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  1. Hi apparently my inbox was full, so please try again. I'm at Loxley, but send me yuor phone number and I'll call you to arrange Cheers
  2. Does anyone know if cushions and pillows are ok for the pound? Also if anyone has bedding for the pound in or very near S6 or town centre, and doesn't have transport to get it to them, let me know and I will collect and take it. cheers
  3. NewBiz

    Public speaking courses

    I know this an old thread, but it's ideal for letting people know about a FREE public speaking seminar at Crucible Theatre, hosted by Business Sheffield and delivered by Public Speaking Academy www.publicspeakingacademy.co.uk mentioned in the post above. It's on 25th March and free tickets are available through Eventbrite. For more details or to book on visit https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=53640352739 Cheers
  4. I have loads of well rotted practically pure horse manure free for collection from Loxley. Pm me if you want to come and get some. Cheers
  5. NewBiz

    weather forecasts

    I think nearly a foot more rain in a year is quite a lot!
  6. Where's the new housing estate at Loxley? Do you mean the old Hepworths site?
  7. NewBiz

    Bonfire good old days

    I remember spending hours trying to gouge out a turnip at Halloween. There was a lot of competition between me and my sister for who could make the scariest one. It was blooming hard work though, but hours of fun
  8. Hi I'm after an electrician. Can anyone recommend someone pleae? Cheers Jane
  9. NewBiz

    Eyesore-For sale signage

    Couldn't agree more
  10. My 2 horses were terrified on Saturday courtesy of the ear-splitting 'display' at the local pub. It's the same every year. Shaking, dripping in sweat, careering round trying to get away because they're terrified, like being in a war zone. Thank God it's over for another year, and they came out of it unscathed.
  11. Yapping barking dogs drive me nuts. Thankfully I don['t have any living near me, but I still have many a summer's afternoon/evening ruined by incessant yapping of dogs taken to a nearby playing field. There are several that yap from start to finish, 30 - 40 mins at a time and people for a radius of quarter of a mile plus have to endure the noise. I don't understand why dog owners think it's ok to inflict that racket on so many other people. Selfish beyond belief.
  12. NewBiz

    Rubber stable matting

    Brilliant thanks
  13. NewBiz

    Rubber stable matting

    Thanks. Do you mean some used ones? I know he sells new Thanks
  14. Hi, a long shot but jst wondering if anyone has any rubber stable matting for sale in or around Sheffield area. If so please get in touch Thanks Jane
  15. Totally forgot the obvious one, Low Ash, between Loxley and Worrall, has a school, group turnout and the YO is sane. Her name's Linda Webster

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