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  1. I remember you, Im Glyn Hannans sister
  2. Thankyou switching off the background app refresh seems to have worked hope it stays .
  3. So very sad, at so young I remember her GSD, my sincere condolences to her family they must be totally devastated x Was it an accident.
  4. Since doing an update on my iphone 6, the battery is only lasting a few hours Im getting scared to use it, in case I need it for emergency, can anybody help with this
  5. Dont think this is him, seems bigger, and is quite away for him to be, thankyou
  6. Has anyone recently aquired a ginger cat, or know anyone who has in the S26 area, Aughton/Aston, hes around 18 months old, neutered and chipped, and he was wearing a black spotty collar, he's been missing nearly seven weeks, he belongs to my nieghbours little boy, who has autism and severe anxiety, and he is finding it very difficult to cope with out him, and desperately needs him back. If you live in this area, please have a think if you've seen a ginger cat, and think hes a stray, or if someone you know is looking after him or if the worst has happened, please let us know. He is not a stray, he is a little boys much loved pet. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated, we have contacted the council and all the rescues. Thankyou x
  7. Can anyone recommend somewhere nice for Sunday lunch in Derbyshire, thought about the Fox House, but the reviews dont look too good, its for a birthday celebration., thankyou
  8. Thankyou for your advise, I have got them next to each other but separated by wire netting and they seemed ok, but today I let them meet each other and they weren't having it, so I will keep trying, Im sure they will be friends eventually I do hope so.
  9. Is it possible to bond two female rabbits they are both about 2, I have a neutered male who would take to anything, who lived with an un neutered female, but she got really poorly and I had to separate them, and I realy didn't think she would pull through but with lots of nursing and care she has. But he was so lonely I rescued another female bunny for him and they got on brilliantly from the start, Im now wondering if I can put the other female back in with them now shes better, I have tried once but the new one tried to bite her, can it be done, neither of the females are neutered.
  10. Are they the only two pick up points you do, and about what time do you return
  11. I did I will end them a message just to make sure its ok to give it out, they were realy good. ---------- Post added 02-03-2016 at 21:32 ---------- I have asked them but they say the only problem would be, they are insured through animal angels, so they will have to say no, wouldn't risk looking after someones house and pets without insurance
  12. I used a company called Animal Angels, they are a national company but I got a lovely couple from Sheffield, looked after two dogs two cats two rabbits pond fish and the house, they were amazing and wouldn't hesitate to use them again, not cheap, but did everything to the letter, and my pets were happy and cared for with somebody living in their home with them, they are all crb checked and all have references. Did seem strange at first having somebody in the house but it was immaculate when I came home.
  13. Ive got two large bin bags of womens clothes do any of the charities need them
  14. Can anyone recommend a mobile groomer for a lhasa apso, hes nearly one, so his puppy fur is just about through, hes not matted or anything, I brush him every day, I dont want him shaving I just want his head and face doing and a general trim
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