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  1. Pads, if you don't want to take up Rudd's very kind offer of a quick trim, I'll knit you a hat. Need to know how big your head is though.
  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! If I wasn't self isolating Pads, I'd be over there like a shot with a basin and sharp scissors. 不
  3. A total P*llock. Mind you I've always thought that of the Kinnocks.
  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! .......... Pads, you and me are so alike. 打 About a month ago I was trying to open a sealed box filled with cans of Coca Cola. I too pierced one of the cans with the scissors and .......... WHOOSH !!! 不
  5. I'm here Hope everybody is coping well, and keeping well too.
  6. Thank you Pads. I must say you've got excellent taste in reading matter. 不 Right then, it's shower time then knitty, knitty, knit, knit time......... Glug, Glug ... Hic !! I'm missing my boxing on TV, although we have been watching some old fights on You Tube which we can get on the TV. Byeeeeeeee xxx
  7. Aw Pads ........ you too. It's my little boys birthday tomorrow ........ he's 40 ! and although he only lives next door with his family, I won't be able to give him a hug and kiss. He'll still get his card and prezzy though.
  8. Where are you isolating Pads ........ Cloud Cuckoo Land ?
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