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  1. The irony of your response is obviously overlooked...
  2. Apparently, the Oxford English Dictionary are taking "gullible" out of the next edition due to under use. Whatever next?
  3. Can anyone recommend someone to look at sorting a leak in a chimney? Might be flashing, might not... Thanks
  4. That is a non-sequiteur. The animals may have been suffering but no vet was in attendance. Are you a vet? Were you there? Have we heard both sides of the argument?
  5. It looks like Hancock was yet another cheat, but at least he had the gumption to resign. Hopefully Boris will follow his lead and resign for all the lying and cheating he has done. Is this the curse of the Cumming's coming about... who is next?
  6. Its not illegal to share photos is it? Or is that another law that the draconian state has brought in? But on the other hand, as has been proven with this parliament, breaking laws doesn't matter if you are part of the CONservative party. Par for the course for the lying, cheating, racist, sexist bully that we have as a PM - probably applauding this while he beds down with the mother of his child number... errr... errr anyone got a calculator? It is a family of party values... Not a role model to be seen anywhere in the upper echelons! And if he decides to sack him, would you support that?
  7. Boris is a proven liar, cheat, sexist, racist and supporter of bullies. And yet the conservative voters support him and promote him as a role model and leader. What does this say about his supporters? That they value winning above morals, ethics and standards - so it is very hard to argue against the fact they are morally corrupt... But some in this forum do.
  8. The rule that rules (and laws) don't apply to those people who went to Eton, or if they do, they ignore them with impunity.
  9. One rule for the majority, one rule for the etonians!
  10. Correct. We are now paying the price for those who didn't understand the full consequences. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57282379 https://www.nytimes.com/article/brexit-uk-eu-explained.html How anyone can claim this to be a success is beyond me.
  11. Loved the Spittal Hill ones - Kashmir was excellent - especially when you had to ask for cutlery. And the records on the wall - so and so ate so many gluabs...
  12. Deffo a train running round the top of the wall... no pics though.
  13. Nope... they are all ignored - Boris' racism is unpenalised - why?
  14. Where are the Brexiteers now? They are silent as they start to realise that the money grabbing Farage has sold them down the river, and made a load of money from their predicament.
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