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  1. Not what the council claim - they claim it is to support the retailers “Through our free parking initiative we hope to support Sheffield’s retailers in making the city centre a great place for families to visit during this magical festive period.” You aren't suggesting that the SCC are lying are you? So you haven't seen any announcement - seems like it was yet another piece of bad news flown in under the radar during lockdown - SCC stay true to their colours.
  2. I notice that there has been no justification of the above inflation increase in the costs. Perhaps that's because there isn't one. Can anyone tell me when the public announcement of this increase was posted - was it yet another stealth activity by those charlatans in the SCC? Did they do it during lockdown when people were obviously focused on other things - like living?
  3. So why do they offer it free before Christmas? Is it to stimulate shopping? Oooo, that would be clever - reduce prices so that people come shopping.
  4. Yet again a greater than inflation increase by those thieves in the city council. How do they justify this increase? And Sunday is now £2 - if they really are committed to supporting local businesses they should scrap the weekend charges and get people buying again - not driving them away. And why they cannot pro rata the overpayment to extra minutes just highlights how deceitful they are.
  5. But true - that South Yorkshire mentality - if it ain't invested here, it ain't worth the breath to talk about it... Bah - Billions? - Bezos? - but he ain't from Barnsley!
  6. Absolutely - intra-race atrocities are terrible. As are inter-race, of course
  7. Love the piece in the BBC about "'My Nigerian great-grandfather sold slaves'" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-53444752 We rarely hear about intra-race slavery as opposed to inter-race slavery. The article says"It would be unfair to judge a 19th Century man by 21st Century principles. ...Buying and selling of human beings among the Igbo had been going on long before the Europeans arrived. People became slaves as punishment for crime, payment for debts, or prisoners of war." So what that person is saying is that because it was what they had always done it was ok... Was it? Or should we start to cast the spotlight on the atrocities done within races more than between races?
  8. Because when you ask one, another contradicts you, and then the first one changes their mind... You might have seen this with face mask wearing as an example... Or testing , or coronavirus. In fact, there is no point in asking them for an answer because the half life of any of their answers is about the same as the length of time a sausage-roll lasts at a wedding buffet.
  9. Love to see that Boris has yet again been proven to be a liar. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/53443161 He really is conforming to his track record of being a liar, as well as being a racist, sexist and a cheat... I can't understand how people voted for him as their role model and PM. There are some real sheep supporting him these days as he leads us into the Brexit wilderness. Still waiting for the Brexit dividend to show up in my street/life/city/country... Oh, wait - just another Boris lie...
  10. Nah - it is about guarantees and after purchase support -John Lewis are second to none. JL isn't necessarily high-end, just high quality - these words aren't the same.
  11. My take on it was one police man in the doorway while a van and a car was parked up outside. No raid, no problem, just closest responder...
  12. Sorry, actually expecting that the Daily Mail would print news based on truth is where your problem starts.
  13. Starvation isn't a cause of death is it - surely heart failure or organ failure due to starvation is the cause of death
  14. And my posts on the evidence of what you called allegations?
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