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  1. Disappointed, that's me, Snow forecast by the BBC, That weatherman Paul, Needs a snowball, Sticking up where he cannot see. 不
  2. Yes Rudds, they're lovely and warm now but ......... these 賂賂 aren't doing the carpets much good. 不 不不
  3. Oh Pads you do make me laugh, I'll have that as my epitaph, You must have done it with the speed of light, Wouldn't want to get frostbite, Just hope nobody took a photograph.
  4. Pads, Have you been out in the snow ? Built a snowman ? I've heard you're a pro, If not it's alright, More snow forecast tonight, Just avoid any snow that is yellow ........... 不
  5. Thanks Pads I've given up on the flip flops for now ....... too cold on the little tootsies. I'm wearing these now 賂 賂 不
  6. 不 不 That's a good one ........... you're right too. 不 不 It's lovely here with all this snow, still snowing but slowing down a bit now.
  7. I can't believe you didn't know ....... but YES ! you're correct.
  8. 不不不不不不 Go on then Pat .......... am I male or female ?
  9. It looks like a winter wonderland here in Birdwell. Not stopped snowing all day, about 4" deep now and still falling heavy.
  10. I'll have a suitcase with the paper money in ....... won't be as heavy.
  11. The BBC are one of the worst for repeats. Have been for years !!
  12. It's OK everybody .......... I've just had a PM from Padders. He's alive and kicking ..... but really fed up.
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