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  1. Leave through and through - never mind the shambles we have, it could be worse, look over there. My parents always told me, the only time you count from the bottom up is when you are running away from lions, never be last. All other times, count from the top down - see how close to the top you are, after all, that is your target. The Leave mentality seems just to be don't be at the bottom, but I fear the lions are getting nearer due to their choice. Can't wait to rejoin whatever EU there is in a few years time - keep the light on! From September - nothing like being current - this is nothing like being current! I guess next we will have the notification that we have a deal with Germany (held aloft by Chamberlain, as opposed to our little fascist, Mr BoShambles)
  2. Anyone who says that he is justified traveling 7 miles to cycle round the Olympic Park is not being realistic - these are safer venues closer to No 10 for him to have his little jolly. No, he is just taking the mickey yet again. One rule for Boris, one for the rest of the UK.
  3. I see the PM has one set of rules for himself and another for us plebeians. "Boris Johnson has been criticised for travelling seven miles from Downing Street to go cycling during lockdown. " Mr Hancock said: "It is ok to go if you went for a long walk and ended up seven miles from home, that is OK, but you should stay local. So the 2 people from Derbyshire who were fined for traveling 5 miles were breaking the law, but MrBoShambles wasn't? - hypocrite!
  4. Johnson has built his career on telling lies... and being racist, and sexist, and a cheat (all of which have been proven and are in the public domain). And yet people voted for him and what he stands for - the UK's very own Trump. How long before he rallies his supporters to deny democracy for those who aren't taken in by his lies? Oh, I forgot, he's already done it - for once he was leading in his thinking, not following like the lemming he is. The sooner we can get back into the EU the better, I just hope we haven't destroyed too many livelihoods before we do.
  5. Looks like it is the thin end of the wedge... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/bees-kill-pesticide-insect-sugar-neonic-b1784693.html "Environment secretary George Eustice has agreed to let a product containing the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam to treat sugar beet seed this year in an effort to protect the crop from a virus. " Strange they are being proactive about a virus rather than hoping for herd immunity...
  6. Lots of suggestions; https://www.auto123.com/en/news/frozen-car-doors-locks/66495/
  7. The biggest problem was that the Leave campaign could promise the world (as they did) and promise that it would be the land of milk and honey afterwards wiothout having to prove anything. This is where we are now - soon people will be saying - "you promised..." and when they realise that much of what was said was empty rhetoric and lies, then the pendulum will swing the other way - but we have shot the golden goose - there is no going back under such favourable terms as we previously had.
  8. I would always go with the people who made it and who know what it does. Hasn't the government rejected the advice (sp) of the (so called) experts enough times before? Seems to me that they pick and choose when they decide to believe the recommendations... But, hey, if the government is willing to go against the advice of the manufacturers, and to bear the brunt of the legal cases that might apply, well that is what is called risk management, and is what they are willing to bear - including the loss of jobs, then they make the choices... I just hope that we don't see increased deaths because of this decision, and then honours and gongs for deaths. I see the whiplash has started - aboutturns from Williamson, how long before Teflon Johnson says it was someone else's fault?
  9. So now the UK has decided it knows better than the creators of the vaccine, and are not doing the 2 jabs think in the recommended timescale, who is liable if it all goes horribly wrong? I hope that the Government is willing to shoulder any blame. But good old teflon Boris will blame someone else I am sure.
  10. I disagree - I think you are being racist suggesting someone is anti-British. Do you have an answer?
  11. Get behind the UK- be democratic and allow the people a choice... Join the rejoin campaign.
  12. Amazing that Eire have abolished it and they are still in the EU. Perhaps the Government didn't want to abolish it as they could use it as another of their anti-EU lies (like bendy bananas etc). Oh well, roll on rejoining under Schengen rules - a bit like Gibraltar (hold on weren't they part of the UK?) Boris' break up of the Union party has only just started.
  13. And Boris' father looks to become a French Citizen... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55499773 Looks like all the liars and cheats who promoted Brexit are now on the other side of the f(r)ench reaping to rewards of the lies that they sold to the brexitmugs. "They're in the money..."
  14. But Britain's never was... It is the start of England becoming a nation of its own... Well done Boris! You appear to have started what Napoleon and Hitler couldn't do. What about the Chinese element in all of this and Sizewell? Put the UK (soon to be England) into hock to other nations - take back control? Sell off control more like, and those in power pocket the money and run off with their German passports...
  15. Please sign. But surely that goes against everything that the Brexiteers want - they want to clamp down on free movement - don't they? Is this an example of how Brexit is going to help kill the UK's world-leading entertainment sector?
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