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  1. Wanting a joiner to fit doors to separate lounge to dining room. ASAP
  2. Long time ago I asked on here for holly shrub and where I could get one. A kind man replied and advised that I should wait till winter. He recently contacted me telling me he had taken a cutting and nurtered it ready for planting. Today he has delivered it, planted it and wouldn’t take anything at all for the shrub or his trouble bringing it. We all moan about society nowadays but kindness and helping one another still exits and I for one am very thankful to this man. We all need to take a lesson and be kinder to one another.
  3. We do have grill tray and it doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it takes around three times of tripping before it stays on?
  4. Thank you for your help and now will have to find someone to change it. Thanks again
  5. My built in electric oven keeps Tripping all electrics but doesn’t do it every time. It only does it on the main oven function not the grill. Can anyone give me any advice what it could be please? Thanks
  6. Hi been to several garden centres and no one got any Alium plants. Any suggestions where to buy would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Anyone got any Holly and Lilac for sale please?
  8. Tomorrow would be fine thanks just let me know where to bring it to you?
  9. It isn’t plugged in and tried different keyboards and only numbers work? ---------- Post added 17-11-2018 at 17:48 ---------- How do I reset it if I can’t even log on please?
  10. But it is the same problem with laptop keyboard and an external one plugged into it? ---------- Post added 17-11-2018 at 17:44 ---------- Do you know anyone that I could ask to try and fix this please? ---------- Post added 17-11-2018 at 17:45 ---------- Do you know anyone that could possibly try and fix this please?
  11. Hi the numbers lock is not on and the laptop is a G505s Lenovo. Tried holding the FN an F11 together but didn’t work?
  12. Hi could anyone tell me how to fix my laptop. It will only show numbers and no letters at all and have even tried plugging in a keyboard to try but still only numbers? Thanks
  13. Tony’s best chip shop in the world. Darnall fisheries is also up there too.
  14. That would be brilliant thanks but may not be able to get till Tuesday if that’s ok.
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