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T L Killi's To Close On Glossop Road

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Killi’s Cleaners on Glossop Road is to close following the passing away of its owner Tibor Killi last Summer.




The family have said:


“A new chapter in the Killis' story has begun, and we regret to announce that the Glossop Road branch will be permanently closing on April 26.


“We aim to pay tribute to Mr Killi's outstanding life and accomplishments and preserve the company he built by concentrating on our core business strengths. We have some thrilling expansion plans for Killis, which will celebrate and uphold his vision.

“All operations will migrate to our branch in Handsworth, where we have full servicing, hire, a trade counter, and a showroom. From April 26, any outstanding work will automatically transfer to Handsworth.


“This year also marks our 60th year of trading, and this summer we are planning a party with all our staff. Part of this is to recognise and celebrate Mr Killi's accomplishments and what the entire team has achieved over such a long time.”


Seems like an institution on that street — I always remember the Henry Hoovers in the window 🤣

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Always sad when a family member dies.


My memory of that shop was taking a Dyson hoover in for a service and clean and the owner going on a half hour rant about how awful Dysons are, how James Dyson lied to everyone, and then tried to sell me some random brand I've never heard of, but when I looked it up online it was garbage 🤔


A week later went to collect my hoover, got it home... still in the same condition as I dropped it off in.

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RIP , an institution.

What a dapper gent too, been using that place 30 years.

Outstanding service.

There were a few local places where you felt they took it personally if they couldnt help 




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Sismans( electrical sparrs) too ,formerly down on the Wicker now up at Hillsborough .


I think the longer Dyson story is it ended up in a court case and Dyson lost it,I was shown a newspaper clipping.

That said ,Henry hoovers are near indestructible compared with the flighty Dysons 

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11 hours ago, hackey lad said:

It’s been there all my life . It’s the only shop that I could name in that area . Always seem to stand out from the rest . 

Apart from the boozers and the Baths, can't remember owt going back as long. Lad I used to play football with back in the late 80's used to work for them.

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On 13/04/2024 at 17:21, dan_999uk said:

Oh that's sad. Last time I drove down there I was thinking it had been there as long as I could remember. I did wonder how it kept going in the modern age.

Their place at Handsworth is massive. Went past it this morning. Glad they're not disappearing for good (like Bardwells. How i miss Bardwells!!)

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