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  1. Eyres at Brough Mill, Bradwell sell them
  2. Funks sell their own home made breadcakes and Turners breadcakes, I always buy Turners bread cakes from the Moor market.I was brought up on Turners bread and still prefer it now.Lilys bread cakes are,nt too bad though.
  3. Yes Newbiz they must have been trading over fifty years......thanks I will give Dixons a ring.
  4. I am now looking for a coal Merchant due to Wesley Nichols having now ceased trading as from 5th April. Any idea,s? thanks.
  5. Hi, I was under the impression that caponising (castrating) cockerals was now illegal.We always had a capon at xmas when I was a kid but not seen them for sale in recent years.
  6. I stopped using this take away a few months ago,It changed hands and the food was not as nice as was.in fact it was crap,so they lost my custom and I am not willing to try them again to spend 20 quid to sling it in the bin.the delivery lad was very pleasant though.China Cuisine on Middlewood Rd get my custom now.
  7. Now closed down,sign outside asking for a new landlord.
  8. he did have some used matting for sale not so long ago.
  9. Try Richard Sampson at Parklands Im sure he,s selling some.
  10. I would like to offer your ducks a nice country home with our other poultry,could pick up this weekend.PM me if you are interested.
  11. Mossdog I have no connection what so ever to "curry" take away, I am just thankful to have a decent take away at Stannington after all the two chippys arnt brilliant.I have not used them for long enough and now travel to Grenoside for quality fish and chips at a decent price after Ive called in the Harrow for a pint.After having a couple of take aways and a sit down meal from Rajput I find the onions they put in their curries are always tough and under cooked...may be its just me but every ones different.
  12. we have had another meal from there tonight,had it delivered....no complaints.in fact prefered it to the curry I had at Rajput restaurant on xmas eve. Give it a try,if you dont like dont go back.....like I wont be going back to the rajput.
  13. prices not bad,onion bhaji...1.95,usual curries from £5.30 up to about £7. we will go again.its open 7 days a week from 5.30 till 11pm.
  14. Yes had a take away on Monday night, really enjoyed it,Staff pleasant and food good.Lets hope they keep it up.
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