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  1. @CaptainSwing I haven't mentioned Corbyn once. Everyone else, I refer you, once again, to the link in the OP and the speech linked later. I remain, ABSOLUTELY stunned at many responses in this topic. That anyone dare demand I should defend myself against the smears and lies within some responses tells a sad story of the anti-Semitism opined in the OP. The point, and even the nuances intended, will have been understood by anyone with any awareness. I'm out of this cesspit.
  2. The Jews I mentioned in the OP know what the 1930's were like. Their family were there, and later in the ghetto, and then Auschwitz. A few somehow made it here. Respectfully, I'd suggest that it's not your place or mine to nitpick any Jew who's worried about anti-Semitism, any more than it is appropriate to say that a rape victim was asking for it. The https://twitter.com/AuschwitzMuseum is worth following for a daily reminder of how it ends. Every day they post details of a victim of anti-Semitism. Here's yesterday's; 13 May 1943 | Sara Cohen was born in Groningen in The Netherlands. She was a Dutch Jewish girl, a daughter of Jozef and Carolien. In February 1944 she was murdered in a gas chamber of #Auschwitz. She lived 9 months.
  3. Hmm, thanks for asking H. You and I have been here long enough to have half an idea of what the other probably thinks on these things - remember when we saw off the BNP all those years ago, with a combination of exposure, humiliation and truth telling? No dark corners for them to hide in, we gave them their platform and shone a spotlight on their face and a floodlight on their ideas, and watched them melt. I still raise a little smile at the Heidrich41 character all those years ago. Being a little older, maybe wiser, certainly more weary, I suppose I find it frustrating that the trend now is to try to create an ideal groupthink world where none can ever exist. And, if something might challenge this perfect purview the tendency seems to be to entrench then attack, rather than to discuss and learn and adapt. Specifically, it's irritating that this thread has me highlighting antisemitism so real that Jews want to leave the UK, yet here I am being told to defend myself because I haven't declared my thoughts on the Israeli government - which I expect you will probably guess without me saying. Hell, is should go without saying that I'm not exactly keen on Israel's heavy approach, but I also expected that contributors might express some level of empathy when prompted to respond to how Israel's neighbours behave and think. The horror of this thread saddens me, mainly because I don't think that there has been a single post expressing a similar horror that the 1930's are back, with Jews feeling that the UK isn't a safe place for them. I suppose that this time, Jews have Israel, F16's and tanks to protect them, even if certain factions intend that "from sea to sea palestine will be free". If only eh?
  4. AAUI, UKIP have a policy of not voting on matters which further the aims of the EU, which would include those points mentioned above. We really should remember that they aren't there to help the institution succeed, they are there to dismantle it so far as the UK is concerned. Make of that what you will, but it isn't surprising that UKIP would abstain from all sorts of day to day EU business.
  5. ^^^ There's the false equivalence. Hamas aren't "freedom fighters" in the way that the IRA are, they are the government in Gaza. This isn't really meant to be a Middles East politics explainer, I am just trying to highlight the shocking anti-Semitism that some people have brought into the UK through their support (right or wrong) of the Hamas regime. Apart from Halibut, has anyone actually taken the trouble to read the link in the OP and is willing to agree that there is a problem to address? I'd hope that people would, especially after hearing that British Jews are seriously considering leaving the UK.
  6. If people shared their criticism around the others involved, all of whom want to eliminate the state of Israel ( Hamas, Hezbollah, Egypt, Iran) you might have a point, but they don't. That's their anti-Semitism.
  7. Halibut owned it. If only other people would be so considerate (and by the look of it appreciative of the learning experience) when they inadvertently become anti-Semitic. Without making any specific accusations it's very telling that so many replies rush to denounce the Israeli government, but so far not a mention of Hamas, the Egyptian or Lebanese governments, just a stout defence of last weekend's anti-Semitic marchers linked in the OP. That is anti-Semitism at work, whether or not it is conscious. I thought it would be harder to tease out here but it just came right out.
  8. How about holding this sign?
  9. As you say, it's your failure to understand the material that is already there so I'll be fine if I don't bother thanks. Today is the anniversary of the the 1st Earl of Strafford's execution, a timely reminder that power ultimately lies with the people, not whatever imagines itself to be the executive at any particular time.
  10. https://twitter.com/britainelects/status/1127250825859014656
  11. Isn't it just. What a shameful state we've allowed ourselves to get into when ordinary people feel that way.
  12. Nothing is too hard, it's just going to be different, and Brits are nothing if not adaptable and innovative, even in the face of a slerotic administration. Personally, I think that the UK is unlikely to break up but that's a bridge to cross at the time if enough people think that it is the right thing. The Scots are a canny crowd and they know a good thing, and that's not the nationalist <removed> in the SNP. The Irish are, well, the Irish, whichever side of a pretend border they happen to live, and wherever they want to go the best starting place will be somewhere else. HMG have done very little of note in the last 3 years, and the nation is muddling just fine so I think the sun will still come up every morning when we're not in the EU. Amusingly it turns out that the most conservative people are Remainers, not Conservatives. Back on topic.... so boys and girls - Farage is back then! What do you reckon, more than 50 of the 73 MEP seats? There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with an election result - that would be a contradiction in terms. Not implementing the vote and promises made it is wrong.
  13. It isn't at all undemocratic to change your mind. It is undemocratic to refuse to implement a democratic decision that was underpinned with express promises by the elected government and their successors. These are just the simple facts that are untarnished by opinions. The question was asked of a new generation and that decision was given and must be upheld. This is an absolute in our society and whether or not you or I agree with the decision and the promises to implement it, it must be upheld. Once it has been implemented by all means lobby to change it. By the way, you'll note that I haven't said whether I agree or not with the Referendum outcome, just that the outcome must be implemented. Bringing us back on topic, the latest polls seem to indicate that the Referendum result is perfectly representative with the parties expressly for Remain languishing at the bottom of the polls for the upcoming EU election, barely mustering a quarter of the voting intention. You or I may not agree in whole or part, but these are the facts.
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