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  1. wouldnt the app on your phone be viewable by wifi.
  2. Labrynth - 'cos i have no idea why the original pile of goualash seems to be so popular.
  3. never going to work as the Euro's are every 4 years - so sandwiched in between the world cup, i think.
  4. I think Sams response was to repetitive media crap when he's appointed. They all bleat on about him being there to keep them or, or steady the ship or sort them out before the club decides on its direction.
  5. Well to be honest its been existence for some time BUT with the imminent threat of closure looming ,i'm helping to get it up and running. Well i'm now the treasurer,chairman and secretary anyway. Starting next Tuesday May 25th we will play 7 'til 9 at Dinnington High School,Dinnington. Everyone is welcome
  6. You obviously chose not to read and undertsand the full paragraph before replying i see.
  7. Photo id to access services is going to exist eventually,people can protest and debate some hypothetical reasoning but it will happen. OR you won't be allowed to vote,go on holiday ,buy a car or buy alcohol,get a loan or apply for a job. OOOps apart from voting you may already have to provide photo id. already,doesn't seem to bother anyone. So why not ensure it happens for voting as well thats for the <50% of the populace who vote. I have to admit though and it is just because i don't have to yet, i refuse to exchange my paper license for a photo id one. The only photo id i currently have is an out of date passport. So in comparison to many of the youngsters today i'm probably a dinosaur,just as my parents were to me when mobile phones arrived.
  8. regarding town parking - compared to when i started driving and visited town regularly, parking is now more prolific and no more costly however there's nowhere to shop any longer,so 20 years too late imo. Indoor shopping ticks a few boxes for many people - the main one being indoors during inclement weather. Ikea was the same allegedly on bank Holiday with queues of and hour to get parked. No big surprise. It'll happen again at Christmas with or without Cvoid restrictions in place.
  9. I heard some fans ranting about "its their club" - no it isn't. It belongs to the guy financing it,and paying the salaries and transfer fees - obviously from the profitable business that he/they bought. Those guilty of breaking in and committing damage should be banned for life from all football, then it certainly won't be their club.
  10. why is it an issue - is it envy because their broadband could be cheaper? As an opposing question why did we give all NHS and support workers discounts in supermarkets and free mobile data/calling packages ?
  11. I would normally say who cares - but unfortunately they care because publc persona and media attention pays their over inflated salaries and appeases their over inflated egos. But just like his mum ,if you play with fire you get burnt. However and i say this with no malice intended - they couldn't do anything to ever increase there approval rating in my house. Oh unless they donated a kidney to me or mine if we needed one(which we don't).
  12. Just an update that badminotn restarts at Killamarsh from May 19th. However due to the ongoing refrubishment which will last throughout 2021 we have changed nights to Wednesday 7pm until 9pm. Everyone welcome to come down.
  13. the first time i wanted them to win in my entire life and they did - need to get Fulham out of the drop zone somehow.
  14. He could buy a self charging Hybrid - i did. No charging point needed - obviously when they remove the self charging hybrid from sale in 2030 i might need to rethink it ,if i'm still here and if im still working.
  15. i've not seen any that are less than 60 cms when i was shopping for one recently. best of luck
  16. Agree on the marks for Promising Young Woman- very thought provoking. It has some lines that really hit home, just like Time to Kill.
  17. Let them go and form the league,then UEFA and FIFA and the FA should enforce the rules currently in place. They were happy to ban all Ennglish teams when it suited their policies, English football only went from strength to stregth on the back of it. The PL is now the chosen destination of many players - attracted by vast wealth and competitive football. They can get vast wealth in China or elsewhere but the footballing standard is currently crap.
  18. i recently installed an apple extender a bit like some of the the old TP things, mainly because it had an ethernet socket out to wire into the back of the tv (the tvs modem wouldn't detect the wifi signal) cost me about a tenner off ebay.
  19. I've been a regular poster,member and moderator for years, (and im sure some will include me in my next comment) But i'd almost ceased to be part of it for at least 3 if not 4 years as even i thought the moderating was inappropriate. I didn't agree with the vast majority of it and didn't support it and tried no to be party to it ,however now its gone and the forum has changed.It won't be what it first was in its hey day,i don't think its the "time" for that sort of forum, but i miss those early days and the people i met and chatted with.
  20. That behaviour almost maked Steve Bruces admirable.
  21. Which is probably most advertisements in some peoples eyes. Just wait for electic cars to start using the FREE charging points, funded by grants to be later reclaimed in tax returns and then by charging everyone because they have no other choice.
  22. i had smart meters installed and then unpugged the plug in bits. I suspect you need a meter with built in sim to send the information back as none of them connected to my wifi.
  23. Many more people report doemstic abuse these days and the police take it more seriously than they did, however the people returning back to the abusive situation has hardly changed so the number of repeat calls is ever increasing.
  24. I liked the whit house murders too, but it was bit longish. Just watched all of The Bay, Marcella(poor), The Bridge (USA version).
  25. your laptop should have both, you may not need a mike but a camera is essential. i wss on webex last week and it found that my camera didn't work so had to get out of the meeting . you could install it on a smart phone. I have teams and webex on my iphone and smartphone jusy in case now.
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