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  1. It is mimi or mini mokin’ and is a hybrid of ‘mimic’ and ‘mini moke’, which was an off road version of the mini car, designed in the 60’s.
  2. I wholeheartedly recommend a film called Exhibit A, the entire film is available for free on YouTube. In my opinion it is the most accurate (non Hollywood!) depiction of a man experiencing gradual emotional disintegration, with catastrophic consequences. Also, it is set and filmed entirely in Yorkshire, which kind of adds to its uniquely unnerving quality. I would like to know what people think.
  3. No “tics or reactions” with this issue; Interview with rep of organisation that wanted to shut down club - hardly challenged anything she said. agreed with most. Interview with dancers from club, challenged, interrupted, patronised with hardly any attempt to empathise or understand.
  4. Listening to Toby Foster this morning, I noticed he approached the two interviews re the Spearmint Rhino issue with that impartial, finely balanced professionalism that has become his trademark.
  5. I’m aware there may be other threads re this place, but! Anyone aware of what may be happening to this fine establishment ? Portacabins and evidence of building/refurb’ but to what purpose? According to K.A website, plans to reopen by xmas. Internet search also suggests ‘permanently closed’. Hopefully not another hairdressers, tanning salon, nail ‘studio’, charity shop or (no wait, cupcake emporiums are consigned to recent history!) anything.
  6. Wetherspoons, (new look) Greggs, all you can eat buffets and tribute bands have exposed some interesting, subtle strains of snobbery in English society. Personally I think they’re all great!
  7. Yes, he’s a self made man, a former member of the Dronfield Smart Set, currently gourmand and all round ‘man of good taste’.
  8. How about we abandon the growing trend to mythologise the city - Going on about Henderson’s Relish (sorry ‘Hendo’s’, there’s probably a reason why Worcester Sauce can be found in many eating establishments around the world, whereas Hendersons can’t!), pies, fishcakes, slotting ‘reyt’ into advertising slogans, putting rubbish quotes by Jarvis Cocker on the sides of buildings, fantasising that this is ‘The City of Sport’, or attempting to turn a block of flats (which were a feature of every city in the country during the 70’s and 80’s) into something of heart-wrenching social and cultural significance etc. Oh, and don’t start me on The Everly Pregnant Bothers. Liverpool and Manchester have been doing this stuff for years, much to the amusement of the rest of the country, our recent attempts look desperately cheesy in comparison.
  9. He may or may not be pro remain, but the BBC certainly is, so when on air he’s got to tow the line to pick up the dollar. He’s very careful to adhere to the BBC narrative on many issues, could you imagine him keeping his position for instance, if he made it known he had confidence in Donald Trump as a president and world leader? No, me neither.
  10. I always thought the name of his character in Blade Runner - Roy Batty, sounded more like that of a chip shop owner from Wadsley Bridge, rather than a physically perfect humanoid.
  11. I once saw Sir Kenneth Brannagh, looking for the sell by date on a packet of crab sticks, in Job Lot, Sheffield Lane Top.
  12. Julie Dore is utterly incapable of handling a pressure interview, have you heard her. Sheffield Council won’t allow her near a microphone!
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