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  1. Clever rhetoric resonating with the masses with twisted truths... Mirrored with Trump, mirrored with Boris. First they close the borders, then they subjugate the masses, then when it all starts going south they blame someone else...
  2. I still haven't got over making what I think is a huge mistake. As I said, I hope I am wrong, but I think that we are sliding into an era in which Britain will lose influence, power and the economy will go down the pan. Oh, and the Union will break down. But hey, that's what you voted for ... so you can't complain. But I didn't, so I can!
  3. Well... in 1 weeks time you will have what you wanted. I hope that the world on the other side is a rosy as you promised, but if not, then I will be standing up and saying "Told You So" and you will be blaming the remain voters saying it was our fault. It wasn't, you have what you voted for, now grow up and take responsibility for the bad as well as any good there might be. Personally I still think that the leavers have signed the toilet act for the UK as that is where we are headed, led by a self-confessed liar, a cheat, a racist and a sexist - your choices have made him the role model for your children. I hope you are proud!
  4. This feels like microagression to me - joke! Considered by whom?
  5. I actually feel intimidated and picked on by the microagression police - who polices the police?
  6. How do people think this session will go? How many times will Boris be caught out lying? How many MPs will bother turning up with the massive Tory majority?
  7. And so the break up of the Union starts - ther are more republicans in post in NI now than unionists, so they will milk Boris' border in the Irish Channel for all it is worth - and once they start, wee Nicky will pipe up as well. Boris will then stand down as he doesn't want the stigma of being the man in charge when the UK was broken up - note he is happy to be a cheat, a liar, sexist and racist bigot, but doesn't want tarred with the man to do what neither Napoleon nor Hitler could!
  8. I see the £ has now lost all of its post election gains thanks to Boris potentially reintroducing a hard brexit - something that was not offered in the manifesto... I wonder how many of his mates made a few million before he deliberately crashed the £?
  9. eh? At least give me a chance to understand what you mean. Your nonsensical responses seem to be a common thread looking back into your history - if you can't say something of value - say nothing!
  10. Thanks to Corbyn, we now have a sexist, cheating, racist, liar in power for the next 10 years. This was predicted and yet the labour party members did nothing about it - just harking back to the Glastonbury years. What are they going to do now? Bitter infighting I guess. Yet another positive move!!! NOT
  11. Don't count your chickens - this bounce is about the removal of uncertainty - wait until Boris gets Brexit done - then we'll see the true impact of yesterdays suicide act. You missed out the word 'reduced' before 'budget'
  12. Yes Corbyn was the problem, but in winning the BoJo jolly boys will be taking us back to years of isolation, no trade deals, resulting in a depreciation of the pound (yes, it will soar tonight, but then we will see a slow decline in the value against most major currencies) and as a result, the standard of living will decline with the poor hit the most, unemployment will increase and the UK will become a leader in the third world. Any rooms to rent? Congratulations to all those that voted for; Cheating Lying Racism and Sexism The UK is following the US in electing its own Trump... may you get what you voted for!
  13. How naive you are... Believeing more of Boris' lies. The sky might not, but the pound will, the standard of living will, the employment rate will... You have taken us back to the 70s, not Corbyn!
  14. And so the Leavers start to pass the blame for the coming brexit-related chaos onto anyone else but themselves. You asked for it, now take some responsibility. When the Union beaks up, when the balance of trade goes so red that even you will be be happy - admit it was all your making - not anyone elses.
  15. Evidence is something our resident right wing stalinist doesn't provide - credible or otherwise.
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