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  1. I absolutely love the new market: organic fruit and veg, the chinese cake shop and a load of other really cool places to buy things... what's not to like?
  2. The rent is clearly prohibitively expensive. You can see something's amiss by all the massive number of empty stalls. Empty stalls are a very bad thing for a market: you'd think they'd be crying out for stallholders to set up there. I don't know the rents, but I know it's the other charges that are massive.
  3. There wasn't any actual cupcake stall this time, but a few lovely cake stalls! The whole event is fantastic. I just don't get why ANYONE would complain about it. We need more of these things, not fewer.
  4. There were two Asian stalls and a decent turnout for all communities.
  5. Well I absolutely love it! There are pies there that are just delicious and again, people have entirely forgotten what real food costs to make (ie stuff that isn't made in the thousands for Tesco or M&S). I just wish more people would support local industry rather than badmouthing the prices.
  6. So will it be evenings? I'll go see if there are any private rooms at the pubs on Woodseats. Will report back later today.
  7. Hallam Towers would be amazing, but it's had the bottom two floors removed due to vagrants and people living there. It's now incredibly dangerous!
  8. Just a quick note to thank you ALL for your replies Really appreciate it!
  9. So sorry but you weren't quite right this time. But thanks for playing...
  10. Does anyone know of any abandoned buildings in Sheffield that we could hire for events. Looked at a few, but they're not safe enough. I know Bannerdale School is up for demolishing but not sure when...
  11. If they wanted to ban porn, they just need a dedicated team with people who have powers to block all websites from all UK ISPs. Give it a few months and all those sites and images would be blocked. They did it with the torrent sites.
  12. Agreed. Worked on my laptop on a ropey connection in just two seconds.
  13. The event was unfortunately cancelled due to issues with the site, which have now been rectified. So it should be undead business as usual from this point on.
  14. I went past last night and the big one just off from the Moor is open!
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