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  1. I love growing vegetables etc., tomatoes are easy because I have used grow bags. My question is regarding the best for growing potatoes. If I was to mix 25% of compost bought from a garden centre with 75% soil from my compost heap, and a handful of fish, blood and bone would this be okay, also would it do for growing tomatoes as well. ( I have an old cement mixer which would be great for mixing stuff together) Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have recently bought a model making kit each for my three grandchildren, it was a solar panel, motor and gears etc., the pleasure the lads got from assembling them was wonderful and they have shown a lot of interest in doing more. (they are 12 & 13 years old) I don't want to buy the plastic kits in boxes as they don't seem to hold the same magic as something that you can design and build yourself. Does anyone know of good outlets where I can buy plans, materials, wood, plastic gears, small motors, pulleys etc. from which the kids can design and build things themselves. I have been on the internet but cannot get anything to begin and complete a project. There must be lots of model makers on Sheffield Forum so I would really welcome any advice, tips or any information to help me. I would welcome any advice, Thankyou, Stonks
  3. No, they didn't say anything I emailed the RAC complaints department but got nowhere. I shall be considering my membership with them when it comes up for renewal.
  4. I have recently bought a diesel car after many years of having petrol engines. Last week I topped up the tank with petrol by mistake, but fortunately realised straight away and so didn't start the engine. Being a member of the RAC I rang them and had to pay over the phone £224 : 99 to get someone to come out. A company called Fuel Doctors attended, and in 25 minutes all was back to normal. When I got home I checked the internet for prices and found I could have got the same service for £95 : 00. Not a bad little earner for the RAC, £129 : 99 profit for just a phone call to a sub contractor. RAC MEMBERS BEWARE
  5. Around 1972, a couple of times I went in a pub on Stoke Street, I think it was called the "Greyhound", it was a small dimly lit pub,, it isn't there now but I'm sure that's what it was called. Stoke Street runs off of the main Attercliffe road, the other end of it joins onto Effingham Road, can anyone remember it and have I got the pubs name right? I had just left the Royal Navy in those days so due to the passage of time and my consumption of I tend to forget.
  6. I have a 2003 registered Honda CRV and the reversing sensors have packed up so I have bought a reversing camera which I intend to fit myself. Does anyone know where the control box for the sensors might be fitted and how I might get to it. If I can find it where is, I can disconnect the old sensors and use the reversing light feed to supply the new camera unit and the somehow run a wire to the front of the car to the mirror. All advice would be welcome as I really don't know where to start. I did look for tips on the internet but couldn't find anything useful, although I believe I might have to remove some of the boot panels.
  7. Does any one know what the piece of music / song is called with the BMW advert for the X5 car is, also the singers name if possible.
  8. Does any one know if it is possible to insulate underneath a wood floor using spray foam and if so where can the materials and equipment required for application be obtained. I can easily get under the floor but would not be able to get very large pieces of Kingspan type insulation down there, hence the query about spray foam. Any advice regarding this would be appreciated, also would it be better to have a company do it instead of DIY.
  9. I am fortunate enough to have two robins nesting in my green house and through their behaviour they are obviously feeding their young. The question is, when can I expect the baby robins to leave the nest so that I might begin to use my greenhouse again? I definitely wouldn't disturb them. We get lots of feral pigeons, magpies and squirrels in our garden which gobble everything up that is put out for the smaller birds, personally I think they are vermin. I am considering building a large cage, maybe two or the foot square so that the smaller birds can get in to feed but keeping the vermin out. What would the best size of mesh to do this and where might I buy it from. I would appreciate any advice on these subjects.
  10. I wish to make a bird feeder/cage so that the small birds can go inside and get the food, but keeping pigeons, magpies and squirrels out. The ones I have which have been bought from pet shops etc are not really good enough. What would be the best size of mesh to use for this purpose and where would I be able to obtain it, also I think it would be best if it was powder coated or plastic coated. I would welcome any advice necessary in making a feeder/cage.
  11. Does anyone know if the DIY garage on Woodbourne Road is still operating and if it is when are they open. I went up there about 0930 this morning and th place was locked up. The next question is does anyone know of any other place where I can do a bit of work on my car?
  12. Why should we have to pay to park, after all, I like most motorists pay road tax, the councils that charge for parking are just parasites, because they have power they are allowed to practice extortion.
  13. I have a Ballerina apple tree which has a fungus growing on the trunk and branches, when the fungus is rubbed off, underneath is a red fluid or red sap which stains my fingers. Does anyone know what the problem could be and what is the cure. I have visited a garden centre for advice and to buy treatment but they don't seem to know what it is. All advice would be welcome.
  14. I have an apple tree which grows to about 10 feet tall and the branches are very short, it is called a Ballerina tree, I don't think there are a lot of this variety about. Today we found little clumps of white fungus growing on the trunk, the fungus type of stuff rubs off easily but when it is wiped away there is a red juice underneath which is just like blood, it stains your fingers until it is washed off. Does anyone know what it is, what causes it and most importantly what can be done to get rid of it. I would welcome any advice on the problem as it is a lovely tree and the apples it grows are delicious.
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