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  1. Hi looking for a reasonably priced business unit needs to be a fair size for a joinery work shop and a small showroom anyone know of any preference to south Sheffield but would consider most areas within Sheffield thanks in advance.
  2. Hi if you want to message me your number I’ll give you a call to discuss
  3. Must have good knowledge of the building and joinery industry ideally have own tools and driving licence vehicle not essential please message for more info
  4. Advertising in the right areas at the right time is really hard as most people will know someone. However I’d have to agree with the person that recommended getting registered on trusted trader. in my own personal opinion I’d recommend my builder I’ve had a lot of work off there and it doesn’t cost the earth its a good way of getting in with customers then word of mouth will go from there also abit of sign writing on the vehicle goes along way. when your looking at sign writing your better off putting one or two bullet points that cover a variety of jobs as there’s nothing worst than a huge list on the side of a van ( jack of all trades) master of none also set up a Facebook page and get everyone you know on Facebook and share it as much as possible to friends and they will share it social media is what 90% of people spend around 10% of there day looking at it has unbelievable power hope this helps.
  5. I’m a window fitter and have been doing it for 20 years I have seen some of these paint jobs and the amount of time people have to go back to them the problem is it’s like plastering the sealant part of the fitting is a technique and people think ahhh abit of silicone how hard can that be but it’s not as easy as you think the other part is I’ve seen this time and time again what when you go to spray someone’s windows and say there white and they have white Georgian bar inside the glass units this looks rubbish once the windows have been sprayed as the bar no longer matches as a fitter I’d never even look at sprayed windows the amount of people I’ve been to and ripped them out months after they have been sprayed I think it’s a dying trade before it’s kicked off but I could be wrong just think about all the different bits spraying is an art to get it right you’ll have to take all the silicone out to make sure you spray right up to the edge of the frame then go back once it’s dry to re seal it all if someone has old windows they may aswel just replace them has to be more cost effective as they have no more guarantee with them hardware starts to fail I think it would be a good idea if it’s just a quick way to say tart a property up before selling or renting etc make it abit more appealing but that’s all I think it’s good for but as I said I could be wrong so the best of luck to you.
  6. Hi has anybody got any advice on getting a business advertised it's not about not wanting to spend money it's about the best places to put money into advertising keep hearing all different things about yell.com some say good some say bad are flyers worth doing or do people just throw them away these days where's the best places to put money advertising wise appreciate any advise people have.
  7. Go into 1&1 internet make you own website they have all the tools and then you can set it live works really good I did mine that way and not had any problems it's free until you go live then I think it's about £10 per month but extremely good
  8. Hahahaha that would be hilarious lol I could just imagine the look on my mrs face ???
  9. I had already thort of that before I spoke to these people it was 4 family members in the building trade I spoke to I need to get a patent but have little or no idea on how to go about it or what cost is involved in getting this idea patented
  10. As long as I can get the product manufactured at a reasonable price I know it would sell I work with 20 people on a daily basis and we all do the same job and most of the building trade have the same problem I've quietly spoke to a few people about the idea and they have said the same as me about it my biggest selling point is going to be the man hours that would be freed up due to this product if I can turn a tedious 3 hour job into a not so bad 15 min job which it will this product should be a hit I would have thort with most construction company's
  11. Hi steve thanks for advice I'll defiantly look at that and there is lots of people across the entire building trade that would benefit from this product I can't believe there isn't anything already on the market
  12. Just wondered if anyone could give any info on designing and manufacturing a product last week I did a job for some1 and some of the work I had to do took me a long time it was slow and tedious took best part of 3 hours which set me thinking surely there's something out there that could save so much time and not to mention the joint aches afterwards so I set out looking online and to my suppose there was nothing available so with abit of thinking and a few scetches I've designed something that will potentially cut the time down to around 15 mins and and next to no hassle and aches I think this product would be a good goer in the rite hands and potential to add other products to go with it at a later date so if there's anyone who could shed some professional light on how to go about getting prototype and marketing this idea I'd love to hear from you many thanks in advance steve-300683
  13. Hi all I'm wanting my business to pop up on google when people search certain add words some one was supposed to be doing me a website and using it in there portfolio but they haven't got back to me after I gave them all the details I need a good presence on the internet in South Yorkshire can any one give me any tips advice or help thanks in advance
  14. It's a horrible job think twice if I was you it's usually ok to start with but then after a few months they start to take the **** lol
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