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How to get rid of a tick on dog


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As a preventative, i would always use frontline, either spray or spot on. To remove the tick, you must be very careful, as if the mouth parts are left behind, an abcess can form, there are tick removers which you can buy, instructions on packet, or you can smother the tick in vaseline, whereby it will be unable to breathe and drop off eventually, but the downside is, it may fall off in the house, urghh!!! Or pop to the vet and get it taken off by them. Hope this helps!!:)

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Hi Hedgehog50


Frontline will definitely kill it in 48 hours, like ppl have said. I remove ticks if I am grooming a dog that has one. I use forceps to grip the tick, being careful to not burst it like ferretman said, and slowly twist it until it lets go. It can be a bit painful for the dog if it's been there a really long time but better out than in.


Once I've removed them, I put them on some kitchen towel and make sure the head is still on the tick (never had one come off yet) then I burst it to kill it.


When I was covering maternity at nottingham pets at home, i was on my way home one day and just leaving the salon when I heard something crunch under my foot. I looked down and I had trod on the biggest tick I have ever seen! It must have been on that poor dog for a very long time and had just had its fill and dropped off. Unfortunately, it was in the customer area and dropped off before its bath so we never knew which dog it had come off. Gross!

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The simplest of methods is to just rub them for about 90 seconds in a clockwise direction. They get 'confused' and just fall out.


Works every time for me. It's a magic solution...


Youtube it. Completely effortless (well, almost).

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