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  1. Shouty bar staff on a busy night. Heaven help us.. 😀
  2. Kipchoge (i think) also holds the course record for the Sheffield 10k (old route). Phenomenal athlete
  3. Big fan of Bundobust in Leeds. Despite the fact its vegetarian only 🙂
  4. Opens at high noon on 6th June 🙂
  5. Isnt it just blocked while they extend the car park though? Hoped it wasnt a permanent thing
  6. £2.49 a month for 200gb which i share with my family (4 people) - all our photos are backed up (icloud photo library) and the actual device backups too with plenty of space left. Not felt the need to upgrade to the bigger storage
  7. Dont leave and go back on the same day. They dont like that and you'll get an 'invoice' from them
  8. The guy who sued the NHS. Never bought into any of the Branson's a great guy hype
  9. Alderson Road on to Bramall Lane. Left turn only yet 90% of cars go straight on
  10. Was told there was only approx 14 genuine homeless people in the Sheffield area. Most choose to sleep out as the alternative is worse than choosing to sleep out in all weathers. Most people asking for money on the routes in and around the bus station/sheffield station are people who have come in from other areas. Massively complicated issue that there isnt a single fix to.
  11. I thought WHSmiths building was being underpinned (could have imagined that though) According to a planning notice stuck on the gate at the back of M&S the building that has Samuels and Paperchase in is having the upper floors converted to residential (from whatever was up there before!)
  12. Made my weekend this. Was at a family party in Leeds on Saturday and they were all full of it, even played that Marching on Together song and sang it at me.
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