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  1. beefface

    Kashmiri Aroma Woodseats.

    Yes, why was this post removed?
  2. beefface

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    The theme of the show was classical music, he was interviewing two young classical musicians; M.M “So, a ‘composer’, is that the bloke that stands around in the middle, waving a stick around?” C.M. “ (laughs) no that’s a ‘conductor’” M.M “So what does a composer do then?” C.M “er, composes” Audio Viz.
  3. Anyone any idea what’s happening to this wonderful place? Closed because of ‘kitchen fire’ a few weeks ago, had a quick look around the back today, looks deserted and abandoned.
  4. beefface

    weather forecasts

    Having read your post, I just compared the bbc weather website forecast for Manchester and Sheffield over the next couple of days, they are definitely different, which would possibly reflect the how the pennines do actually influence the weather for both cities.
  5. beefface

    Pond Street shops

    My mum worked there in the 70’s, it was known as the ‘threpney bit’ because of its shape!
  6. beefface

    What music are you listening to?

    His name is Jarrod Gosling, he was one half of I Monster, Sheffield chap, with a recording studio in Hillsborough, overlooking the Wednesday ground (hence the album title!). He has released 2 fine albums previously, the 3 making a kind of trilogy. There is more originality, talent and intelligence in 5 mins of his album than the entirety of the Sheffield ‘indie scene’........in my opinion of course!
  7. Went late last night, a bit tricky! The airport exit from the M60 was completely closed, with very poor diversion information. The airport itself appears to be undergoing a lot of-upgrading, with roads closed, contraflows and again very poor temporary signage, to cap it all the northbound exit from the M60 onto the M56 (signposted ‘Sheffield’) was closed! Good luck!
  8. I’ve always found K.A a real cut above the standard curry house experience - the service, eating environment, atmosphere. The food is always top notch, the fish dishes and especially the curried lamb shank are well worth trying!
  9. I thought it was funny also!
  10. beefface

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    The ‘letter’ is an infantile scrawl, knocked up and pasted all over social media with one obvious intention. It both trivialises a very serious issue and misrepresents this city and its people, by reinforcing every commonly held prejudice and stereotype.
  11. beefface

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    The ‘letter’ is so utterly wrong, on so many levels, surely you must see this!
  12. beefface

    Sheffield's New Lord Mayor

    Could apply to Charles Manson, David Koresh, Adolf Hitler and any number of historical psychopathic megalomaniacs I suppose.
  13. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/it-isnt-christopher-chope-whos-mad-its-his-haters/21505#.WyervBbTXYU
  14. beefface

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Hey, this morning they’re doing a long feature on the ‘Sheffield Fishcake’, absolutely fascinating and I’m suprised this topic’s not been covered before, as it is Radio SHEFFIELD! Fingers crossed for a feature on the breadcake/bap debate or ‘Hendos’ soon!
  15. Anybody any idea what’s happening, sign on the door ‘Closed due to administration issues until further notice’. The words “<removed> up” and “brewery” spring to mind!

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