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  1. But as soon as they are in office shouldn't we have a new vote to elect a new PM as the one who will be in office isn't the one that was voted for as head of the party that was elected? Or isn't that democratic? </hypocrisy>
  2. All the more reason for another vote - if it strengthens the mandate, then no-one can complain. After all as Nigel Farage said - "In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. "
  3. How typical of this council - they will send the parking cops round at 7.31 a.m. to pick on those people who might have overstayed their allowed time, but they won't do anything about the people who feel that they don't have to contribute to the social greater good by paying their tax.
  4. They should throw the book at him and give him a big bar of soap to pick up in jail. He is the reason that the UK is going down the pan, hypocritical cheating liar (and no, I don't mean Boris).
  5. Sorry to resurrect this one - but if you are buying the freehold from someone else, then surely that is the end of it and they can't include any new convenants as they have no interest in the land after they have sold you the freehold? Or am I wrong?
  6. Again I ask, what if someone walked into your dining room without any right to be there and started spouting off their own interpretation of the current geo-political situation. What would you do? Really? You'd show them the door - as soon as you put a hand on them, it appears it is now assault. So what happens when someone barges you out of the way in their rush to get the last Gregg's pasty? Technically, that would be common assault. C'mon, be reasonable.
  7. ahhh manhandling - I thought you were try to emphasise the masculine aspect in a sexist way
  8. But more to the point - will the Met charge them with trespass? If not, does that mean we can all walk into private dinners and get shouty without any worries about being charged or will it be discriminatory?
  9. He should have stood up and blocked her way - when she pushed him, would that have been classified as assault - I doubt it! We are now living in a 2 class society - those who shout loud and those who stand up for their own rights. We need to fight back against the shouters! c.f. Tony Martin How would they have reacted? (Assuming you are a security person because then you have the insider knowledge) man handling - that's very sexist. What do you mean by that term? (I realise that sexism is binary(?) and therefore you can't be 'very' you can either be sexist or not).
  10. Hope the protestors are taken to court for trespass. How would anyone on here like their dining room being barged into by random people with a point to make?
  11. Which is where the EU has been all along. Those politicians who think they can change what hasalways been an agenda item in the negotiations are sadly mistaken. Suicide Boris thinks he can be a buffoon on behalf of the country and continue with his lies and his cheating and suddenly we will end up in nirvana - the only place he will take us is into the 3rd world league of nations.
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