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  1. 2 week half term coming up I guess... And levelling down... So much for the liar's election promises.
  2. This is where I think certain people have been misled... Some people think that the Tory dictatorship (for that is what we have at the moment with Mr Boshambles ruling by decree) will deliver what they were promised. And this is when it is slowly dawning on them that they were CONNED... And so to save face (rather than save the country) they are pointing the finger anywhere else but at their own faces.... I can already hear "wasn't me I didn't do it, a big boy did it and ran away" coming out left, right and centre. Accept it - you screwed us over - well done. Still waiting for the beneficial evidence of brexit... Been waiting for 3 years now... Care to provide evidence not your typical hollow rhetoric? Please????? Pretty please.... Pretty please with straight bananas on it?
  3. You said the majority of the UK, not the majority of the electorate... ...talking about the uneducated....
  4. . . . . . . . . . Still waiting... Any evidence - please... not even £350M worth.... Perhaps a straight banana's worth... (oh, I forgot that was another of the lying PM's claims, and therefore is already discounted)... ? Waiting
  5. I care about education (p.s. cares not care's). No we don't, we care about everyone which is why we are trying to get the best deal for everyone, as opposed to you who don't care what the deal is as long as it disadvantages the higher classes. Brexit was a chance to kick the London elite, which in the end kicked the whole country. Instead of the elected Euro MPs, we now have a dictatorial liar, cheat,s exit and racist ruling by decree rather by democracy. The working class are already being thrown to the wolves by your elected dictator looking toine the pockets of his bankers and financiers by chucking manufacturing and utilities into the wind. Well done, my little trotskyite, you have fulfilled the National Socialist Parties aim... That'll be the Farage who has his 2 children on German passports, and the Rees-Mogg with the offshore hedge fund... p.s. Still waiting...
  6. Sorry - we have been through this before... Population of the UK in 2016 - 65 million Population that voted leave - 17 million... 17/65 is nowhere near half - unless you don't understand the term majority, (my guess) you cannot claim the majority of the UK voted leave... Blah blah blah. Don't care any more... retep - you dug your hole and for the rest of time we will be pointing out that the leave voter s turned the UK into the 3rd world country we will become... Well done... one handed clap for you, world's tiniest violins are playing for you as you descend into a no deal oblivion - where it the "easiest deal in history" now?
  7. Car Boot - can you please give us the evidential benefits of leaving the EU. Not your indoctrination by the right wingers of the leave campaign, the facts? Thanks... Waiting... Waiting...
  8. But the majority of UK voters never wanted to leave the EU... Car Boot - yada yada yada, yawn, socialist clap trap, people's democracy, take back control, yawn yawn yawn. When will you give us some evidence based facts? When will you admit that the sexist, racist, cheating lying, totalitarian you promoted as the new messiah is in fact a charlatan who is a right wing dictator who rules by decree? My guess... never - because you wear (red)rose tinited spectacles that will never let you admit you were wrong... A true right wing totalitarian mindset!!!!! Hail Car Boot...
  9. We have a so-called PM who ignores the advice of his advisors, who then refuses to negotiate with the Mayors of devolved areas (who by definition have local powers), and threatens to intervene with his opinion. It is called a dictatorship in other countries.
  10. Yet again we see that Mr BoShambles himself has changed from the Oliver Hardy character who was elected into the Oliver Cromwell character who is willing to rip up democratic process in the UK. "Take back control" (for himself).
  11. I don't want to pay tax, but I do for the greater good. I don't want to go to work, but I do for my family's good. I wear a mask, not only for my good, but for everyone's good. You don't want to wear a mask - well don't be so selfish and think of those people who get troubled by people not wearing one. If everyone wore one, then there wouldn't be the fear about going out. I think that the suicide rate would be less if everyone wore a mask - why? because the fear factor would be lower. But, don't worry those that don't wear a mask; Don't worry about those people that you are imprisoning; Don't worry about those people whose mental health you are ruining. That's ok, because you are slightly imposed upon, I am sure they understand your selfishness.
  12. This makes Sheffield look on par with Liverpool... https://www.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=47574f7a6e454dc6a42c5f6912ed7076
  13. And how will you take into account "those who will die of unemployment" - this is pure speculation about something that might or might not happen. The "isn't is fairly obvious statement", is also yet another unsubstantiated claim gazing into a crystal ball. Your whole argument is unsubstantiated as opposed to the very real fact that people are dying of Covid-19 now. I am sorry for your loss, but if it were I, and I had gone to a funeral, and Covid 19 had been transmitted through the congregation and others died because of attendance at the funeral, I am sure (and yes, this is a personal opinion - you might be different) that I would have wished that the congregation had never happened. And what if they are wrong? Shouldn't you err on the side of caution? I question the use of the phrase "huge numbers" - without proper testing we won't know how many that is - so saying it is 'huge' is misleading.
  14. I have made no assumptions, and you are far off with your guesses. Maybe you do understand so much more than me - quite possibly. I find it interesting that you consider an exit strategy as akin to suicide rather than a pragmatic approach. What is not a rational way to discuss a geopolitical change? Please be more specific. Brexit will change how the whole country is funded. So what is going to be better? You seem dead sure that some things will be, I am intrigued by your absolute certainty.
  15. But a slippery slope we are already seeing with Mr Boshambles taking away the democratic part of government by ruling by decree. Perhaps you should take some of the same medicine - have you considered you might be wrong? And to paraphrase a saying, if you don't worry about the crisis facing the UK with Brexit, you probably don't understand it
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