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  1. ???? So we haven't declined in our ranking while we have been in membership of the EU - while the turmoil of the world economy has gone on around us -all the while challenging our "empire" status. That actually sound like economic success to me. Another own goal from a Brexiteer!!! He shoots, he scores (at the wrong end)! Isn't it ironic that many yellowhammers winter in the south of Europe and come back to the UK during the summer months? " some birds move south of their breeding range in Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries.[ "
  2. GDP (PPP) values 9th in 2018 according to IMF 9th in 2017 according to the World Bank 9th in 2017 according to CIA World Factbook
  3. Well, Mrs May seems to be determined to not listen to the UK people. All through that speech it was 'I', 'I', 'I' - nothing about we or us. Egotistical cow - sounds like she'll be trying to bring back the deal for the 3rd time - in breach of rule - but then again, she never sticks to her word anyway.
  4. As we enter the period of brexitentialism (the period between virtual brexit and actual brexit/remaining) we can reflect. Has any harm been done to the UK in this period since June 2016? I can't wait for the unicorn and pixie dust era to emerge when the magic money tree will be shaken and £350M a week will fall out despite all the companies that will no longer pay as much tax to the UK exchequer. Roll on the good times... Or is that the good time when brexit is put to another referendum and forcefully rejected by the UK electorate? Or won't the brexit camp allow democracy prevail?
  5. Leavers started off with no position to negotiate from - that was the problem - there wasn't a Plan A, let alone a Plan B. And now they are looking to blame anyone else - last I heard it was Lord Lucan's fault!
  6. Wow - to advocate the restriction of movement rather than the freedom of movement we currently have suggests that your right wing background is coming through.
  7. You don't understand the meaning of democracy - " control of an organization or group by the majority of its members. " Leave did not get a majority of the UK's members. Also - remember what David Davies said "If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy" Now you can spin it whatever way you like, but to implement something onto an electorate that was not what it voted for is not democratic.
  8. But more people didn't vote to leave... And here we go again...
  9. Why? It overturned a democratic vote we had before...
  10. The whole point of democracy is that you can change your mind -= and the country wants to change its mind - by not allowing it to, the government becomes nothing more than a dictatorship. How come Herr May can ask the same question until she gets the answer that she wants, but the country doesn't?
  11. The referendum is discredited not by the remainers, but by the brexiteers who, having realised the lies they fell for, are afriad to let the electorate actually have a vote to express their opinions now the truth is exposed. The lastest polls suggest the vote would go the other way but won't let democracy have its say. Their lies are getting exposed daily, but in a Trump-like manner they ignore them or shout "Project Fear". Mrs May isn't helping with her stance - "I can have 3 votes, but you can only have one"!
  12. But they aren't the party in control (?!)
  13. Really CarBoot - you should read the links... - The state can run both under EU rules, just not as one entity. "Other European nations demonstrate how Britain could take the railways back into the public sector while abiding by EU rail rules. There are two main adopted models. The first is two separate state-owned companies (one for track, one for trains), which is used in Spain and the Netherlands. The second uses separate companies within a state-owned group of companies (a parent company with a subsidiary company for infrastructure, and others for different train services). This is the model used in Germany and Italy." Once again, the lies of the brexiteers are laid bare - not getting at you, just the brexit camp in general for not bothering about facts!
  14. We had a vote in 1975 in which the people said what they wanted... Are you saying that the electorate should be allowed to change their minds...? (Be careful with your answer, because you know what David Davis said (see my footer)) After all, perhaps a 3rd referendum would be the best way forwards, or would that be undemocratic? This is the step on which the Moggster falls down... He keeps claiming that to ignore the leave voters of the UK would be undemocratic, without accepting that it wasn't a majority of the UK population... It isn't and it never will be.
  15. So you are saying that the opinion of the representatives of the electorate (who elected them to decide on their behalf) is pointless? Isn't that going against the democratic choice of the electorate? - typical brexiteer - I know better, I know what's best and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. Should we let parliament decide? Or the people? Do you see where you are going with this - ? A cul-de-sac in which you contradict your 3 years of nonsensical rhetoric...

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