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  1. Night Hunter, Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley and the gorgeous Alexandra Daddario, it was nowt special but nowt bad either, 6/10
  2. I love it, gentle funny viewing, also I agree it would be ruined by Vic Reeves or whatever his real name is making an appearance, he is just too absurd for words.
  3. Quite simply the most common sense post on this thread.
  4. As a watch fan I gradually bought all the tools necessary to get into watches and links and stuff, although it cost a few quid over the years for the tools I have saved loads by being able to replace batteries in any of the watches me and the other half have, and on the subject of battery quality, almost all the poundland batteries I have used in watches have lasted years.
  5. With the amount of complaining you do I doubt you see the point in anything much.
  6. We are not talking about other countries Sherlock.
  7. Snowflakes will complain about anything and everything nowadays.
  8. Watched Avengers Endgame for the first time yesterday and noticed the lad that plays the lead in Brightburn is also in Avengers Endgame as a young Ant Man.
  9. A very strange flick indeed, Sean Harris is becoming the king of screen weirdos.
  10. I'd rank it as one of the worst films I've ever seen.
  11. Mile 22, ultra shouty Marky Mark Wahlberg, overacting John Malkovich and manly Y chromosome Ronda Rousey can do nothing to lift this poor mans Sicario out of the gutter....1/10
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