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  1. No matter how carefully and responsibly you have brought up your child, young children often make wrong decisions. Most of the time these wrong decisions don't matter too much and the child learns from it but sometimes a wrong decision can have catastrophic consequences. No matter how many times you may have warned a young child of dangers, when there are a few children together often fooling around etc that child may do something silly or dangerous which he/she would never do whilst alone. Anything can happen ....... and it does.
  2. Home made soup ( using the left over Chasseur sauce from yesterday ) for dinner. Steak, mushrooms, corn on the cob and a handful of chips for tea.
  3. Hi Pads, To be honest I can't really say how long the eggs take because I just guess the time and keep having a peep. Maybe a couple of minutes but it varies and also depends on the wattage of your microwave. They don't take long. I usually cook one or two but yes you can cook more. You'll soon get the hang of it.
  4. That's the way I do it and they are always perfect.
  5. I remember my mom telling me that as a child she used to walk from Horninglow Road Firth Park up to The Pheasant at Sheffield Lane Top to fetch her dad's ale and back again.
  6. If he's found guilty then he deserves whatever is coming to him. His victim and his family and friends have had their whole lives ruined ........ not just Christmas.
  7. The tap room was also known as ..... the dram shop.
  8. Hi Hauxwell. Yes I cooked the pork chops ( and the chips ) in my air fryer. The air fryer cooks meat beautifully. Yes you can do poached eggs in it but I always do mine in the microwave. Chicken Chasseur, mashed potato, carrots and peas.
  9. You beat me to it. The building site where the young lad was killed in Barnsley is just around the corner from my daughter's house. There are new houses there now and every time I drive past it sends shivers down my spine. I couldn't live in one of those houses.
  10. Not had a Sunday roast today. We've had pork chops, chips and peas then apple pie to finish.
  11. Had 2 lovely soft boiled eggs with brown bread for breakfast so no dinner for me. Home made mince beef and onion pie and mushy peas with mint sauce for tea.
  12. We've been out and had fish 'n chips this dinner time so no tea for me later. Hauxwell ....... Our air fryer isn't one of the expensive ones and I must say it's brilliant. I use it almost every day hardly using my main cooker oven at all.
  13. I Only Have Eyes For You ........... Art Garfunkel.
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