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  1. So can they be assured that there will be no shortages for all sections of the diabetic population? I think you have already suggested that the answer is a resounding No! So you are confirming that Brexit may well be responsible for the deaths of some people - are you proud of your choice?
  2. So vegan diabetics are not considered? So much for the lying, cheating, sexist, racists PM's equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.
  3. My hours have been affected, my health has been affected, prices have risen to such an extent that I now have to consider more carefully what I buy. I don't consider the current state a democracy where you have an admitted liar, cheat, racist sexist in charge of a minority government trying to deliver what the majority of the country don't want without any consultation of the electorate. When that lying, cheating, racist, sexist PM purges those who dare to stand up against him and shuts down the elected parliament, I can't help comparing the current situation to that of Germany in the 1930s or the Stalinist era in the Soviet Union. Is it any wonder that we have had a massive rise in right wing extremism crimes since the vote?
  4. Wow - what a diatribe. What about 'democracy is about being able to change your mind'? Who said that - Oh yeah - A certain Mr Davis What about - if it is 52/48 it isn't over by a long shot - who said that? Oh yeah a certain Mr Farage (rhymes with Garage). And this is the point - the vote was so close, that if you took away the votes that voted in either direction because of the lies, or if you took into account the people who have died / who are now eligible to vote, then the implementation of the 2016 vote without checking that the current electorate want what was voted for (despite the brexiteers not being able to agree on what that actually was...) is actually undemocratic. And that is why, we should have another referendum, and if that is not possible, then to delay brexit by effectively annulling it, until we can decide what it actually means, and if we actually want it.
  5. Does Mr Boot support the removal of democratic process by the lying, cheating, sexist, racist buffoon that we have as a PM? Does he support the removal of democratically elected MPs because they didn't believe in what that lying, cheating, sexist, racist buffoon that we have as a PM was doing? Or does he support this action because it reminds him of the Stalinist purges which brought such prosperity to the USSR? Or does he support it because it reminds him of Germany in the 1930s?
  6. We do! - the removal of the democratic right of parliament by the racist, sexist, fascist Boris Johnson is evidence of the rise of the right wing unelected PM who is trying to control this country through bullying.
  7. Car Boot is a Trump bot. Don't pay any attention to it. You can play the game that triggers a response. Watch... CarBoot - you don't realise that the electorate don't want Brexit, what they want is a stable economy backed by the EU - the only way of getting that is to ignore the fake news of the Leave campaign, have a second referendum and let the democratic electorate express their opinions fairly. Do you disagree?
  8. I don't so the country down at all - the country is whinging. Brexiteers are whinging because now the truth about brexit is coming out, the electorate are exercising their democratic right to change their minds. The latest polls suggest that another referendum would overturn the fake-news-driven decision to leave the EU and the margin to stay would be definitive - well beyond the margins for contest that Mr Farage identified. So, you are arguing for Brexiteers to leave as they are in the minority now...
  9. And you should get out of South Yorkshire more - the UK's image is now as the whinging loser who can't make its mind up...
  10. Doesn't have to be Parliament, the conservatives could...
  11. Which Prime Minister? Nope, a second referendum. That way we will know what the electorate wants now that the true impact is being talked about.
  12. "Amber Rudd quits cabinet and Conservative party" Great to see true supporters of the UK standing up for what they believe in. Not the hollow rhetoric of the economy trashing brexiteers who follow Boris (the lying cheating racist PM) like sheep.
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