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  1. I always thought the name of his character in Blade Runner - Roy Batty, sounded more like that of a chip shop owner from Wadsley Bridge, rather than a physically perfect humanoid.
  2. I once saw Sir Kenneth Brannagh, looking for the sell by date on a packet of crab sticks, in Job Lot, Sheffield Lane Top.
  3. Julie Dore is utterly incapable of handling a pressure interview, have you heard her. Sheffield Council won’t allow her near a microphone!
  4. Hats off to Toby Foster for putting our p***poor, conniving, lying council under the spotlight re Chinese investment, trees etc. These people are seriously operating from a shallow talent pool. Mazher Iqbal appeared to think that simply trotting out half baked, poorly articulated rhetoric was enough to palm off the listeners of Radio Sheffield, perhaps he’s right, perhaps he feels that integrity, ability and accountability are wasted on the people of this city.
  5. Imagine! judging a new lord mayor (of whom previously you possibly knew nothing about) to be a sign of the times, simply by the colour of his skin and the clothes he wears.
  6. I attempted to open a topic on a possibly interesting issue. As usual the discussion has degenerated into the same old left v right, tory v labour cliche. I bet you lot can clear rooms. Don’t think i’ll bother again.
  7. I was talking (typing?) specifically how the media seem to misrepresent what is really happening, certainly in the world i inhabit. An example would be the imminent arrival of a royal baby “ A nation waits with baited breath” is the kind of stuff the media tend to gush, when on reflection I’ve possibly not encountered one single person who’s mentioned it, or heard anyone talking about it, and when questioning my wife who works in an environment totally populated with women, she neither. Perhaps it was because everyone’s breath was “baited”.
  8. I fully agree, it appears however that part of the media’s tactic is to persuade us that everyone apart from ourselves is captivated by certain current events/issues, while my personal experiences suggests something different.
  9. After listening to radio discussion re (wait for it!) Brexit, where commentators described a nation riven by mutual hostility and antagonism between “remainers” and “brexiteers”, it occurred to me, as someone who’s professionally and socially regularly mixes and interacts with ‘the general public’ that this is simply not the case. The subject rarely gets raised and if it does, differences are generally expressed through mutually amenable (usually brief) discussion or simply humour. Often the subject is closed down early doors by the “for God’s sake, don’t bring that up” type comment. Of course, this is not the only issue which (in my experience) the media falsely suggest is “gripping the nation” others are, anything to do with the royal family- marriages, births etc, the latest bbc docudrama and the women's world cup etc. What do people think?
  10. You responded to a comment about Marti Caine, not Jo Brand but never mind, oh by the way, get well soon.
  11. That comment says more about you than the issue being debated.
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