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  1. horribleblob

    What would your dream job be ?

    Your Padders/Parker to her Pattricia/Penelope perhaps? As a youngster, I wanted to be another Jackson Pollock or David Hockney, but alas, no talent. These days I'd like to be a detective fiction writer but I'm no Ian Rankin or Raymond Chandler either. Fortunately, I'm enthused by my current occupation enough that I look forward to a working day (or night).
  2. horribleblob

    Objects found on mars

    Man-made object spotted on Mars this week. https://www.space.com/42731-insight-mars-lander-space-photos-mro.html
  3. I'll eat a slice of cold pizza and wash it down with warm beer.
  4. horribleblob

    Fave TV detective show

    My most recent favourites have been 'Inspector Montalbano' and 'Spiral' (both on Beeb 4), and I'm currently enjoying the rerun on Talking Pictures of the mid60s/mid70s series, 'Public Eye'. PS: I'm a fan of 'Rebus' too.
  5. horribleblob

    Headphones and cold weather

    A chullo, perhaps?
  6. horribleblob

    Sayings you don't hear any more

    When us kids came in filthy from playing, our mam would say: "You're as black as Newgate's knocker", or: "You're as black as your hat". At the time, I used to wonder what " Snewgates snocker" was. I haven't heard these sayings for a while.
  7. horribleblob

    Guess something about next poster

    I have 'A Saucerful of Secrets'. S/G.
  8. horribleblob

    Old pickle company in kelham island

    There was a Waterhouses pickle business, but I don't know if they were based in Kelham Island. https://imgur.com/a/EUpsLen
  9. horribleblob

    What did you last get in the mail?

    A catalogue for formal tailored shirts. I ask you: for a slob of a blob? Don't you just love algorithms?
  10. horribleblob

    [A to Z] I haven't ever..

    Wandered into the road in an inebriated state. (Somehow, I manage to keep to the pavement by holding on to fences and hedges.)
  11. horribleblob

    Ukip. All discussion here please.

    Following on from former deputy chairwoman, Suzanne Evans, quitting UKIP yesterday in protest at the leadership of Gerard Batten and his association with Tommy Robinson.
  12. horribleblob

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    The Brothers Arms (ex Shakespeare). Another excellent Heeley pub.
  13. horribleblob

    Silver stacking

    I occasionally wear silver but don't own enough pieces to form a stack.
  14. horribleblob

    [A to Z] I haven't ever..

    Harboured thoughts about being harangued by a "bossy boots".
  15. horribleblob

    [A to Z] I haven't ever..

    Wended my way to a tattoo studio. X

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