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    Hi I need someone to remove a substantial wooden gatepost (can be sawn off flush if that's easier) and take the wall, which is only about 2ft high, back about 3 or 4 feet (ie remove it to widen my drive entrance) I'm in Loxley S6 if you are interested, or want to know more please pm me and I will reply to all enquiries


  2. There's been over 550 objections to this inc from Campaign for Protection of Rural England ( CPRE) Bradfield Parish Council, several councillors, SY Bat Group among others, but you've only got until Monday to have your say. I hadn't realised the wealth and variety of wildlife on and around the site. I knew there were deer, kingfishers and heron, but apparently it's also a nesting/roosting site for barn owls and bats, and is also home to badgers, dippers and foxes. It may strictly speaking be a brownfield site, however in the 30 yrs since it was operational nature has taken over, it's also completely surrounded by Green Belt and is so so close to Peak National Park.
  3. Which if they are, then the least they could do would be honest when giving their reasons for granting applications ie not asserting that they did so because of the amount of affordable housing/community amenities included in the development etc etc, because if Planner 1 is right, then all the 'goodies' included in an application will never actually materialise
  4. Indeed, there are too many to mention, and some less than a mile from this proposed development
  5. Forgive me Planner 1, but councillors for the most part have little to no indepth understanding of the NPPF, have had no training in town planning, spend very little of their time involved in planning matters, and are therefore hardly best placed to pass judgement on planning law, and its application or weighting. Plus let's be honest any 'survey' (particularly when it's a survey commissioned by a party with a vested interest, which so many surveys are, and you don't quote a source for the one you use to illustrate your point, so I can't comment on this particular one) can usually be countered by another 'survey' commissioned by another party with an opposing view. As for half of 1200 councillors polled claiming 'sites that are not in line with the local plan are being approved for new housing' can you provide evidence that this happening where a local plan is up to date, as opposed to a plan from the last century (which I believe Sheffield's local plan to be, unless it's been updated recently, in which case I stand corrected, but would still be very interested in seeing occasions when an uptodate plan has been ignored) It's a case of 'Don't believe everything you read' I think
  6. Oh please, don't come that one! LPA's being bullied by the big bad developers. LPA's unable (or is it unwilling) to enforce the law. If that's the case then what you're in effect saying is that the LPA isn't in control of planning locally, in which case what's the point of the Planning Dept?
  7. Keep your hair on Jeffrey. If you'd bothered to read the thread, you would have understood the context of my reply, which you quote, and would therefore also realise how out of context your comment is. For the record I've NOT started this thread with any intention of arguing for or against, I simply wanted to bring the application to the attention of anyone who might be interested.
  8. and acres and acres of land around Mosborough/Crystal Peaks way, nowhere near Peak Park, not particularly pretty and certainly no flood risk
  9. This site is no more than 500 yrds from Peak National Park.
  10. Hi I recently got in touch with someone I used to go to school with at Mylnhurst school in the very late 60's early/mid 70's . We'd love to hear from anyone who was there around that time, we've even floated the idea of a reunion.
  11. I think a lot of people will think they've commented already (anecdotally several people I've spoken to thought they had) and may well not comment on the application as a result. Something I think might well work in the developer's favour!
  12. That was the consultation process. This is the actual application which they've gone ahead with despite the majority of comments garnered through the 'consultation process' being extremely negative/anti this development
  13. In case anyone wants to comment on the proposed 300 houses to be built in Loxley Valley a few hundred yards from Peak National Park, here's the link https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=Q98XULNYKTG00&activeTab=summary
  14. I've messaged you back, but not had a reply. Have you seen my pm?
  15. I've not heard anything from you mle1?
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