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  1. Aw ! thanks Pads. That red balloon reminds me of when my daughter was a toddler. ( She's 43 now ) All she ever wanted one Christmas was a red balloon. So sweet. 🤣
  2. What memories. One day when I was little, my mom gave my sister and myself some old clothes to take out to the ragman. We asked for two balloons but he would only give us one between us. We ran back and told mom who chased after his cart down the road and she snatched her old clothes back off his cart shouting " if they can't have a balloon each, you're not having these " and she marched back up the road. My sister and I still laugh about it now. 🤣
  3. 😄 😄 I've just had two lovely runny boiled eggs and two slices of granary bread ........ yummy ! Shortly I'll be going to Aldi to pick up a few bits then that's me done 'till grandsons come home from school for their tea. What an exciting life I have. 😂
  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! I've got two lovely sharp pointy steel ones at the ready. You hold him Pads ......... 🤣 Jane, Good luck for tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. x
  5. Exactly. Whilst in America we were mistaken for Australians`....... did it matter ? NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST. Halibut would argue with his own reflection in a mirror.
  6. Pads, nice of you to think of me, Was icy this morning I do agree, A thermal stocking would not work, Think I'd look a bit of a berk, With only one stocking on .... see ?
  7. ........ AND THE WINNER IS ....................... ME.
  8. They have clearly no consideration for their own and other people's safety.
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