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  1. I live and keep my horse at Loxley. I really enjoy long hacks, but find most riders just want to go 'round he block'. If there's anyone out there who likes longer rides/hacking adventures I'd love to hear from you. My horse is very friendly and well behaved with other horses, good in traffic (but can be a bit spooky over boulders/sticks and other daft things, but nothing major) and doesn't get silly in company.
  2. Lord above. Some people are so infantile
  3. 3 of my older sisters went there, early/mid 1950's and hated it. Vicious nuns, punitive punishments (and they'd only be tiny) altogether a horrible place. When they moved to Mylnhurst they were also way behind because the standard of teaching was crap. Apart from that, and the fact there isn't a blade of grass on the place, and the playground is the size of hanky, it's no doubt a lovely place!
  4. 1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato 4, 5 potato, 6 potato 7 potato more
  5. Dobby 123 done you ( a variation on hide & seek) go carts, building dens, roller skates, climbing trees, made-up assault courses, skateboards, shooting home made bows and arrows, stunt kites, damming streams, murder ( a combative game played on swings ) who could jump off swings at the highest point/go the furthest, sliding on cardboard sheets down steep banks, making fires, climbing the sheer face of the local quarry, fishing for sticklebacks and tadpoles, knocking on doors and running away, belonging to 'famous five' style clubs and 'investigating' crimes ( we were convinced a local man had murdered his wife at one bit, such was the over-excitability of our imaginations!) tiggy, on and off ground, looking after our imaginary horses, riding our bikes with bits of string for 'reins' and a variety of other made-up games which involved heavy use of our imaginations. Happy days indeed
  6. All mink in this country are indeed from fur farm escapees, but there was already an established population before any were released by animal rights activists ie they had escaped
  7. Make a few more posts, then pm me your number, and I'll arrange a time no problem. Cheers
  8. Yes you'll have to collect it yourself. I only mentioned trailer because you did, I haven't got a trailer. If you pm me your number I'll give you a call and arrange a time/date. Cheers
  9. Hi I've got a trailers worth of well rotted almost pure horse manure you can have for nothing.
  10. My elderly cat has likely Lymphoma, weight loss, being sick and now diahorrea. Private vet said only way to diagnose for sure is an invasive biopsy which I'm not subjecting her to, as there's almost certainly no cure anyway. So she's now on steroid injections and Vitamin B12. She is largely fine, still thin, although has put a bit of weight on, but rarely sick, and bowels 'hit and miss'. She's been on steroids since 2nd Jan and started on the B12 5 weeks ago. She's actually got more life and get up and go now than she did 1 to 2 months ago.
  11. There's a river about 400 yrds from me, and there's only fields in between, so could be
  12. Just found another site that says mink do become herbivorous if circumstances demand it, so who knows, but maybe it a very dark rat
  13. Yes! I've just googled it and they are described as carnivores, rarely eating vegetation (I had thought they were omnivores ) so the plot thickens😲
  14. Crickey, Wesley Nicholls ceased trading, I didn't know that. I get my solid fuel from Dixons at Attercliffe, cheaper than Nicholls, but the quality perhaps not as good
  15. Oh actually 2 years ago the place was alive with rabbits, and now there aren't any. i've done a fair bit of googling today and apparently there was already a well-established wild population long before any mink were released by animal right activists
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