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  1. Why do the solicitors always leave stuff like this until almost ready to complete? I had a similar problem with planning consent of a garge not investigated until near completion. House conveyancing is stressful enough without solicitors not doing a proper job Makes me wonder if theres a financial incentive to leave stuff like this to the end . Im sorry for your delay and cant offer any solution Im afraid
  2. Its worthless ! No one in their right mind wears fur any more, quite rightly, it was worth a lot more to the poor animal it belonged too
  3. I agree with Ridgewalk but I do love it here The food is always great and the cakes are lovely.. Nice shops to look around and buy stuff you dont need and the gardens and grounds are nice too but the cafe is very noisy at peak times and unpleasant, it needs some cosying up. Maybe the extension will be like Chatsworth where you can have a nice quiet meal in the Carriages restaurant and be served (at a price!) or sit in the cafe with the hoards!
  4. Sheffield 8472 Thankyou for your information However this is the wrong forum to put this out as the contributers on here are keyboard warriors only interested in putting down your views and a majority have little no idea what debate or intelligence is Im afraid .
  5. Saw her again today up at St James shopping centre She was chatting to people and seemed very nice !
  6. Ah Ha so it is her!! I work near there but was off today !
  7. I did think that but cant see her name on the casting list and they seem to be filming over the otherside of sheffield . |I also thought she might be in a theatre production but cant see that either Oh well he may have been mistaken !
  8. My partner says he saw this actress today sat on a chair near Cello coffee house there was a photographer nearby but the actress seemed to be in a bad mood Do we have a look a like in Greenhill or was she the real macoy?
  9. It started well but its getting a bit slow now as if the writers dont know where to go with it Hardly anything occurred in episode 6 which we watched last night on catch up We almost switched off due to (yet again) loud intrusive dramatic music which drowned out dialouge at times I wish the people that do this would come and sit and watch it on a normal TV to hear just how loud and innappropriate it is .
  10. I am a member of a bands "priority list" and do not pay for the privelidge I get to know about performances before the general public without paying and would not pay to do so, if they want me to come and see them they dont need to charge extra just repay my loyalty. In my humble opinion I agree with Master jedi . Are the arts only for the ones who are able to pay? The price for tickets for Sheffiled Theatres is prohibitive and the cheaper seats (especially in th Lyceum) are truely awful
  11. It is confusing I know but the above is true. The sheffield branch cant deal with neglect or cruelty reports and it has to go to the national number Sheffiled branch do a fantastic job with adoptions and rescues referred to them by the national branch though .
  12. Well how do you know? I havent repeated what i heard and I have not complained on behalf of anyone but myself If you read the post I am simply asking who is in charge of the station beyond local management I would also challenge your statement it is not MY radio station as far as know it is funded by licence payers and subsidised by tax payers, of which I contribute to both . Maybe you are neither and feel your opinion on forum posts matters.... it doesnt
  13. OH HERE WE GO !! i tuned in for 10 mins on my way to work and didnt expect a local station to be broadcasting such material I could ask why did you feel the need to answer my post just read it and move on......... yes you are ridiculous!
  14. One evening last week i had the misfortune to tune into radio sheffield and heard a very disturbing and offensive broadcast. I have emailed the staion outlining my complaint but as yet had no response. so was wondering who is actually in charge of the station would it be the main BBC in london as I feel so cross about it somenone in charge needs to know whats going out in their name.
  15. I would def say buxton there is a large church on a hill with a large green space in front of it It has a covered shopping centre as well as independant shops and its on the railway line and I think its quite affluent The only other place is maybe Glossop please let us know !
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