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  1. Those that are stopped for minor road offences are soon found to have major offences too, showing that bad drivers are like icebergs of crime. Drug testing will be a great reporting tool and a way to start the conversation about life direction. I am all for a National DNA database too so people who test positive to drugs should be added.
  2. Shame we have closed down nearly all the North Sea gas platforms and bought gas in. Would take years to get to the state of production again
  3. I cut my wife’s fringe at the weekend so had to make sure it was level. I’m leaving my hair for the experts which now comes down to the end if my nose.
  4. I know when I have carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, turnip or potatoes as they are cut and cooked remaining very similar to the raw product. I like to know what I am eating and its hard to tell with processed meat or meat look alike products. I supposed mushrooms come the closest to the texture of meat but are classed as fungi, not vegetables.
  5. I am sieving the soil of the garden and removing the stones. I am committing all the CD's I have to mp3's. I am scanning all the family photos into my computer with meta notes. I am painting and decorating. I am repairing the garden shed, fences and hedges. I dont think I will have time to clear out the garage, I need at least another month of lockdown to get all the jobs done.
  6. Have a great VE Day everyone! Party like they used to but in a 2020 socially distancing way
  7. It is easily done, misfuelling can cause serious damage to the fuel pump, the fuel lines, the filter and fuel injectors so good job you realised and did something about it straight away. The waste petrol if not over 10% diesel would be fine for 2 stroke mowers if you could keep it
  8. It is good to know the grant system is working for Sheffield businesses. It is hard enough trying to keep up with the costs of not doing anything, like insurance costs, with some success but not in every situation.
  9. In Rotherham these businesses have been served with Prohibition Notices by Rotherham Council. Swinton – Cafe Sport/Roxys Bar and Gym Wath – Red Lion Public House West Melton- WMC (Westville) Public House North Anston – Cutlers Public House Eastwood – Ideal Rooms furniture store Masbrough- Jays Hand Car Wash Town Centre – 104 Westgate Rotherham Barbers Shop A council spokesman said: “All had been investigated by our officers after we received reports from members of the public. “On every occasion a warning was issued in the first instance, but Prohibition Notices were subsequently served after these were ignored. “If these notices are breached, a fixed penalty notice of £60 will be issued (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days). However, for each subsequent breach thereafter, the fixed penalty will be doubled, up to a maximum of £960. “Further proceedings for an offence under these Regulations may be brought by the Crown Prosecution Service and any person designated by the Secretary of State. “If prosecuted, businesses are liable for a maximum £5000 fine, with further punishments for continuation of the offence.”
  10. I needed some replacement tools and manged to get them within an hour of ordering from Toolstation. Online ordering only and pickup only when they have sent you a message to say it is ready to pick up. Stay safe and no speeding.
  11. You would think that burglars wouldn't target households in the lock down and that commercial properties would be more of a target.
  12. Send me a PM if you are still looking for a business partner
  13. Amazing tribute to an amazing man, a true ambassador of British values
  14. Common sense seems to have died in this crisis. You can go out for exercise but it doesn't mean you can bend the advice to suit yourself.
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