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  1. Not really a footie fan but there is no doubting this fellas character, a true life hero.
  2. Maybe you can't see the woods for the trees.
  3. Are you just trying to wind people up on this thread ?
  4. Very sad indeed, 40, still a young un.
  5. Its odd how the ammunition of choice to use against the not so well off is the mobile phone, is that really the only straw they can clutch at.
  6. Don't buy out of date food.
  7. I see them regularly flying from the woods between Longley Hall Road and Barnsley Road, the woods that go down to the Northern General hospital, not sure if its called Bagley Dyke.
  8. I never saw the posts but how anyone can anyone bicker about this, it is one of the most disturbing things I have ever watched, it left me equally as angry as it did sad.
  9. Mrs Browns boys is a about as funny as the coronavirus outbreak.
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