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  1. Godless, quite good if you like westerns. Enjoyed it all 7.5/10 Der Passe - dragged on a little too much for me 7/10
  2. Chocolate sweets and biscuits already have 20% tax on them its calle dVAT. Admittedly not all of them but enough ofthem to realise it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference.
  3. Unless they thought they were done on purpose i.e 7/8th length. Not saying they were but that could have been the case. It also wouldn't be the first time that pupils have inched garments up at the waist band and infringed rules either.
  4. Bird B0x - Sandar Bullock - rather interesting film 7.5/10 WInd River - first time ever had an issue with hard to hear diologue - but a good film - 7.5/10 He's out there - different for a scary thriller - 6.5/10
  5. We went last weekend to introduce our grandson to it, whilst there we bought him some memorabilia in the form of a speedway bike toy. He would now like another one - the sellers online shop doesn't include the bike, and a smuch as i love him £20 to revisit the speedway for a toy is beyond even my limits. So just wondered if anyone on here was a regular that might pick one up for me if i gave them the money in advance.
  6. Only if i could stand behind a mandate of increasing personal taxation to 30%. Lets see if that additional 10% of everyones wealth to prop up council services etc would get me in. Not surprisingly i doubt it - everyone talks a good game about austerity until they have to get their hands in their own pockets. Its taken the best part of 15 years to even get a new parish council member in our village and now we have a complete change -the Labour councillors have been taken to task over the funding blackhole and continual losses and council tax rises,and been almost repla ed entirely by Conservative councillors. Standing for election doesn't mean a thing with the "boys club" in the background.
  7. I think thats the key issue - at my last resignation and my last firing - it was on the spot. Here's the termination notice,off you go home and we'll pay you as usual. I've never "worked" a notice period in my entire career.
  8. Hobbs and Shaw - the next Oscar winners for sure - as expected 7.5/10 Aquaman - 4 out of 10 ,poor Just got a Netflix account for holiday property - so The Duel - not bad 6.5/10 for a western. Ridiculous 6 - my OH laughed her head off at parts of this. Completely goofball Adam Sandler 6/10 JIgsaw - as expected 6.5/10 Geralds game - genuinely only watched it for Carla Gugino,weird plot but 6.5/10
  9. Plus plenty of other people and community related events .
  10. But you're still being influenced by what you see/read and or hear,it's inevitable.
  11. Its always been the same, as soon as the two laner ends and it gets into a village with crossroads it cant cope. It isnt always the light timing but often turners wanting to hang a right at the lights or sometimes even the HGV's taking a while to build up a head of steam going into Worksop.
  12. That would be outside most drinking establishments,council offices and Houses of Parliament then. I have reported vehicles behaving suspiciously in my village - they are quite noticeable if you are actively aware of your surroundings. All of them drug dealers or buyers,funny how some of the people calling the police on here don't actively support arresting druggies or drug dealers.
  13. Or stop and search them and then potentially get accused of being racist. The people have removed the powers of the police and now we all suffer. Ring 101 and log the complaint,thats what 101 is for.
  14. I'm sure thats a range that Co Op stock as well.
  15. If i need to stay in touch with anyone then i do so personally, don't need an app to help with that. I have no interest in what anyone else is doing on facebook. However a lot of the dog rescues that i help have moved to Facebook sites instead of costly websites so i do have Facebook account. Although surprisingly i've already been banned from a local Facebook group for complaining about idiots sticking billboards and advertising banners up everywhere in the village - and some of you think SF is strict.
  16. Der Passe - very good so far just watched episodes 1-3 back to back.
  17. We're heading to this in a week or so - https://www.northeastdogfestival.com/?fbclid=IwAR2gaSJ9WWO_yrLIVDvF0m1OU4_fCCWaXV7PX-GRma3oSMA40X7U1hvWs54 our latest rescue will be in a halti harness,his fake julius,collar and lead with two cannon balls on chains fastened to his back legs.
  18. An RAC rep on Talk Radio said exactly what many on here have said before - a handsfree phone is less distracting than passengers in the car.
  19. Getting measurements accurate is a nightmare , in your case TFH it won't help. But what i did was buy rip offs of the julius as the dogs grew, for 6-7£ you can afford to snip a bit off. However as my dogs reach full size i changed to a halti front easy leader which are very forgiving and easy to use to stop them leaning into the harness.(which my bull breeds do) If you can him into Pets at Home, they let you try them on. (The one at Dobbies is often quieter.)
  20. Speak to the council - when i changed my garage into an extension and made it into 3 three rooms i mad sure to comply with building regs but didn't planning permission. When i looked to sell it a couple of years ago i rang the council to see if i had to retrospectively advise of anything and they advised that it didn't matter these days, neither did the conservatory that i had put up.
  21. From experience and not google - testosterone will not help ED. neither will the mass of health products from Holland and Barrett. If during the night or in the morning (usually when busting for the loo) you gain an erection then the issue is likely to be physiological and not a physical restriction. Although it is always wise to let the Dr's finger do the talking with a prostrate exam. Viagara connect is the usual recommend daily dose of 50mg per tablet. The GP can prescribe sildenafil tablets which are 100mg and they usually advise half a tablet. They are not miracle workers and if you haven't followed the guidelines they can be pointless,you can also have some nominal side effects but tbh some of them do indicate they're actually working. Extreme tiredness,anxiety,depression,over eating before taking the tablet,can all restrict the benefits of the tablet. Your GP may also be able to give you a private prescription - which for me was cheaper than the NHS script but it may not be the case at all pharmacies. A friend of mine mentioned recently that the statins he was currently taking were having a similar effect as viagara on him and he's 60+. If you want to discuss this further by pm please feel free to contact me.
  22. I second that emotion. Also the Police do monitor forums, i don't know how closely they monitor this one now, but i can assure you it has been monitored by Derbyshire Police.
  23. It could be worse the young lady in Ayia Napa wasn't even asked for her phone before the 12 alleged suspects simply uploaded their version of events . It looks like she could be doing custodial)although i very much doubt it) Events like this even though they are so remote will not add anything to ongoing battles to make reporting of serious sexual offences any easier.
  24. The op has now proceeded on the legal path with this issue. Speculation and rhetoric and bickering won't add anything to her cause. So i would politely like to close this thread.
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