rifle in .45-70 that Jeremy Renner used.
  5. Sounds like a fantastic collectors piece,
  6. I have about 300 people on my friends list, I have never seen any narcissistic behaviour, no gas lighting and no flying monkeys, maybe you should review the people you allow to appear on your news feed.
  7. You are really funny 👍 agreed, they really are rubbish.
  8. Great post, you should write for a stand up comedian or a sitcom. My mother has just started using it at 76 and she loves it, she can keep in touch with all the family and see their photos, brilliant. Its not strict, its empty.
  9. Night Hunter, Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley and the gorgeous Alexandra Daddario, it was nowt special but nowt bad either, 6/10
  10. I love it, gentle funny viewing, also I agree it would be ruined by Vic Reeves or whatever his real name is making an appearance, he is just too absurd for words.
  11. Quite simply the most common sense post on this thread.
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