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  1. Rubbish - there are loads of good jobs in engineering. If you look at average post-graduation salaries, engineers are in the top 5, and it is a job that is in demand. There are now pathways being developed for apprentices to start at 16/17 (with GCSEs) and then go through degree apprenticeships and into degrees, all the time while being in employment - so no debt. Chartership is just about having a track record as an engineer and secondary education is totally set up to do that.
  2. Isn't democracy about being able to change your mind?
  3. "We don't allow links direct to political party websites or to sites that spread spurious stories for political influence at any time " Surely that discount Sheffield Forum as the amount of Fake news on this relating to Brexit is out of proportion
  4. Litotes

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    Sorry, I still don't understand what the promised brexit was... But then again it was never explained what it would be. So - you can't complain about what is delivered (even if it is remain). But you will - won't you?
  5. Credit to the Leeds Manager, Marcelo Bielsa for his response in the Villa game.
  6. Litotes

    The Blades are going up!

    Great for the city
  7. Litotes

    Hull v Blades

    Wow - what a result -you now need 3 points from 2 games (or 4 to be sure) as far as I can calculate...
  8. Source of the factual basis of this statement please? No arm waving - just facts... or is this going to another brexiteer lie?
  9. You don't expect a reasoned response do you? We all know that his/her rhetoric is hollow, extremist and based on his/her fantasies. One day he/she may answer those unanswered questions that have been piling up all through this thread, but today ain't it. I would say Happy Easter, except it would probably be claimed that it was a right wing plot to make the obese of the world fatter so that they couldn't run away from the magic drones. *sigh*
  10. Austerity man sidesteps the needs for facts (or the need to answer any of the questions he/she has been asked) and produces incomprehensible rhetoric based on his/her need to have a voice. But that's what democracy is about - the ability to change ones mind - except for brexiteers - we have voted and no-one can change their minds!
  11. If someone is attacking my country, I need the capability to defend myself without any collateral damage - that is what "precision strike capabilities" are. The use of drones is so that the members of the defence forces don't get put into harms way when defending the EU against aggressive forces. So not only, do you want austerity, but you also would needlessly put the members of the defence forces in harms' way? What a nice charitable man / woman you are - always thinking about your fellow man/woman... none of this typical brexiteer "I'm all right Jacques" mentality from you... Oh, hold on...
  12. Where is the illogicality in the above statement? Please enlighten us - with facts not your usual supposition, myths and arm waving. Also, if you look at historical precedent you will see that defense (not attack) spending has enabled countries to move out of recession faster than any other economic measure - but that would be based on fact - something you don't appear to worry about. Finally, I don't understand this word naive unless you mean naïve?
  13. You are twisting everything - again - but it is hwat we come to expect Defence is about defending what is dear to you - nowhere is it said that the EU investment in defence is about "killing human beings". You are wrong - face it. Also you seem to clearly advocate austerity, your right wing tendencies are showing through! Thanks for showing your true colours.
  14. I think that investment in capabilities to defend from aggression is a valid investment and that anyone that didn't do so would be being irresponsible. There is also the fact that investment in defense capabilities has stimulated the post-recession growth of many nations and perhaps that is what should be done today rather than cutting back on defense spending. Unless of course, you are an advocate of austerity?

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