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  1. I can't disagree with anything you say there. There should be some kind of hybrid system that both gives the individual useful experience and allows willing organisations to provide useful experience, while giving the 'system' maximum bang for it's buck. I'm sure that it's easier said than done, but that's no reason not to strive for it.
  2. Tony

    First Case Of Horse In Fresh Food

    Well yea, the Food Standards Agency have done a great job, haven't they? ---------- Post added 14-02-2013 at 21:42 ---------- What he says! ^^^
  3. No. You just don't understand what you are reading. Either that, or you're trolling. Whichever it is, it isn't worth my time to engage with you.
  4. The way that I would see the volunteering angle is that "The Pen Museum is operated entirely by volunteers" in any case. One would assume that the other volunteers have all the same calls on their time as she does, except that she didn't have any work to go to. She's really pushing it to claim that she should have been at The Pen Musuem instead of Poundland (or somewhere else). Whether she should have been sent to Poundland is another thing altogether. If she genuinely picked up valuable work skills there, then she should appreciate that. Whether she would pick up any valuable work skills by doing extra volunteering at The Pen Museum is very much open for debate. As for Poundland / Jobcentre / Government, a reasonable compromise would for Poundland (or whoever) to pay her an amount equal to benefits plus expenses, unless they can demonstrate that they are giving her training worth more than the value of her benefits. Putting Poundland aside, there are lots of employers out there that take part in these schemes and take them seriously, not just as a source of cheap labour. That should be encouraged and integrated properly into the benefits / job seeking system. From what I've heard in reports, I'd not be very keen to have her on my staff if she turned up for an interview with me.
  5. No, I meant what I said. Retail is in rude health, and we all understand that sub-sectors have different issues. Just stop digging your hole.
  6. As I said earlier in the thread, retail is in rude health, with year on year growth. You meant to say that High Street retail is dying. You either move with the times or get left behind.
  7. Sounds like a 12" high kerb edge is required, or bollards, or rotating knives.
  8. Could you explain to us what Christians have to do with the ability to get married?
  9. No, she didn't do either of those things, retail is in rude health, and the consumers POV on Republic is outlined in detail in earlier posts. Next.
  10. Tony

    Budget Headphones

    At that price point I'd go for Shure SE215 monitors, the RRP is a hundred quid but you should find them discounted online. You didn't mention what sound you're after but from your description I get the impression that you're after loads of bass rather than a something sparkly so they might be a bit too straight sounding for your taste. But at the price, you'll really struggle to get a better IEM in terms of sound and build quality. http://www.shure.co.uk/products/earphones/se215 PS: you listed cans that describe themselves as DJ use. I'd personally steer away from anything that describes itself as that since they either just saying that to get your attention, or they aren't real DJ cans. You would't want real DJ kit for daily use as the sound profile is all wrong for casual listening since they are designed for technical cueing rather than listening pleasure, and they will really hurt your head after a while.
  11. It's a bit like every child getting a prize for taking part in the egg and spoon race.
  12. "Common"? Like it or not, she has tarred herself in the eyes of very many employers. When you have a twelve inch high stack of CV's you might not need to choose the one that's been in the papers. I'm not saying it's right either way, I'm just pointing out the reality.
  13. Ooo, I think I know this one. Did I park my car on double yellow lines instead in the cycle lanes?
  14. Never give up the dream, it happened for me, but by golly it was hard work getting to the top.

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