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  1. What is it with people who don't have their pets chipped, and keep them up to date?
  2. This lad in not neutered or chipped, came and sat on our doorstep, dirty and covered in cobwebs! Poor lad has been trying to shelter somewhere but unfortunately this particular road is not known for its love of cats, he's hardly likely to be taken in. His photo is on my facebook, thank you. ---------- Post added 20-04-2014 at 11:28 ---------- https://www.facebook.com/maggie.skinner.526 Photo here x
  3. Two good bargains on the Friends of Ferals auction page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/568668673204959/ bids are low.
  4. Although it's only yesterday morning that Tyza went missing, it is so out of character that his owners on Hurlingham Close S11 9HD are frantic for his return. He never strays from his house and garden. White with large black patches, black tail, looks like he's wearing a hat, black patch on his head, and black ears. If you live in the vicinity, could you please check your garages/sheds etc. Posters are already out there. Thank you.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/wizzcatzrescue?hc_location=timeline Found today, coat not in good condition, may have been on the street some time, possibly deaf, no collar, not chipped. Is with WizzCatzRescue. Here is the link.
  6. There are hundreds of stray black cats on Arbourthorne, all brought about by irresponsible so called owners who can't be bothered to neuter. If this little soul is not spayed, then god help her. You will find it very difficult to get her into rescue, everyone is overfull. I think the Sheffield Cats Shelter's waiting list is still into four figures! And black cats are the bottom of the rehoming list. So sad. But if anyone who is feeding her is on benefits, please see the link at the top of this forum, Cats Protection may help you with a voucher, at least she'll not be having kits on the street.
  7. Hi Andy, the Sheffield Cats Shelter will be having some back in from foster next week. They neuter at 12 weeks provided the kits are at a good weight and are healthy. If you get a kit at this age unneutered, please remember to have them neutered at 4 months, the time most kits come into season. It's horrid seeing a 7 month old trying to give birth, and mostly not succeeding. Good luck! I love older kits and young cats personally, when they've gone through the climbing the curtains stage! But I know where your wife is coming from
  8. Hi Andy, Friends of Ferals have recently rescued two little black female kittens having a rough time in a garden, if you can bear with me I'll find out how they're getting on. They are about 5 months old, have been spayed, chipped, blood tested, health checked, wormed and had flea treatment but being black kittens, they will always be at the bottom of the rehoming pile. Maybe black isn't for you?
  9. Of course there are thousands of feral and stray cats in the Burngreave, Attercliffe, Darnall etc areas but today I trapped yet another young mum and only surviving kitten on Pilgrim Street. Apparently it's one ginger tom that is ragging every abandoned female in sight. If it's yours, or you have an unneutered tom no matter what area, will you please sort it. Simple, cheap operation, unneutered males cause so much suffering. Rescues simply cannot keep picking up the pieces - and dead kittens.
  10. Around 7/8 months old, not neutered, not chipped, very friendly, wearing a collar, been living in the wooded area for about a week, behind Carterknowle School/Holt House School. Please get in touch, maggieskinner26@yahoo.co.uk if you know this youngster. ---------- Post added 02-12-2013 at 17:04 ---------- Moderator would you kindly remove please, puss is home safe and sound.
  11. A few days ago, found crossing Ecclesall Road South, Parkhead, 6 months old, female, not chipped or spayed, wearing distinctive diamente collar. Safe with friend.
  12. Well done Sheffield Cats shelter, you are amazing. I hope you're very successful, you deserve to be.
  13. No trap must not be left overnight unattended. Set again in morning when puss is hungry. Please text! Its only a matter of time x
  14. Trap loaned to MollyM, fingers crossed the little lad is ok.
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