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  1. Did he play in the Sunderland second playoff match?
  2. I’ll take another 37, or however many league games are left of 1.0 wins.
  3. Let’s hope British justice is upheld.
  4. Berge is vastly overrated. For a big lad who plays in midfield and cost a fortune he goes missing far too often. Declan Rice he isn’t. If you can get half your outlay, snatch their hands off!
  5. I’m not non binary, more non algebra. I don’t identify myself as an apple or an orange. Depending on what day, maybe a melon or a sprout. But then again, I’ve been called a cabbage plenty of times.
  6. Fantastic a new genre you can become. I’m spoiled for choice.
  7. It’s boring, boring, dull, tedious and condescending. …. Pointless! Upper class twits!
  8. Something needs to done to stop this. Enough pussyfooting around.
  9. Ahhh yes. I remember when it was Bejam.
  10. Good luck 🤞! There’s plenty of work if you put yourself out there.
  11. Don’t forget to add another step. Sell illicit products, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, people etc at bargain prices.
  12. Can’t you get your money back for Brewster and the daft one as Jebbison looks like a good player.
  13. Errrr. I think we lost that one?
  14. It’s quite normal for kids to bathe in milk and honey and to suck on a gold dummy.
  15. No, you should never be drawn by your opponent’s behaviour. Mind you Cliff Richard’s warbling would definitely wind me up.
  16. Better foxes than that puerile scribble adorning bus shelters, dressed up as urban art.
  17. Marvellous! Best wishes Jude!
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