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  1. Enough, I'm out. Let amateur hour reign forever.
  2. Very well observed El Cid. The shift to the left has certainly coincided with massive spending increases without corresponding efficiency improvements. Sunak was showing some promise at being a change driven chancellor but that star is fading fast right now. That said, it's hardly a new problem but the Tories are expected to find improvements instead of throwing money at the wall. Unless something changes soon I'm pretty certain that BJ won't be the next UK PM, but it won't be a Labour PM either. Quite who's sitting right now in the Conservative ranks with both capability and support to replace BJ is a mystery. Javid maybe? Yes. That. Circumstances are, as you quite rightly say, somewhat forced at the moment. That's no excuse for repeated poor handling of what appear to the outside world to be straightforward problems with straightforward, if occasionally unpalatable, solutions. There's a couple of years until the next election and unless they machinegun successes in teh last 6-12 months they are going to be speaking to the DUP again.
  3. Your gymnastic efforts are to be applauded but you're still utterly wrong since I did not "certainly defended him from having to face the consequences of his actions". Look, I appreciate that you're struggling to make mud stick here but if we keep to the topic in hand rather than what you mistakenly think I think (at which I am the World's acknowledged expert) you might have more success at having a friendly, fulfilling and enlightening discussion instead of these continual rebuttals that have to follow your nonsense statement. Come on Altus, let's give it a go. I'll try to get it back to a basic principle that we can hopefully agree on. Should MPs be held to the same standards as everyone else, and enjoy the same employment privileges as everyone else? (Yes, I know you know that technically they are self-employed, but let's keep it simple for this purpose)
  4. Come on fellas, let's have a sensible discussion instead of the usual low-grade sub-intellectual slicing and dicing to score minor and meaningless points. The substance of my posts were quite obvious.
  5. @delbow okay, thanks. So you like Conservative policies, but you think they should use public sector employees instead of private sector employees. Is that about the size of it?
  6. No I didn't. Make your argument, don't make things up.
  7. Help me out here then. The Conservatives have increased the tax take to the highest it's been in 70 years, are nationalising whole swathes of industry, have pumped endless amounts of cash into healthcare, given social care it's first defined funding policy in I don't know how long. Gay marriage. Gender recognition. Carbon reduction commitments enshrined in law. Pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Basically, Johnson and his forebears have stolen all of Labour's policies and ideology and you don't like it. So what should they be doing when they aren't stealing Labour policy?
  8. It certainly tailed off towards the end.🤣 The interesting part - the rehashed 10 point plan - is at around 20 minutes. He might well be on his last legs, at least until David Frost has done what's necessary.
  9. I know three butchers. Two are working mothers. Presumably you don't think that jobs which you personally think are unpleasant should only done by badly paid migrants shipped in by greedy bosses?
  10. First, you're totally mistaken. I didn't defend Paterson, in fact ISTR I said that he had been very foolish. I made the very same point that he should be held to the same standards as everyone else. That also entails the same privileges, not just the same sanctions. This isn't a matter for discussion, it's just the bare facts of the matter. Secondly, yes. Labour politicians should be held to the same standards as citizens and politicians from other parties. Is this a very controversial thing to aspire to? You seem reluctant to address it head on, rather than dissemble and distract.
  11. I have never said that we should tolerate it, still less consistently argue for it. That is, as they say, #fakenews In the real world you should expect corruption although to be best of my knowledge, so far none of these politicians being discussed have been accused of corruption. So again Sibon, that's #fakenews. Happily the UK is one of the least corrupt nations on the planet and enjoys very high respect of its democracy. If you're going to stamp out the bits that you apparently don't like then it would be helpful if somebody could come up with a few workable thoughts to discuss, instead of endless pearl clutching that goes nowhere. Let me see if I can get such a discussion going. First off, we need to accept that MPs should be accountable to the Law just like other citizens. I personally don't think that they should be held to different standards. What do you think?
  12. ^^ observational comedy Correct! Will you be joining us in the real world soon or is that for a later date at your convenience?
  13. I suppose the difference is that I understand the real world and you seem to imagine one that never existed.
  14. Thanks for that rather wordy screed but it's nice to know that we agree that, as I said more succinctly, OFCOM is a quango that implements Government policy.
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