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  1. Snooker147

    T-Shirt Airbrushing?

    Hello I am wanting to learn/try Airbrushing T shirt designs I was wondering if anyone in Sheffield does this if you do could you send me a message would be good to have a look at your setup and some advice thanks!
  2. Snooker147

    Can someone help explain this printing process?

    Thank you for that reply I can sort of understand it now what do you mean by mounting three plates?
  3. Hello I am learning about how Graphic Designs were done before modern computers I watched this video on how everything was cut out and postitioned before being sent off to a ''printer'' ... How did this printer colour things in I don't understand the next part to what would happen? @ 10:10 seconds
  4. Snooker147

    Most boring film you’ve ever seen.

    Australia (2008) so boring
  5. Snooker147

    Butchers shop recommendations

    Does anyone know of butchers in Sheffield that do a delivery service?
  6. Snooker147

    Fire engine leaving the station

    TL Bay?
  7. Hello I thought I'd post this video of a fire engine leavign the station in Sheffield you might be interested my a few people have told me they always want to see it!
  8. Snooker147

    Heinz tomato ketchup

    I much prefer the ''Great British sauce co proper tomato sauce'' tastes really nice
  9. Snooker147

    Seen any Waxwings please

    I have seen quite a few when walking over archer bridge near in the wooded area down the road to where esporta used to be next to the train
  10. It was an Esso I am after a picture of it from around 1990 ---> to when the shops were built I am not looking for one that is really old
  11. Yes I was looking for a recent picture before the shops were built within the last 20 years
  12. Hello I was wondering if anyone had a picture with the ESSO garage across from the millhouses pub on abbeydale road thanks
  13. rajdhani by the Dore train station is the one I enjoy going to the food is really nice
  14. He is a very good barber in the moor market recommend him
  15. Snooker147

    Fury v wilder - only going to frustrate aj?

    I think Fury has trained a lot and got in more shape than his previous fight Wilder is a good match with Fury it should be a good fight

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