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  1. That is great of you. That is very nice of you.
  2. Is anybody bored? What are you doing to stop being bored?
  3. This is fun, first time I have smiled in ages.
  4. 2452 Days in Isolation.
  5. Hat or Hood. It depends what I have with me.
  6. Hello Brokenpa, so you live in Cornwall, it is great down there.
  7. Happy Birthday to whoever has a Birthday today. 🍺
  8. Uganda large-toothed shrew.
  9. Xare — a racket sport, a form of Basque pelota, where players face each other across a net which is strung across the middle of an indoor court. XC Skiing — races over snow-covered terrain while wearing skis. XC Mountain Biking — off-road cycling races over rough terrain.
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