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  1. Wishing you ' All the Best ' from me too. 戊
  2. What really annoys me is that the BBC blatantly advertises products etc on all sorts of programmes. Once upon a time any product name would be blanked out .... not nowadays. An example was on the BBC news this morning ..... a woman climber was being interviewed and she wore a knitted hat advertising Red Bull ! You couldn't miss it, there was no other reason for her to wear a woolly hat in the studio other than to promote Red Bull. The BBC are total hypocrits.
  3. Welcome back to the real world again Rudds. Hope you've had a good rest.
  4. Good morning Are you still on holiday Rudds ?
  5. When children are at a certain age where they can go off out without an adult then I would say a mobile phone is an excellent safety back up. Younger children at primary and junior school are usually taken and picked up by an adult .................. Older children at senior school, I would think almost all of them have a mobile ( if they want one ) As far as I know pupils at senior schools all have lockers therefore it should be mandatory that all pupils put their phones in their lockers at the start of school and retrieved at the end of school. There should be no reason for the pupil to need their phone during lesson time. Pupils not abiding by the school rules should have the phone confiscated until the end of the school day and maybe get a detention. Older children can get into silly and sometimes serious predicaments so yes I would say ..... these days why shouldn't they have one, even if it's only for peace of mind.
  6. He usually goes on a fitness trip after Christmas and New Year including no alcohol. So I think he goes a bit quiet too. COME ON PADDERS ........... POP UP AND SHOW US ALL YOU'RE OK.
  7. Hope you're having a great time Rudds, relax and enjoy.
  8. Ooops ! I got my streets wrong with the police box ...... Doh ! 五 This is Forge Dam slide.
  9. That's too easy. Leopold St Police Box ............ and I don't live in Sheffield.
  10. Of course Tony Blair won't refuse a knighthood ....... Lady Muck his wife won't let him.
  11. VIRTUOUS ? Ha ! Ha! Ha! 不 不 不
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