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  1. The new iPhone 13 advert. "Look, now you can tap to focus your videos" Er...you've been able to do that for years on all phones? How are they spinning this as a selling point? Ah yes, the Apple lies. They'll probably get to the iPhone 14 and go "Look, now you can make phonecalls on your phone, nobody else does this"
  2. This. Any cutting of supplies will hit industry and commercial customers before domestic.
  3. Romesh, then Al. I literally can't stand Richard Ayoade, he's so unfunny it's painful, and watching him in anything is like dragging your balls down a gravel road.
  4. Wybourn around Matravers Road - Not bad, not that great either. Arborthorne - lower is fine, higher avoid like the plague. Lowedges - Avoid Pitsmoor - Very multicultural Parson Cross (Adrian Crescent this week) - Not that bad Southy/Longley - Not that bad Batemoor - Avoid Shirecliffe - Not too bad Shiregreen - Not too bad High Green - Not bad, but a long way out of the city Heeley around Tillotson Rise - Not too bad. All areas have good and bad, so don't take this as totally ruling out areas.
  5. Well I think we're all figuring out now that trying to talk sense into you is like smashing your face against a brick wall...utterly pointless.
  6. In S14. In the last hour our water has turned a mucky brown colour, can't find anything on Yorkshire Waters website. Left it running for 5 minutes and still brown.
  7. I'm a gamer, I know exactly what you think "booting" is, and a VPN... WILL NOT STOP THIS! However, if your broadband keeps dropping out, you need to contact your ISP as there may be a fault with your line or your router. You hadn't mentioned before about your broadband connection dropping out.
  8. There are so many errors in that post I don't know where to begin. It sounds more like you're being voted out of an online game than being targeted by DDoS attacks. You can't connect a laptop to a PS5 and install anything on the PS5. Depending on your router and broadband, connecting over WiFi versus ethernet will likely not make a noticeable different to pings.
  9. That's not how VPNs work. It can't stop people removing you from a gaming session.
  10. Just use common sense, if they look too clean, they aren't really homeless...if you offer to buy them a sandwich and they want money instead, they aren't homeless. NEVER give homeless people money.
  11. https://www.aol.co.uk/news/insulate-britain-ringleader-says-he-doesnt-care-about-insulation-184440198.html I mean, you can't make this stuff up!
  12. On the subject of bringing ethnic background into being an issue for seemingly no logical reason at all, the best example I saw recently was on the news where some people were campaigning because apparently only a small percentage of people who go walking in the peaks are from a BAME group. Perhaps it was because they didn't want to go walking?
  13. We've noticed dozens and dozens of ladybirds suddenly appearing on our windows today...what's going off? We assumed they'd all be hibernating by now?
  14. Not fantastic to be honest with you, I live a few minutes away from there.
  15. It may return to none insane prices after Russia agreed to increase the supply; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58815665
  16. We were with Utility Point and they went bust, we got automatically moved to EDF, the current electric price per kwh in Yorkshire is 20.08p https://www.edfenergy.com/sites/default/files/r505_deemed_rate_card.pdf
  17. The ID Mobile ads that play on Comedy Central sponsoring Friends. There's one with a woman, and I literally cannot understand what she is saying, she just....squeaks at the camera, then says "Are you awake?" and squeaks some more.
  18. My and my partner were on 3 for several years, and the signal has got progressively worse, so we jumped ship, me to EE and her to Vodafone....no problems since. Which sucks because 3 used to be good value.
  19. "Department for Levelling up" makes it sound like something to do with computer games 🤣
  20. Population control and sustainability is a really contraversial subject anyway. In theory it makes complete sense and would likely solve lots of problems, but people don't like being told what to do, especially when it comes to being allowed to have a family (or not).
  21. Not sure if this is exactly what you're after, but it was all that came up from searching. http://shopmobility-sheffield.weebly.com/
  22. In my opinion, any country that can afford the upkeep on nuclear weapons, doesn't need foreign aid.
  23. Your TV runs on batteries? 🤯
  24. As daft as it may sound....YouTube some DIY videos, compare a few and try it out.
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