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  1. That's an excellent question, just who is he? Starmer is making John Major look exciting and dynamic. Nobody believes his working class backstory so he might as well ditch it before it makes him look stupid and while he's plodding through some very unpalatable Party stuff and people that need taking care of he needs a moment to define him. Perhaps something like a Curry?
  2. If only @Jeffrey Shaw, if only. Give it two weeks max before the opposition benches are back at it and then claiming victim status when it's in their own face.
  3. Whoop, whoop, whoop! Oxymoron alert.
  4. No, there is only one rule, or set of rules and they apply to everyone. The rules are the same for everyone and you make your own choice about following them. Plenty of people didn't and some of those people might be Prime Ministers. This shouldn't be a surprise if a PM bends rules or if a neighbour does, or if you yourself do. Did you? I did.
  5. Anna, even Labour MP's passed a vote of no confidence in him. That's how terrible he was. Best to move on, it's over.
  6. You need to ask your question of the nations in question, not me. Do you see how it works yet?
  7. He's dead. Apologists, wind your necks in now before you make a complete tit of yourself.
  8. Watching Sky, there doesn't seem to be any rush to get him to hospital. That doesn't bode well.
  9. Of course it is the right question. You are making a partial moral judgement and the reason why we have actual laws is that people make partial moral judgements.
  10. Very erudite. Pretty confident that Labour is in the wilderness for a good few years yet if responses like that represent the level of introspection inside the party. ☝️ Starmer might be on a hiding to nothing until the ragtag band of no-marks are finally ejected back into the fetid gutter slime from whence they came. That's no good for anyone sane. You should know better. Crikey, some people just don't get the hint do they?
  11. Ooo, on that topic, look what I saw. Apparently Presidents Xi is keynoting, President Bolsonaro chairs the Modern Agriculture forum and the daughter of former President Chavez is giving a speech entitled How To Make Billions from Tractor Factory Reform In South America. Security provided by Iranian Morality Police Service. Awaiting hysterical triggered replies 'cos GB News
  12. Asking once again, is it legal? Yes / No?
  13. It's very pertinent. Webbe is just one that's been caught out by her own utter unsuitability to be an MP, never mind a front bench of an opposition that wasn't to be in government. Labour can't run away from this one, it's their guano sandwich and it does look as though they are eating it. The big question is, now long is it going to take Starmer's new regime to root out and dispose of all the other bad fruit that fell from the same tree. He's certainly giving it a kick. I hope he manages it. Has anyone heard from Richard Burgin lately?
  14. Presumably you just didn't understand the other things I wrote so there's not much point going there but there is only one argument of any note - is it legal? From what we've seen so far it all appears to be totally above board. If you'd like to discuss how despots in the various so-called "People's Socialist Republic Of [insert despotic nation of choice]" then we can do that. Pick a country. How about a random despotic regime that Jeremy is a supporter of? There are loads!
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