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  1. Thanks for replies. May take my chances, confident re dealing with plod, especially when I’m not breaking the law.
  2. What would define “local and a reasonable distance”?
  3. May fancy a spring stroll around the reservoir over the weekend. Anyone aware if this is permissible, or will I risk ‘drawing the heat’?
  4. Was in there that night, I went to the little hatch bar to get a round, Pete came up behind passed me a twenty and asked me to get him a pint of Stones, a double scotch and a pint of lager for Bob Pridden his lighting engineer and “get yours and yer mates one as well!”, I made a point of hesitating before saying “oh, go on then”. He signed my tee shirt with ‘Pete Townshend, join the <removed> army” Me mum washed it next day!!
  5. Saw Queen at Bingley Hall, Staffordshire, about 1976. Me and my 14 year old mates squeezed right up to the front barrier. It blew our little minds!!!
  6. I did a stint behind the bar during the 80’s. Albert was the landlord, lovely bloke. His wife used cook Sunday dinners, with delicious smells of beef, gravy and Yorkshire puddings wafting downstairs, I was starving by closing time! Some right characters in there - Gordon Biddles, Sam Hurst, Joe Mooney etc.
  7. Try doing this; tune in to Radio Sheffield about 8.45 am, when the pointless, banal, infantile, inconsequential chatter is at its febrile peak (possibly because the coffee has kicked in and the ‘jokes’ have been stretched beyond breaking point). Then, after 5 minutes move the tuning dial round a few notches until you reach Radio 3, just notice the wonderfully calming effect on your brain and body as you encounter a Haydn string quartet or other such magnificence.
  8. “Oim gawin stroight argen Stroight as an arra” Oh how we larfed!
  9. I wasn’t suggesting that an elderly lady should have fixed her own flush after looking on YouTube. In the second paragraph of my post I was relating my own experience, as a means to possibly help others who may encounter a similar problem.
  10. Hope you get a refund! Our toilet flush broke last year (one of those ‘contemporary design’ button ones). Was just about to call a plumber, then looked on youtube, 10 mins with a screwdriver and WD 40, it was done and been fine ever since, they’re not that complicated.
  11. Glad i’ve battened down the hatches, these ‘gale force winds’ that were forecast are wicked!!
  12. Apparently, Labour now feel strongly that their next leader should be a woman (various interviews with party representatives). Do these people not learn? Do they seriously believe that on the council estates, working men's clubs, Wetherspoons etc disillusioned Labour voters are banging fists on tables, muttering to themselves “If only we had a female leader!”. They may do, because they wouldn’t be seen dead in such places!
  13. It is mimi or mini mokin’ and is a hybrid of ‘mimic’ and ‘mini moke’, which was an off road version of the mini car, designed in the 60’s.
  14. I wholeheartedly recommend a film called Exhibit A, the entire film is available for free on YouTube. In my opinion it is the most accurate (non Hollywood!) depiction of a man experiencing gradual emotional disintegration, with catastrophic consequences. Also, it is set and filmed entirely in Yorkshire, which kind of adds to its uniquely unnerving quality. I would like to know what people think.
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