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  1. and then of course there is the sub prime mortgage issue in America, sure this had something to do with the economic crash and misfortune we are suffering -
  2. But, she can shriek Alfieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. Just seems a pathetic way of promoting your business in my opinion.
  4. Good idea, he might learn something useful
  5. They did vote labour then, Clegg stood for the Lib Dems.
  6. Hope the people of Hallam are not stupid enough to vote him in again, he's just not good enough to be an MP - and that's putting it mildly.
  7. I would have thought an ideal dog for an older couple, as they require little exercise and are quiet, but get advice from the rehoming people - think there is a greyhound rehoming group in Sheffield.
  8. I am due to retire shortly, and might be interested from next April onwards - sounds good to me.
  9. Anyone know a Tammy Lowe, probably from Gleadless Valley. I have something belonging to her, which was delivered to my house today. Send me a message.
  10. Time to book a dental appointment and have my teeth extracted. I will need a distraction from the news.
  11. St Paul's Tower, hardly old is it. But, I did notice that some of the facing, on the old T J Hughes building, had come loose and fallen off - it looks like marble, heavy stuff. Luckily no damage done to the public at large.
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