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  1. The council seem hell bent on stopping cars from using this area After the disastrous cycle lane on Shalesmoor shouldnt they have learned their lesson? Stopping traffic in these areas stops businesses from performing efficiently stops workers from getting where they need to be and stops emergency vehicles from doing their job For god sake this country will very soon be entering into the biggest recession ever known There are more important things than cap doffing to the hipsters, cyclists and and hikers !!
  2. you lost me at............ geopolitical globalization
  3. Thank you for sharing that its a very clear picture
  4. those opening times that come up on Google are always wrong always check with the actual website Ive been caught out a few times !
  5. Well youve lost me a bit on the licence thing I thought more people may have seen clamped cars as I have seen about 7 round about sheffield in the last week I will fess up though when i transferred ownership from my daughter to me I completely forgot about the tax not being transferable and drove around for about a month before my daughter got a refund through the post which made us realise !!! So its easy done I guess but I agree its not fair that lots of people dont bother
  6. Ive seen quite a few clamped cars with UNTAXED stickers on around Sheffield this week so they may be having a blitz. Great idea why should anyone get away with it I say !!! ( I wait with baited breath for the negative comments!)
  7. probably the opening of Aldi opposite didnt do them any favours
  8. Yes thankyou I didnt mean that asking for CCTV was bad I am just cross about there being none on the streets where crime happens regularly There is a white box on a lampost almost at the junction where this took place but the police said it was no good as its only for anti social behaviour ? I have no idea what it is . Yes Chaddamp I think its been reported locally but Ive only seen it on facebook and Sheffield online Daven the "Locals" who complain will be the law breakers, decent folk who live there Im sure would be reassured by having cameras
  9. You may have heard that a lady sadly died in a hit and run on Foxhill on saturday night The police went door to door asking if anyone had any CCTV they could see. Maybe if the police had left the camara on that road instead of taking it down saying it was needed in Handsworth it would have saved them some foot work and may have have been a possible deterrent. What else has to happen here to make the police take notice ? There are daily drug deals going on and car burn outs are a regular occurance No doubt this tragedy was drug or anti social behaviour related and its just heartbreaking what this family and the people who tried to help the lady will have to go through now. My condolences to them and hope the lady rests in peace.
  10. Why do the solicitors always leave stuff like this until almost ready to complete? I had a similar problem with planning consent of a garge not investigated until near completion. House conveyancing is stressful enough without solicitors not doing a proper job Makes me wonder if theres a financial incentive to leave stuff like this to the end . Im sorry for your delay and cant offer any solution Im afraid
  11. Its worthless ! No one in their right mind wears fur any more, quite rightly, it was worth a lot more to the poor animal it belonged too
  12. I agree with Ridgewalk but I do love it here The food is always great and the cakes are lovely.. Nice shops to look around and buy stuff you dont need and the gardens and grounds are nice too but the cafe is very noisy at peak times and unpleasant, it needs some cosying up. Maybe the extension will be like Chatsworth where you can have a nice quiet meal in the Carriages restaurant and be served (at a price!) or sit in the cafe with the hoards!
  13. Sheffield 8472 Thankyou for your information However this is the wrong forum to put this out as the contributers on here are keyboard warriors only interested in putting down your views and a majority have little no idea what debate or intelligence is Im afraid .
  14. Saw her again today up at St James shopping centre She was chatting to people and seemed very nice !
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