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  1. Have you taught her to walk to heel? If so you could use high value treats to walk her into the house with you. Carrying her isn't teaching her anything and may reinforce the behaviour. Getting stressed will make.her fearful too, as hard as it is try not to show any negative emotions. Agree with moonbird, get her a big crate and crate train her so she has a safe place to go when she needs to. She's a working breed and will need more stimulation than just a walk. Try some sniffing games and retrieving games. A couple of fun gundog lessons would teach you both some suitable games to play. That would also build your bond and her trust in you and thus help the problem.
  2. Have you thought about a dog walker? That way your dog can socialise in the day which may be enough. Its not as permanent as getting a new dog which would be stressful at first. If you can't let the dogs live together as moonbird suggests, can they spend the day together? Could the other get dropped off at yours when your ex goes to work?
  3. You should leave it well alone. If you want to you can observe it for a day or two to see if the parents feed it. It's likely just left the nest but hasn't learnt how to fly. Interference could jeopardise its chance of survival. " The adult birds are much more skilled at looking after their offspring than humans will ever be! It’s very likely that the bird’s parents are nearby, waiting for you to leave the area If the bird is in a very vulnerable position (for example, in the middle of the pavement), it’s OK to move it somewhere safe nearby – perhaps from off the ground into a bush or tree where cats won’t see it Watch from a safe distance to see what happens. If it really has been abandoned, contact our Wildlife Enquiries team for advice, but as the conservation organisation, the RSPB is not able to offer a rescue service. Tel: 01767 693690 between 9.00am - 5.15pm, Monday - Friday (not weekends or Bank Holidays). Try to avoid interference wherever possible. It really is best to leave baby birds alone." Read more at https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/natures-home-magazine/birds-and-wildlife-articles/features/how-do-baby-birds-survive/#YVmpFRqKYxWp7bd7.99
  4. Lotties school of dogs uses positive methods. You get what you pay for. You may only need 3-5 sessions to get the tools you need to train your dog.
  5. Never had bought by many. Got stung with a £500 limit per claim clause with animal friends who still tried to not pay out. Had a couple of claims through more than who were quick and easy. I always stick to the retail brand now as they seem to have the best customer service.
  6. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/poodle-dog-grooming-seminar-with-isabella-doblas-jones-tickets-61706837813
  7. Call the college finance department to buy your ticket on 01724 294016
  8. Hand Stripping Seminar event Only £40 to watch Jitka hand strip a wire fox terrier and talk through her techniques and top tips. Suitable for groomers and owners of terriers. Refreshments are provided by the college catering team. Groomers online in attendance with a pop up shop. Tickets can be purchased from North Lindsey College over the phone.
  9. That's great just fill in this online form and someone will contact you. http://www.northlindsey.ac.uk/application-enquiry/
  10. We now have spaces available in our Friday group which will run every Friday (term time only) 9am-1pm over 40 weeks. The course will start by the end of the month but the date hasn't yet been confirmed.
  11. I have spaces available for the C&G Level 2 grooming course at North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe starting in October. It will be on a Thursday or a Friday day time for 30 weeks and is only £362 + a £64 exam fee (approx). Register your interest by following this link.
  12. Half price grooms available for my trainee grooming under my instructions and supervision available on Tuesdays around 1pm. I'm looking for clips offs and tidy ups at the moment. Breeds like spaniels, shih Tzu's, Lhasa's, westies, cockerpoos, schnauzers etc
  13. Can anyone recommend a good book for starting to do agility at home please? I'm interested in doing agility with my poodle pup but just at home to begin with.
  14. we have we found cottage on the pond in between hornsea and withernsea which has an enclosed garden and a little park for the kids and accepts 3 dogs. It's absolutely perfect for us I can't wait!
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