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  1. Unbelievable is actually based on true "events" as well but more towards procedural work and "opinion" at the time. I'll look out for the The Truth. Just watched The Stranger which was excellent and almost up to date with The Outsider - which is excellent but typical Stephen King fodder.
  2. You never get flashed in the face by speed cameras. Even cameras that you drive into are usually infra red thingys and don't have a flash they also have road markings on the road (Truvelo). Gatso flashing cameras get you from behind.
  3. Football isn't the real world do its difficult to offer any suggestions that don't involve sacking the manager,. If normal people fail at work the manager directs them or advises a method of working to try and utilise their best skills,or if a company is having problems it often tries to redirect the skills within it to achieve results ,if a footballer thinks he doesn't want to play left wing back then he won't. Normal people get sacked for being crap at their job or not following instructions,footballers and supporters get rid of the guy giving the instructions 'cos they don't like them. Gary Monk is better than most of the horses on the managerial merry go round.
  4. Tell them you want to buy Homecare - it did get me connected quickly when i did want to query Homecare.
  5. Or they put in plot holes so they could get Series 2 up and running. I didn't like the ending either but i could understand why they'd done it. No one should have secrets...
  6. They are a nightmare to contact,and you have to be choosy over which option you select when the phone does connect - if however you have computer access then online chat works like a dream. They resolved my issues after 48 hours of attempting to get through by phone.
  7. Unbelievable - thoroughly gripping(for me anyway).
  8. After seeing him in his younger days as an aspiring presenter and personality i was more shocked when i found out he got married. Doesn't change my opinion of him one iota - not that he probably cares and nor should he.
  9. They will - they'll simply rewrite the tax brackets to include some surcharge for using battery voltage or some such crap. They've dropped the co2 levels to include cars that have been VED free for nearly 10 years.
  10. I know lets sell it off and privatise it, thats what people want reading some of the comments. Even from people who want railways,telecoms and buses renationalising its a strange world we live in.
  11. just tuned mine in,moved along a few channels to recieve notification for retuning on Feb 12th.
  12. strangely enough i use the route through the roadworks every other week to get to Rutland Rd,always during the rush hour. I had one issue where the right turn in front of Tescos was closed and all traffic had to go down a side road behind the flats, and last week at the same point when the lights weren't working as i tried to turn right. Now the crucial upcoming comment isn't that the road works caused any issues,but the pillocks blocking access to and from side routes and blatantly and obviously not allowing people to merge or cut through the queue when the lights weren't working,even though they were sat waiting for a green light themselves.
  13. We started that from a personal perspective a few years ago - got rid of the MG TF and the Landrover. Fortunately for us when the ban is scheduled to commence we'll be down to one car and i'm certain an EV would be appropriate then. Its just the interim period that leaves a lot of questions. I use a company car for 25k miles year(which i've reduced by 10k ) and for potential 300-400 mile round trips the current infrastructure to facilitate me buying an EV this year for the upcoming 3 year lease spell isn't attractive at all.
  14. That has even been noticeable at domestic and company level - my daughter bought a PHEV suv, yes it plugs in and does 30 mile on a charge but the rest of the time its worse than a "normal" diesel car. I have 4 colleagues who have SUV's as company cars now as the BIK is lower than normal "company car" although one is looking at an electric SUV this time around,his geographical area would make it possible for him. Thats as i thought, now obviously we have to take breaks whilst on the road but i personally don't want to be dictated to as to where i have to take them. I could reduce the work i actually do in a day allowing for the charging times into the 10/12 hours i currently do
  15. I wonder what the maximum mile in one charge would be of a fully laden estate car. Going to make a hell of a difference in costs for commercial drivers
  16. It is an age thing though - teletext and such. You either used it when it arrived and now can't do without it or you've never used it. I bet my daughter (35) doesn't even know it exists 'cos i've never ever used it,although my dad used it for football scores at one time.
  17. I assume it is technical but if you watch BBC1 in HD you can't local news you have to tune in to an SD channel. I don't know if that will change anytime soon.
  18. Probably the same way that footballers and others respond to monkey chants and bananas as being racist.
  19. If he used the same "angry ape" quote at me, i'd assume he was referring to my prehistoric ancestry. Its a pity it was taken otherwise by some people (i hasten to add not by the recipient). There was a multitude of tweets though,not just the one.
  20. I've seen people get flashed in the inside lane before i've caught up with them to overtake them. I've been going around the set limit for the moment at the time.
  21. You get to watch BBC for a full month and don't pay for it exactly as you would on Netflix. Cancel before the end of month one and nothing to pay, so free month. A tv license is valid from the day you tick the box to purchase,not the date of your first payment, just like Netflix.(which has been used as a comparison)
  22. But having a license and paying for it are two different things. Log on for a TV license and set up a direct debit to start payments on 28/Feb - no harm ,no foul ,no law broken. One months tv free viewing.
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