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  1. Please consider Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire it is a small rescue run by one amazing lady who goes the extra mile to help greyhounds and lurchers.
  2. Peak vets are very good and caring we have lost our hamster tonight we found him dead in his cadge.
  3. some breeders give pedigree papers out and they are not worth the paper they are written on as they are made up as said above the bitch may have had to many litters or be to young. It is a bit odd that you only have dads side and not mums did you see the mother with the pups before you bough your puppy? You can registrar your pup your self if you have both mum and dads details. Ask the breeder for them again saying you wont to registrar the pup or ring the kennels club and ask there advice.
  4. Hope your dog is ok if this woman is seen again she should be report as she has committed an offence by having a dangerous dog out of control and letting it attack a guide dog.
  5. Contact the dog warden they can help and will come out to take a look poor animals some people dont deserve to have them
  6. Try doggie den little london road they may rent out the building?
  7. Do you have a picture you could post?
  8. Flea bombs are good but you must remove all animals from the room that is been treated including any fish and set the bomb off and leave it for two hours overnight if possible then on return have windows open for up to an hour if you have a really bad case you can get pest control in who will treat your house and you can control of treatment on your animals. Front line in a lot of cases is not working. This year seems to be a harder battle against fleas.
  9. Anston kennels or Croft farm kennels are very good also Hollows at Woodhouse. My advice would be to go and look round first and then book your dog in for a night see how they get on. Things to look for is it clean , does it smell clean , do the dogs look happy what are they feed are they exercised look at exercise area. A sign things are run down are dirty kennels , Holes in fencing , not smelling nice.
  10. Think it may be an Akita i saw one earlier today same area but couldn't stop. Hope some one is able to catch it soon before it gets run over.
  11. Rotherham Dog Rescue have a fun dog show on Sunday 6th July at Brinsworth carnival classes start from 12.00 noon
  12. HYPS - Helping Yorkshire Poundies are in urgent need of walkers for there dogs they are based at Brinsworth Boarding kennels Rotherham
  13. Hollows kennels is very good or Croft Farm kennels they also provide home boarding as well in the house. I would steer clear of Sandy Lane Kennels as they have lost dogs in their care. ---------- Post added 13-06-2014 at 16:58 ---------- Also Anston kennels is very good too
  14. Lost from Sandy Lane Boarding Kennels staffie x please can any one in the Rotherham area and surrounding areas keep look out. ---------- Post added 07-06-2014 at 18:35 ---------- Owners number is 07791096533
  15. Anston kennels are great but get booked up quick. ---------- Post added 28-05-2014 at 20:49 ---------- Also croft farm kennels and they do home boarding as well
  16. Hi if this is the same dog as the man found last night then he still has it at the moment it is a black collie x female older and has very long nails looks like its not been walked in a while and is well fed. (Might be same dog might be a different one)
  17. If you do not have pedigree papers for your dog you can register them on the activity register this would then allow you to do agility or fly ball at competition level. Or Heel work to music at competition level you can obtain a form from the Kennel club.
  18. Attkinsons cattery light wood S8, Roslyn mews cattery S8
  19. Offer food at normal feed time if not eaten after 20 mins remove offer nothing else till next feed time they will eat if hungry. Dont keep hand feeding cause your just pandering to her ways and it will become a habit. If she not eating dry food you could offer wet food Lillys kitchen is good and very tempting both wet/dry.
  20. Hi Lillys kitchen do cat food and its all natural ingredients and they do little pouches or big tins think the big tins are cheaper only certain shops stock it. Stockist in sheffield are Mutt cutz dog groomers , and i think bradway pet shop.
  21. Tomato sauce rub it on the fox poo first leave a few minutes wash off then use normal dog shampoo wash and rinse.
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