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  1. American football players paint black strips on their faces to help prevent glare.
  2. Very sad news. An inspiration to us all. Condolences to her family and friends. R.I.P Deborah.
  3. Cressy, this is a three parter. First part was the one you watched last night. Second part is on tonight. Third part is on Tuesday night.
  4. Very sad news ........... R.I.P Harry.
  5. Mine were navy blue too. At a school in London as part of our PE lessons we had to run through the streets in our knickers and Aertex tops .... 😂 We all used to hate it and what made it worse was that we used to run right past my mom and dad's newsagents shop. I remember if my dad saw us he used to stand and laugh at us. 😂 😂 😂
  6. Ooooo ! that was good Pads ........ but it didn't last long. Quick ... another one to tickle my tastebuds before I go. One for you too. CHEERS !
  7. A large stiff one please Pads ............ double gin and bitter lemon.
  8. Is the bar open Pads ? If so please may I have a large gin and bitter lemon ( I've had a busy day ) and a drink for yourself.
  9. Pads ..... is your daughter still staying with you ? If so I think she ought to help you out behind the bar and let you mingle with your customers.
  10. I never went in there, although I had relatives living on Concord Road who did.
  11. Thanks Pads ....... one for yourself too ? Hi Thirsty ........ bottoms up. Nice evening to sit in the beer garden.
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