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  1. I think this rise is make believe, no doubt johnny foreigner will get the blame.
  2. I spoke to a couple of them ages ago and they said they were not travellers, that said the mess they were creating was just as bad, they were however very nice young lads to talk to and were pretty intelligent.
  3. He was probably saying "Billy Connoly, Billy Connoly, Billy Connoly, Billy Connoly, Billy Connoly, Billy Connoly" 🤮
  4. Me neither, and I'm a life long Conservative party voter.
  5. Its strange how some people have this romantic notion that the armed forces should have carte blanche to do what they want, nobody should be above the law, when they break the law they should be held accountable, just like anyone else.
  6. A good innings 97 but still sad, RIP Doris.
  7. Idiots, plain and simple, hope your pooch is ok.
  8. Every confrontation between a cat and a fox that I have seen has had the cat easily coming out on top.
  9. Never heard of it, anyhow back in the real world I watched one on the CCTV in the front garden about an hour ago, also seen the occasional badger on the front too.
  10. On the plus side at least 90p of that will probably make its way to a good cause.
  11. Any of the childrens Harry Potter films.
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