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  1. There were two posts of the same ilk but under a different user name earlier this morning. Both have since been removed thankfully.
  2. The Architecture The Railways Built; season 2, episode 7. UKTV/Yesterday.
  3. horribleblob


    "In space there are countless constellations, suns and planets; we see only the suns because they give light; the planets remain invisible, for they are small and dark. There are also numberless earths circling around their suns." Giordano Bruno, a contemporary of Galileo, also unloved by the Catholic Church, and finally burned at the stake for his beliefs and opinions.
  4. The last time I saw that pigeon, it was sitting on the Bessemer Converter outside Kelham Island Museum.
  5. Nobody is erasing history in this instance. Consigning Midget Gems to history is adding to it. [Likewise, the toppling of the Colston statue will become part of the historical narrative.] Sensibilities evolve and commercial thinking follows close behind – or in the case of ‘Marathon’/‘Snickers’ it ignores them.
  6. I had to double-take at that denial by West 77.
  7. [Aside] She's the girlfriend of the whirling dervish She's the sweetest one he's found But every night, in the mellow moonlight When he's out dervishing with all his might She gives him the run-around
  8. Your wildcard is ok with me, wearysmith. That poem by (Dr) J CC also mentions "Christmas", which happens to be a township in Michigan on the Lake Superior shoreline. [Not to mention that the 73rd north parallel crosses the Arctic Ocean]
  9. It all came to me in the wake of a dream Bending space and reversing the stream The knowledge is mine to influence time And avert our decline.
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