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  1. Function at the Junction – Shorty Long
  2. Upon The My-O-My – Captain Beefheart
  3. My heart's in the shadow His heart's in the shadow. I heard you got a new boy He got more than me He's lots of fun to have around He's got lots of money.
  4. No one to talk with, All by myself No one to walk with But I'm happy on the shelf. Ain't misbehavin' Just savin' my love for you.
  5. In My Hour of Darkness – Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt
  6. All alone I bear the shame I'm a number not a name I heard that lonesome whistle blow. All I do is sit and cry When the evening train goes by I heard that lonesome whistle blow. I'll be locked here in this cell Til my body's just a shell And my hair turns whiter than snow. I'll never see that gal of mine Lord, I'm in prison doing time I heard that lonesome whistle blow.
  7. Take the Highway – Marshall Tucker Band
  8. Please now, brother, don't you ride this train Ride the wrong rails, live your life in vain.
  9. We're getting high again We're getting high again Just like we used to do When I was with my friends. We're getting high again We're getting high again It's been a long, long time But now we're getting high again.
  10. Icepick Through My Heart – Michael Burks
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