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  1. Lottie And The Charcoal Queen – Humble Pie
  2. Fog on the Tyne – Lindisfarne
  3. You Can Have Him – Nina Simone, et al
  4. Willie and the Hand Jive – Johnny Otis
  5. Highbury Incident – Stackridge
  6. If You Feel Like China Breaking – Jefferson Airplane
  7. If You Feel Like China Breaking – Jefferson Airplane
  8. Light Your Windows – Quicksilver Messenger Service
  9. Patricia – Florence and the Machine
  10. Rio – Michael Nesmith [Ex Monkees]
  11. In December 2019, I went with a friend to see the Patrick Barlow (him of the National Theatre of Brent) adaptation of 'The 39 Steps' at the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield, performed/presented by the resident Dilys Guite Players. It was a hoot, so perhaps the same as what you saw. As far as the film version goes: give me the atmospherics of the 1935 Hitchcock/Robert Doughnut/Madeleine Carroll version every time.
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