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  1. Think I must belong to a minority group of people because I have never liked John Lewis stores. I won't miss it but do feel for the staff who are losing their jobs.
  2. Oh yes it is. It doesn't matter if the person is black, white, or sky blue pink with yellow dots. The policeman could hear George Floyd shouting that he couldn't breath but just carried on regardless for 9 whole minutes. That is a long time. Ok, George Floyd was no angel but he didn't deserve to die. It was murder.
  3. Champagne Charlie ............ Leon Redbone.
  4. I don't know what goes off in Padders Bar ............ but judging by his acceptance speech for his chocolates nothing would surprise me. 🤣
  5. A Horse With No Name ............... America.
  6. Shhhhh Jane 🤫 ........ or you'll have Pads round in his Speedos. 🤣
  7. I agree. It was very moving and brought tears to my eyes. The choice of music which Prince Philip apparently chose himself was lovely.
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