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  1. Perhaps they could be carved into the busts of Marti Caine, Bobby Knutt and Tony Christie etc, in recognition of this city’s huge contribution to the world of light entertainment.
  2. beefface

    New Royal baby congratulations thread.

    I think this is a fabulous event, everyone I meet can’t stop talking about. There’s a real atmosphere of joyful celebration on Woodseats, especially in Wetherspoons. I think it will be called Ian.
  3. beefface

    Getting help for someone with depression

    IAPT stands for Improved Access to Psychology Therapies, if they have accepted the referral from the G.P, they should be providing the service.
  4. Somebody or something once compromised our swans and worried our peacocks. The groundsman took a severe lashing for that lapse.
  5. I know people who have cats and don’t let them roam all over others property, this obviously takes a little time, training and application. They have a cat litter which they train the cat to use. Like I said, it’s not the cats fault, it’s the dozy owners.
  6. No, no , no you’ve got me all wrong! it’s not the cats, it’s the dozy owners! ‘thought I’d made that clear.
  7. You’re damn right! It’s disgusting. The owners must be careless or clueless eh?
  8. Regular cat presence will definitely discourage bird activity in your garden - whether it’s feeding stations, nesting boxes etc. People who own cats appear to think that it’s fine for their pets to roam all over others property- defecating, urinating and scaring the birds. Whereas as a dog owner I’m (rightfully) expected to keep my dog off others property and to have full control of it when out walking. It’s not the cats fault, of course it’s either carelessness or cluelessness of the owners thats the problem.
  9. They always seemed a bit dark and fusty and had a hint of Rillington Place about em.
  10. I wouldn’t buy the product or use the services of any comany that has “solutions” in its name. It suggest, straight away a lack of originality, imagination and a dull, one dimensional, conformist corporate mindset. It’s a bit like hotels that invite you to “eat, drink, relax, sleep” or whatever..........perhaps it’s just me.
  11. As a little lad, I always used to get the bands Steely Dan and Steeleye Span mixed up. Noticing this my old grandad sat me on his knee and recited this little verse to help me; “Steely Dan jazz rock do play, While Steeleye Span play folk all day” I still use it to this day!
  12. beefface

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Toby Foster has become our own David Brent, by his aching attempts to regularly prove his own P.C credentials. It’s fascinating to listen to. I suppose if you’re taking the b.b.c dollar, you’ve gotta tow the line.
  13. beefface

    Old Sheffield dialect

    What about; “It’s neither mucklin nor micklin” (It’s neither one thing nor another)? or; “I’m proper thraiped” (I’m really tired)?
  14. beefface

    Kashmiri Aroma Woodseats.

    Yes, why was this post removed?

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