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  1. Tumbleweed... the desolation of the high streets, the pound's value against other currencies, the emptiness of the supermarket shelves... They must be proud of taking back control. Control of a failing economy, with a failing health service, failing borders, led by a failing government propped up by sheep...
  2. Nothing, it is about their father who wanted to get out of Europe but who sat on the fence by getting them german passports. Such hypocrisy is embedded and deep seated in the brexiteers. I am still waiting for the £350M a week windfall to the NHS - where is it?
  3. Even more of a skills shortage What were the numbers after we had taken back control...? Oh yes... "Number of foreign nurses hired by NHS hit record high last year: 23,000 - nearly HALF of new recruits - trained abroad, with majority from India and the Philippines" Classic xenophobic brexiteer... hope you don't get ill and have to be treated by the NHS, you might have an allergic reaction! Remind me of Farage's stance? Oh yes, a staunch brexiteer.
  4. You couldn't make it up... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-61524965 Stanley Johnson becomes French to keep link with EU That and the fact that two of Farage's kids have German passports really sums up the farce that was Brexit...
  5. So Brexit appears to have failed on so many fronts. Now is the time to be democratic and allow the electorate a vote on whether or not to join the EU. Anything else would be undemocratic!
  6. Unfortunately, I totally agree with you, but don't understand the hypocrisy of the Tories and their supporters. On the one hand they claim to be the party of law and order, but on the other they are liars and cheats...
  7. West 77 - surely you cannot support someone who has all these traits? Surely the standards that the Tories subscribe to, and which you support would lead you to condemn anyone with this sort of track record? If not, there must be some double standards here...
  8. I guess that when facts prove a belief wrong, then they aren't a belief - "proof denies faith"... So, tell us, what do you believe that today's lottery numbers are going to be? So you'd get rid of any MP who lies, cheats, is sexist, racist and a misogynist? And has had all of these proven in public? Or are these not the standards that the Tories subscribe to?
  9. You were wrong about the Tory MP, perhaps you could be wrong about all your other beliefs...
  10. If only he'd declared himself a non-dom!
  11. But the PM has been proved to be a sexist, misogynistic, bullying, cheating liar and nothing has been done. Why should anything change?
  12. Once again West gets out his crystal ball and turns his opinion into fact... If only he'd accept it when others do...
  13. So the public are not the correct people? Sorry, are you sponsored by Putin? "What Dromedary says is all powerful - bow down to the Dromedary as he is all knowing" Pathetic rhetoric - get real!
  14. No. We don't live in a rationale world. We live in a click bait world where people want a response based on knee-jerk reactions, not reasoned responses.
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