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  1. We are in a bit of a dichotomy here. Manifesto promises are not legally binding as has been evidenced by challenging this premise in the courts previously. However, if a proposal is in a manifesto, then if the party gets in, it can say it has been given a mandate to deliver on its manifesto promises. Therefore our democratic government (quite often elected with less than 50% of the electorate supporting them) has the freedom to prmise the world and only deliver on what it wants. See ad nauseum the last few parliaments - Tory lies, Tory lies, coalition lies, Labour lies... But... at least the previous Tory and Labour lies weren't delivered by a lying, cheating racist, sexist PM like the one we have at the moment (or the spineless liar Nick Clegg)!
  2. Basically the brexiteers are lying through their teeth, taking a lead from that master liar Trump. Our own PM, a self-confessed cheat, a liar, a racist and a sexist isn't fit to lead a fancy dres parade and yet people on here think that he is fit to lead us off the cliff-edge that is Brexit. When the country commits suicide (and I am convinced that the propaganda machine that is behind the illegal brexit camp will get the UK out) they will blame the remainers for the state that the country descends into. It is your own making - don't blame anyone else! You have only yourselves to blame.
  3. Lies, damned lies and Boris... Anyone who supports this liar, this cheat, this misogynist, this racist can only count themselves in the same camp. We should not be giving this sort of abhorrent person a platform, but thankfully, we are not a dictator state yet - although we could well be if he gets in - but as we are not we give him a platform to peddle his lies.
  4. Does that mean we should support the one person who has admitted he is a cheat and a liar, who is also a misogynist and racist? I would suggest not. There are other less bad people in the HoC. "Anyone but Boris" should be on the ballot paper, that would be true democracy!
  5. What's the alternative? Isn't the PM meant to be a role model? I pity your children (if you have any) and society if you want Boris the sexist to be their role model.
  6. So the lying, cheating, misogynistic, sexist PM yet again makes the country he is meant to represent look like a fool. Why and how can anyone support this buffoon? Please, someone tell me why you would vote for him or his racist party?
  7. Should the PM not be a role model to the rest of the UK? In which case we should all be trying to be Liars (proven), Cheats (proven), Sexist (on public record) and racist (also on public record). I, for one, don't want this anomaly to be in charge of my country. Don't back Boris - please!
  8. Liar Liar pants on fire - Boris is unbelievable. He is claiming to have not lied ever! He was sacked twice for lying. He left his wife after being found cheating on her He is a sexist misogynist. I do wonder if he and Trump have a bet on to see who can get away with the biggest lie without getting called out for it. How can anyone consider him as the leader of the country... lunacy! Feels like that includes you?
  9. Is Boris a role model for the country? A self confessed liar, cheat, a sexist and racist and he wants us to trust him - why? Does he really think that be cause he plays the buffoon, he isn't a buffoon? I wouldn't vote for a cheat, liar, racist and sexist person - would you?
  10. The bit with the facts. Oh there were no facts - so all your fancy words were not answering the question. We have quite clear facts on the downsides of the Suicide Pact called Brexit, but no clear facts on the upside. But as an armchair socialist in your mansion you won't worry about that
  11. Remind me - what are the upsides of Brexit? And provide some substantiated facts please (so no Unicorns or Elven promises).
  12. This is taking place in Sheffield. This is Sheffield Forum. Why is this not in "Sheffield News & Discussions"? Boris' magic money tree is infinite until it comes to delivery. And then it is Brexit-shaped... i.e. full of promises and little substance
  13. Anyone going? Hosted by Fiona Bruce in Sheffield, the Question Time special will go on air on BBC One at 7pm for two hours and you can watch it live online, too, and listen to it on the radio. Each leader will take turns answering questions from the audience for 30 minutes, with Labour's Jeremy Corbyn going first. The SNP's Nicola Sturgeon will go next, then Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats, with Conservative leader Boris Johnson speaking last. My question would be to Boris... As a self confessed liar and cheat, and as a recognised sexist and misogynist, why do you think you are fit to lead the country? Shouldn't the Prime Minister be a role model to the rest of the country?
  14. So should the EU ask for its subsidies back? - Leave voters in the North have continued to milk the cash cows of EU subsidies since the leave vote, and Farage will continue to milk his particular EU gravy train for the foreseeable future. What do you think, Mr Junk from the Trunk? Or is this just right wing or left wing (as you can't make your mind up) totalitarian / fascist / communistic propaganda?
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